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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Sell the Experience with the products, not the Products themselves!

Sell the experience, not the products. Can we sell a product that we don’t use? It’s tough, right? Of course, there are examples of selling products that we’ve never experienced, like these: — Solar panels for homes because we don’t own a home. — Men’s hormone products because we are female. — Women’s hygiene products because we are males. — Diet products because we are thin. This list goes on with the many products that are being sold. However, it is better having a PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with our products than to try to selling something we don’t know. Then we can sell the experience with the products rather than the product itself. Selling our experiences works extremely well. It is way better than selling what we don’t know but, obviously it only works if you’ve had a personal experience with products. We can tell people about our personal experience and they can relate to our experiences. Start with brands that sell experience that we’ve had with products. — Have you tried a diet product that helped you lose weight? — Have you tried a skin-care product that reduced wrinkles? — Have you tried a natural cleaning product that that cleaned and smelled better? — Have you tried a coffee or tea that helped your stomach? — Have you tried a vitamin that instantly gave you energy? — Has your opportunity helped you with an extra part-time income. If we’ve experienced any of these products with great results, we have the formula for selling the experience with products that we use.

The Formula

Let’s create a formula that we can use to sell the experience. — Step #1: Describe the problem we had. — Step #2: Describe how our product fixed that problem. — Step #3: Describe how we feel now without the problem. Three steps to sell the experience with products that we use.

Diet products…

I exercised, ate funny foods that cost a fortune and starved myself to lose 30 lbs. And as soon as I stopped the torture, the weight came back. Then I changed what I had for breakfast. Using this breakfast shake and drinking this healthy coffee, I was not hungry anymore until lunch. And the weight started melting off permanently. Today, I’m 30 lbs. lighter, and I feel great. Anyone can diet if they are not hungry.


I hated going to sleep at night while listening to my skin wrinkle. I knew my skin was drying out, but my night creams didn’t help. When I started using our anti-aging teas around lunch time once a day, that all changed. I sealed my own natural moisture in. Now I don’t worry about my skin drying out, and I feel like I can look younger for a long, long time, making me look 16 years old younger all over again.

Natural cleaning products…

I used to use generic cleaners. I knew the toxic chemical residue was not good for my family. And the chemicals are not good for our environment. Then I switched to our all-natural and toxin free cleaners. Even the laundry smelled better. — Now I feel great about the grandkids playing on the floor. Or even opening the storage cabinets.

Healthy coffees…

Coffee? I love coffee! But coffee doesn’t agree with my stomach. If I get one more cup a day, I get heartburn. Then I tried our healthy coffee. No heartburn. I can drink as much as I want. I will never go back to ordinary coffee again. This coffee tastes great and makes me feel good.


My mornings? Disaster. My head was never clear. My body ached. I always felt like I needed more sleep. I mean, shouldn’t we wake up feeling rested instead of tired? So I made a commitment to take this Vitaenergy tea for one month to see the difference it would make. And yes, after the first day, I could feel the change. In thirty days, I was convinced. I now feel like 16 years old all over again but with better judgment.

The opportunity…

I used to wake up to the alarm clock dreading what came next. Work! Work that pays me a minimum wage which limits me to the kind of home that I can afford. So, a friend introduced me to a way of making extra part-time income. One month later, I made my first $1000 check. I still have my full-time job, but now I can make rent with a home at a better neighborhood for my kids. Experience products. Sell the experience with the product and you make the sale. Sell the product without the experience, you lose the sale.

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