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Qualities of Leadership that Really Count in Network Marketing

Want to know the qualities of leadership that turn a common ordinary Network Marketer into a non-stop recruiting machine?

Well, we must know something about leadership to define it. What is leadership definition?

Yes, I am aware that the 10 characteristics of a good leader help define it – honesty… the ability to delegate and communicate… a sense of humor… confidence and commitment… a positive attitude… creativity….  the ability to inspire… and intuition – all worthy qualities of leadership in their own way.

However, that’s not what I am talking about.

If we were to take the skills of a leader and sum it up in one phrase, what would it be?

Would it be from what is composed in all the books of Network Marketing which describe a leader? No, not even close!

Here is that one simple phrase that defines a leader:

“Leaders build leaders and make them successful.”

The qualities of leadership are summed up with this one tiny phrase.

Leaders make your life easy. Leaders make you financially secure. Leaders lead where MANY will follow and help you to build your dreams while you help them build theirs.

The Qualities of Leadership that Count

–The qualities of leadership in Network Marketing are someone who gets the most out of a new distributor and helps them become more than they can become alone.

–Someone who never complains to downline distributors.

–Someone who never complains or whines to the upline sponsors or to the company.

–Someone who their own goals and aspirations.

–Someone who conducts the regular opportunity meeting for you when you are away.

–Someone makes sure all the bills are paid.

–Someone who is in personal control of his attitude and doesn’t let outside influences control their success.

–Someone who sets a strong example of a steady focus on the goal.

These qualities of leadership are the definition of a good leader.

But the problem is LEADERS ARE RARE. Many Network Marketers lack qualities of leadership and have leadership weaknesses among their team.

If you have three, four, or five real leaders in your group, you probably miscounted. We can probably count more qualities of a bad leader in our group than good.

The Secret of Building Leadership

What’s the secret of building qualities of leadership with your team members? It’s teaching them to solve problems.

If you can teach a person the art of solving problems, you are giving them the keys to the kingdom for success.

We must give them the knowledge of thinking in new ways to solve people’s problems.

If we don’t do this, your potential leader will never develop. They will flounder aimlessly. They will attempt to learn and memorize all kinds of nice information that won’t help him to become a leader.

Network Marketing sole intention is to solve problems.

Teach a person the art of FINDING and then OFFERING solutions to prospects’ problems, those prospects will be attracted to Network Marketing. They will seek out the leader’s advice. They will be willing to give that leader their credit card and have a pen in hand ready to join or buy.

Here is a small list of problems to solve for prospects.

  • Store housing their children in daycare.
  • Lack of good nutrition.
  • Lack of money for family vacations.
  • People’s dream retirement vaporized because of the markets.
  • Their skin is drying with signs of aging.
  • Student loans with interest mounting month-after-month.
  • Two paychecks when four are better.
  • Robbing time away from kids and family because of a job.
  • Finances forbidding people from buying any luxuries except what is essential.
  • Joints hurt and conventional medicines are dangerous and expensive.
  • Lack of money to buy a home for the family or eviction from their present home.
  • Need a car to safely getting to and from work and carrying kids to school and events.
  • Want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

An army of problem solvers on your team would influence a community, impact a town, effect a state, and inspire a nation.

I hope you know the importance of leadership in Network Marketing. It makes your life easier. It makes you rich. It grows your group. The qualities of leadership are simple when you teach someone the art of solving problems.

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