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Podcast #9: Rejection hurts, especially from someone you know!

An angry reaction to Network Marketing from someone you know can hurt. More importantly, if you o not know how to deal with it you can ruin a prospect. 

The original title of Podcast 9 was called, “Rejecting Network Marketing with Boiling Anger Feels Like the Cataclysmic Rain Storm Pounding the Sand.”

When a person you love or respect rejects your Network Marketing business, it feels cataclysmic to those who are relatively new to Network Marketing. 

An angry reaction to Network Marketing that is directed at you is not a pleasant experience.  It is worse when it comes from someone you know and or respect. 

Even though an angry reaction to Network Marketing is not personal to you but about their past experience, it takes skills to handle.

This morning I recruited someone in my local town whom I’ve admired since a kid—telling him my Network Marketing story got a different reaction than I expected! 

He boiled over with anger and accused me of being in a pyramid scheme. Was I out to steal people’s money?


I was caught off guard but the way I reacted was what mattered. 

If I were not skilled, handling a circumstance like this would be tough. I may have shouted back and ruined the situation or even made an absolute fool of myself.

However, with my skills, I efficiently deal an angry reaction to Network Marketing from prospects and often turn them around.

The key is not taking the emotional bait. Instead, set out to resolve the situation (if you can). 

These are four strategies for dealing with angry prospects:

Understand it is not your fault!

They are misunderstanding Network Marketing. They may perceive a drawback but based on what? Misinformation? 

You know this when they say:

  • Is this MLM?
  • Is this one of those things?
  • Oh, a pyramid scheme!
  • I don’t want to bother my family and friends about this.
  • How much are you making?

When people react in anger or sarcasm, you’ll find 99% have no clue what Network Marketing is all about.

Their knowledge comes from a friend of a friend or the media. They may have read some negative about Network Marketing on the internet, without considering the validity of the source. 

Some people do not realize that they were drawn in by clickbait. Websites do this all the time to get people’s eyes on their website but that does not mean they should have an angry reaction to Network Marketing.

Wirth clickbait and friends who are misinformed, prospects should be angry at them, not us. That is the first thing to know, but we do not say that!

You can neutralize the prospect who is displaying an angry reaction to network marketing thus way:

“I see you have a story. I would love to hear what your story is with Network Marketing.”

Then shut up. You are about to get an ear full. And what you hear is usually one of two things:

  1. They will not be able to relate their story and have little to say. Or;
  2. They have a story to tell, which basically involves them venting.

Let them vent. It neutralizes their anger and makes what you do next more manageable. 

React or Resolve?

One of the marks of a leader in network marketing is the ability not to react to bad situations but resolve them. 

Don’t approach the situation with a Pollyanna fantasy that all we need is to hold hands and sing Kumbaya. And everything will be alright. 

It won’t.

Leaders spend time in front of QUALIFIED prospects. Amateurs spend time in front of anyone and everyone. 

Decide if this angry prospect is qualified (and they might be). 

If not, employ the “non-qualified technique” and say, “Don’t worry about it. This is probably not for you anyway. Thanks, and I will see you later.”

A qualified prospect has the potential to make a business boom. They are go-getters or self-starters, usually with a leadership background.

If the prospect is qualified say, “Would it be okay if I talked with you at a more convenient time?”

They will say is, “yes” or “no.” 

If yes, you likely have a prospect. If no, move on. 

Control the Situation with Tone and Confidence.

Do not match their tone. In contrast to a prospect’s angry or skeptical voice, your tone is one of calmness and quiet confidence. 

If they get angry, you don’t. If they yell, you speak calmly and with respect. 

They may throw whatever darts they have in their “dart-arsenal” but you stick to your “professional arsenal.”

They will respect you for the way you reply, even if they do not become a customer or business builder.

Feel, Felt, Found

“(First Name of Prospect), I know what you mean and I  felt like you do. I was so busy travelling for 70 to 80 hours a week for my job that I had no time for family or friends. Time to vacation was a luxury that I couldn’t afford. I was making decent money, but I still had little money left after paying bills. I was angry at the world and myself. I wanted more out of life. So, you know what I did? I found a way to get what I wanted with Network Marketing; it is the best decision I’ve ever made. If you knew this was a chance for you to take control of your financial future, too, do you think you could find a way to make it happen?”

I hope you enjoyed this podcast about handling the anger of a prospect toward Network Marketing.

I want to thank you listeners for taking time out of your day for this podcast. 

Listen to the podcast here;

Podcast # 9

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