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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Smart Goal Setting for Network Marketers that’s more realistic

Let’s face it: expectations in Network Marketing are too often unrealistic, so let’s look at smart goal setting. This topic should be spoken of more openly in generic training posts and videos, but it isn’t.

Realistic goals may not be forthwith from your upline or sponsor, so let’s fix that now.

Encouraging people to set goals that they cannot reach or want is cruel. There is nothing more frustrating than knowing what you want, but not having the ability to get there. No amount of chanting and believing will change the fact that if we don’t have the skills, we can’t get to where we want to go.

When I started Network Marketing, I had goals. But they weren’t MY goals. They were the goals of my company. They were the goals of my sponsor. I couldn’t connect with those goals. I felt no passion for those goals.. When I woke up in the morning, I didn’t feel that motivation to go out and achieve my goals.

But it got worse. Many of my new goals required skills that I didn’t have yet. That was cruel.

Setting goals is easy. Anyone can learn how to write smart goals. But setting the right goals is what we want. Smart goal setting for Network Marketers is the desired results.

What are smart goals?  Goals that we have an emotional attachment to and can feel excited about reaching. That is why goal setting for Network Marketers fails. Network Marketers cannot take action if there is no emotional involvement in the goals.

The Smart Method for Setting Goals

The smart method for setting goals is to align our goals to who we are and who we want to be.

Smart goal setting for Network Marketers requires us to look inside. If we look close enough deep within, maybe we are the person who likes being with family. Maybe we like partying all night and going to exotic places. Or maybe we want to be a leader and are after the big money from building a team. And maybe we like being the person who is detailed oriented. These are only a few examples of smart goals for networking.

Now we are choosing something that is fun for us, instead of something we dread. Our chances of reaching our goals increase.

Smart goal setting for Network Marketers is activity that we look forward to.

How about activity that we will miss on the days we don’t do it?

We should choose something fun and enjoyable that aligns with what is fun and enjoyable about us. Then we will enjoy every day as we move toward our successful goals.

When We Set the Right Goals

Can we remember a time when we looked forward to something exciting? Maybe it was when were with the children. How did we feel when we woke up on Saturday morning? Happy? Energized? Two full days of fun with no school? This was the best time of our lives.

We did not have to force ourselves to wake up. We were grumpy, tired, or unenthused. We couldn’t wait to get dressed and go play with our friends. Weekends were awesome. We lived for weekends! All week long we thought about our upcoming weekend.

Motivation and fun are automatic when our goals match who we are as a person.

We don’t have to change affirmations with smart goal setting for Network Marketers. We don’t have to cut out pictures for our vision board., or meditate in silence visualizing our goals. When we know exactly what we want, every step of the way is fun and fulfilling. We are moving forward to our goals.

How do we know when our Network Marketing goals are right for us?

Easy. Just look at our actions.

 What do most people want to do on Saturday morning? They want to sleep in and relax after a hard, stressful week at work.

What do happy Network Marketers do on Saturday morning? We check our back office to look at our sales volume. We check to see if anyone joined our team overnight. That is not a chore; this is entertainment. This is what we want to do.

When our goals are in alignment with who we are and what we want, there is never a problem with motivation. Everything is fun. Everything we do is moving us toward our goal.

Network Marketing goals examples…

When I started Network Marketing, I sold health products. Reading books about health and nutrition became interesting. It was fun to learn new and exciting facts about health. I looked forward to reading about health and nutrition every day.

If there was a webinar about health, I was happy to go. If there was an article on the internet about nutrition, I eagerly read it.

My goal was to learn everything possible about the products of my business. I wanted to be successful, and product education felt like an important step for me to master.

Another example…

Saving money is not much fun. But what if we had a goal that was in alignment with our values?

Imagine for a moment that our values include spending time with our family. A goal of a dream family holiday would be exciting. Just thinking about all the memories that it would create motivates us to plan and to execute our plan.

Instead of eating at fancy restaurants, we would feel good about eating at home to save money for the holiday. Even saving a few dollars here and there would create a feeling of happiness. The entire family would enjoy dropping a few saved coins into our piggy bank.

Would we be motivated? Of course. We would look for every possible chance to save money for our dream family holiday. We would not feel deprived that we missed out on a pleasant experience. Every coin, every dollar that we saved would give us the thrilling feeling that we are closer to our goal.

Want a cool secret about smart goal setting for Network Marketers?

Happiness is not only reaching the destination, but happiness also occurs on the journey to our goal.

Smart goal setting for Network Marketers begins with aligning our goals with our values… with who we are…with what we like… and what we want.

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