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Recruiting for Network Marketing: Hunting versus Fishing

Hunting versus fishing when recruiting for Network Marketing? Do we stalk our prospects like a hunter? Or, do we lure our prospects in like a fisherman?

It’s either let the prospect “get in” or “let in” but not both.

I prospect people by letting them in after vetting their needs. Finding their needs, I lure them in like a fisherman.

Hunter-recruiters go after their target. They’re always saying, “I got one, another notch on my rifle.” Nobody likes to be hunted and “gotten.” Prospects hate it.

Fishermen do not stalk the fish. Fish are too clever for that. Fishermen select the bait and lure the fish in. One selection of bait may not work. Another one will. Fishermen wait for the fish to bite with the right lure and the right cast and the right tides to fish.

The best Network Marketing opportunities teach fishing over hunting.

We Recruit for Network Marketing by attraction. Hunters hunt by distraction. Hunters amount to the hard sell – not very attractive at all. Fisherman find the problems of a prospect and seeks to solve them…fishing with the right kind of bait.

Business leads which come by hunting won’t last. Business leads that come from fishing may be harder to find but once caught, they’re caught. I’d rather have two largemouth basses from fishing over two possums from hunting. The one makes for good eating. The other just makes you sick.

Recruiting for Network Marketing by fishing is posturing yourself where people come to you. Hunting prospects is by need and out of desperation.

The posture of the fisherman is to let someone in by permission, if they are lucky. Nonchalant and cool, the fisherman is patient and deliberate.

Hunters chase people. They don’t share the opportunity and allow the prospect a chance to review it. They convey a false need to get that prospect into the business at all cost, ending in disaster. Hunting is about marketing to a network of people by chasing them down and pulling them over the finish line.

Recruiting for Network Marketing is fishing. It is not hunting.

Which is it for you. Recruiting for network marketing by hunting or fishing?

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