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So What is Follow-Up & How Can We do it Effectively in MLM?

So what is follow-up and how can we use it in our daily lives with Network Marketing? Follow-up is being there at the right time, moving people toward a “yes” or “no” decision.

Follow-up is to move people forward toward a decision to join or buy.

So what is follow-up but to move the prospect toward a “YES” or “NO” decision with every contact.

Effective follow up in Network Marketing is to concentrate on providing more information and benefits to move our prospects forward. We will avoid idle chit-chat that wastes our prospect’s time.

Everyone is aware of the fortune is in the follow up quote. You can make an endless list of prospects, give them perfect presentations, but if you don’t do a follow-up, you won’t get anyone to join or buy.

So what is follow-up if you don’t have a network marketing follow-up system in place for following-up?

The follow-up has two goals in place.

  1. To create rapport, trust and build relationships.
  2. To move the prospect forward toward a “YES” or “NO” decision.

Follow-up can be done with three questions.

  1. “What did you like best about what you saw and heard?”
  2. “How do you see yourself building this business?”
  3. “Sounds to me like you’re ready to get started?”

Immediately after the prospects see your website or video presentation, listen to an audio file, or whatever third-party tools you send them to, you follow-up with these three questions.

What do these questions do? They move the prospect forward with “YES” or “NO” decisions. For every “yes” decision that you get from a prospect, it moves that prospect forward to joining or buying. For every “no” decision you get, you know the outcome and can neutralize objections.

Eric Worre is a master at follow-up. The Eric Worre follow up scripts are excellent for getting “yes” decisions. I highly suggest you take a look at his scripts.

One of the key factors about his scripts is he asks “yes” and “no” questions.

For example,

“IF I gave you a DVD that laid out all the information in a very professional way, WOULD YOU watch it?”

“IF I gave you a CD that described the business, WOULD YOU listen to it?”

“IF I gave you a magazine (or some other prospecting printed piece), WOULD YOU read it?”

“IF I gave you a link to an online presentation that explained everything, WOULD YOU click on it and watch it?”

Very simple questions demanding “yes” and “no” answers.

The three-question follow-up which I gave above works because it moves prospects to say “YES” I will join or buy. Or “NO” I don’t want to buy or join now.

So what is follow-up really? It is moving prospects forward toward buying and joining our business and products.

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