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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Social Media Posts for Fun and Profit in Network Marketing

What is the hardest part of using social media posts? It is finding what works effectively to get prospects engaged. Prospect engagement helps grow your business. Engaging social media posts must contain value that helps people. Here are the rules of posting on social media:
  • Post no links.
  • No mention of your company.
  • No mention of your products and services.
  • No sales hype
Here is what to post:
  • Value posts.
  • Recognition posts
  • Story posts.
  • Engagement posts.
  • Call to action posts.

Value Posts

Want to attract the right kind of people? Provide value in your social media posts. What is value posting? Simply put, it is solving people’s problems. The purpose of every business is to solve problems. Solving problems is the purpose of Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Home-based Business, and Affiliate Marketing. The greatest industry for making money today is consultation. What is consultation? It is finding a problem and offering unique solutions. People pay good money for helping them solve their problems. When writing your social media posts, simply answer the question, “Why would anybody read my posts?” Because I offer what everybody needs. Everybody has problems and I offer them solutions. The “what is in it for me” motive is behind every person who reads your posts. What are the problems people have? Too many to list here.
  • The lack of money.
  • The lack of time.
  • Not enough leads.
  • No clue of what to say to a prospect.
  • Undervalued at work.
  • Underpaid at work.
  • Not paid what one is truly worth.
The problems go on and on. Surely, we have something with our business, services and goods without mentioning them by name in our social media posts that can help solve people’s problems. Social media posts that keep this in mind will get the best likes and comments. How should we write value posts?
  • Introduction.
  • State a problem.
  • Content that solves the problem.
  • Call to action.
Social media posts example of value posts: — “Hey everyone. My name is Dale Moreau, founder of DaleMoreau.Net and Dale Moreau Coaching. Ever had writer’s block of what to post on Facebook? Stay tuned. I have five solutions for you.” Offer in your content the five solutions. And at the end give a call to action: — “If you loved this training, feel free to reach out to me. You can message me direct or reach out to me at I check each and every message personally.” See how effective a call of action is? Telling people to reach out to you and that you check each message every day personally is powerful. It attracts people. It impacts and engages people on Facebook to give the most likes and comments.

Recognition Posts.

Next to pleasure and pain, recognition is the best motive for people to read your social media posts. The most engaging Facebook posts ever are posts of recognition. What are recognition posts? They are stories. They are stories about something or someone. Stories about something or someone are the most engaging. Stories are addicting. Stories are what make up part of our DNA. We’ve been telling stories since the dawn of man. Social media posts with stories that give recognition are social media proof of how our goods, services and opportunity are making an impact. — “Stand up and give a hand of applaud to Roger “the Go Getter” Williams for wining a luxury cruise to Australia. Roger was a janitor for 15 years at Starkey Elementary School in the town of Kerrville, Texas. Because he could not make ends meet, he sought after a home-based business to help him pay his credit card bills and rent. He now works full-time at home with Network Marketing. I am so proud of this amazing man. He deserves all the credit for taking the initiative with Network Marketing and running with it. If you are curious of how Roger did it, message me privately.” Don’t get carried away with recognition posts. Too many and you sound like a sleazy salesman. Post them sparingly.

Story Posts

Story posts are like recognition posts but are stories about you or someone you know and ends with a call to action. They are not about recognition. Story posts are stories about a person’s problem and the solutions with the person’s goods, services and opportunity that solved the problem. Start with a powerful headline that grabs people’s attention. “I Healed My Tension Headaches with this New Powerful Tea.” Or, you can ask a question, “Can a tea heal your tension headaches?” Then you tell a story. — “When I would come home from school, I had tension headaches, stress and my stomach would be in knots over the amount of homework I had to do. When it came to exams, I could not concentrate during study. I tried watching TV and taking showers at night to relax me and nothing worked. I started taking a new tea 5 days ago. Since then, I come home from school and my muscles are no longer tense. I’m no longer getting tension headaches. My concentration in my studies is the best I’ve ever had with A’s in all my exams to prove it. If you could end tension headaches in 5 days by taking a tea, would you want to see it? Message me privately, and I will be happy to show you. I answer each message personally every day.” For those who are in the business side of Network Marketing, a powerful headline could be “From being overworked and underpaid to being underworked and overpaid in 90 Days.” Add a story about yourself or someone else plus a call to action and you are good to go. Other story headlines to think about for your social media posts:
  • How To Get An Extra Paycheck Every Month – Legally!
  • The Get Rich Plan for People Over 40.
  • I Knew He Was A Maniac, But He Was Right About One Thing!
  • Three More Reasons Not to Work For Your Overpaid Idiot Boss.
  • Become More Popular – By Becoming Rich.
  • Stop Paying the Maximum Tax on Your Paycheck.
  • Last year there were 672,793 liposuctions. Don’t be next.
  • Weight-Loss Personal Trainer in a Box.
Share stories of yourself. Share stories of others. Stories that show how a product, service or business opportunity help solve a problem are the best to tell.

Engagement Posts

Engagement posts are what the title implies. They are posts designed to cause people to interact and engage. Pinterest is an example full of engagement posts.
  • How did you meet your best friend?
  • If you could jump into a pool of anything what would it be?
  • I am going on a picnic with my friends and I am going to bring FILL IN THE BLANK.
  • Name a song that has day of the week in the title.
  • What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
Engagement posts call the prospect to act. They can be funny. They can be sad. They can cause people to think. And they can cause people to get angry. Engagement posts help people feel they know you personally, and for you to know them by the answers they give.

Call to Action Posts

Call to action posts are social media posts on steroids. They are done with caution because they sound much like you are selling something. You are selling a product, an opportunity, an article, a website or a video. Selling is more than the exchange of dollars for goods and services. Selling is pitching. Pitching is selling something which is different than the exchange of dollars for something in return. When I pitch a free eBook, that is a sell. “If you want to learn three reasons not to work for your overpaid idiot boss, message me and I will shoot you a free report.” Or, “Use this magic-in-a-sachet to make your skin younger – instantly! Click link here to learn more.” Always use a call to action in all your posts, but a call to action as a post is to be used sparingly. Viral Facebook posts, clever Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, Pinterest sayings, and LinkedIn content are powerful platforms for posting the five types of social media posts.
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