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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Reverse Marketing isn’t Breaking Through, but Being Invited In

Reverse marketing is where you promote something else but your network marketing opportunity and products come right along with it. This reverse marketing definition is performance marketing on steroids.

Sometimes it is easier to promote something else for cold calling other than your own opportunity or products.

Promoting something else will open the door and invite you to enter with your network marketing products and opportunity.

Understand that every product and opportunity that you have from your company is a solution to someone’s problem. Problems keep your company alive and in business. Reverse marketing understands this and uses it to its advantage.

For example,

if all people were healthy, the wellness industry of network marketing would not exist. Because people are not healthy, the wellness industry thrives.

So, when you cannot sell or promote your wellness business opportunity or products, reverse marketing says to offer a solution for another problem and add your opportunity and products in the mix. This is a stealth positioning way for you to market your products when people are turned off by the other marketing techniques for your products and opportunity.

For example,

You are in a wellness company which sells products in weight loss, mental clarity, athletic performance, and anti-aging. You might not be able to sell a lot of wellness products. You might not be able to promote your opportunity with good results.

So, you might offer a diet club where people get together and have weigh-in contests to see who loses the most weight and offer trophies for the winners. You will have a chance to give a quick testimony about your weight loss products during the club meeting. You sell more products and you get more leads for giving your business opportunity.

You might offer an exercise club where people get together and do fun and silly exercises and present your athletic performance products.

One of the best reverse marketing techniques example is to have a networking club where you bring business leaders together and show people how to create new business leads and throw in your business opportunity at the appropriate time.

Another reverse marketing example: You could offer a business course or training course about business and promote your network marketing opportunity.

I have just been recently invited to do a marketing presentation for a Financial Advisory Company in my home town. I will be showing the company advisors about how to market their products and services. Part of my presentation will center around the $50,000.00 to $60,000.00 a year tax write-off from network marketing that they can take advantage for themselves and offer to their clients.

It presents the perfect opening for me to speak about the network marketing opportunity. I will be able to invite some financial advisors to look at my business with this reverse marketing recruitment opportunity. It presents a reverse advertising system opportunity for me to speak about what network marketing can do to help the financial advisors themselves and their clients.

The benefits of reverse marketing far outweigh and are more positive than other campaigns to promote your products and opportunity.

Reverse marketing is an easy way to get people comfortable with your products and opportunity without promoting them and being offensive or obtrusive. Reverse marketing is not about breaking through but about being invited in.

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