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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Pre-suasion is the Warm-Up to Maximize Persuasion

Our job is to get YES decisions. YES decisions make us money. NO decisions keep us broke. Pre-suasion is the warm-up to the persuasion that get us the YES decisions we are after.

The prospect makes YES and NO decisions. YES decisions for our business moves the prospect forward. NO decisions against our business makes the prospect stay where he is.

The influence of the Network Marketer on the will of the prospect will conflict if persuasion is put ahead of pre-suasion.

Pre-suasion is to make the prospect receptive to a YES decision BEFORE he encounters it.

Persuasion is to influence the prospect to make a YES decision WHEN he encounters it.

To maximize persuasion, we must maximize pre-suasion first.

There are five-steps of pre-suasion to maximize persuasion.

— 1. Who are you?

— 2. Can I trust you?

— 3. Am I interested in what you say?

— 4. Do I want it or not?

— 5. If I want it, okay, give the details.

We must follow the five pre-suade steps in sequence if we are to influence prospects.

If we follow the steps in sequence, the prospect makes YES decisions. If we misstep out of sequence, the prospect makes NO decisions.

“Give me the details” is the presentation part of our business. This comes LAST. Prospects make the YES decision to see a presentation when they are pre-suaded to.

Who are you?

There is an old saying that dogs know who to bite. Prospects sense insecurity and incompetency and can tell if we are authentic.

So, the question is can we make improvements on ourselves internally? The more skills we learn, the more confident we are.

Before any prospect can believe us, we must believe in ourselves, our company, our products, and our services.  We must have the right mindset.

Learning will get us the right mindset.

Training webinars and seminars, blogs, books, audio files all work to give us skills, so we feel good about what we do and what we say.

Can I trust you?

To create trust, likability and belief from our prospects, we need to learn how to create trust, likability and belief.

We have 15-seconds to create trust, likability and belief once we open our mouths. Learning how to build rapport is a skill worth pursuing.

How do prospects make the YES decision to trust us? Trust is instantly. Prospects use internal programs that are automatic, pre-existent, and stored to trust us.

Prospects trust people who are like them… and tend to distrust people who are different.

So, let’s create trust and rapport by stating a fact or two that is reasonably true. The prospect that agrees with us that something is reasonable and true is the prospect who will trust us.

Am I interested in what you say?

If we don’t say the right words that make our business, products and services interesting for the prospect to listen, our prospect will tune out our message.

Too many times, Network Marketers want to push their solutions on prospects before they know what the problem for the prospect might be.

We have to root out the problem before we offer a solution.

We can root out problems by asking tiny questions and breaking the ice with statements that find problems.

We need to state the problem with trained words. So, we need to think carefully how we are going to say it.

Do I want it or not?

Closing is moving prospects across the finish line with a YES decision that they want it.

If we use ice breakers and tiny questions or short stories, we can find out If the prospect wants what we have.

Think of step four this way:

— A. Our prospect has a problem.

— B. Our prospect trusts us (step #2).

— C. Our prospect wants to fix his problem now, or not.

— D. The decision for YES is made.

If the prospect wants to fix the problem NOW, then and only then will we give a presentation.

If I want it, give me the details.

This is the presentation.

Presentations must be short and easy… no more than 2-minutes.

Answer three basic questions with short easy answers and you have a presentation:

— What kind of business are you in?

— How much money can I earn?

— What do I have to do to earn the money?


Let’s illustrate how easy it is to follow the five-steps of pre-suasion.

YOU: This morning, you have just read Dale’s blog on how to maximize pre-suasion to maximize persuasion. You feel confident you can do this. You have the perfect prospect in mind at work. Your confidence and belief in your products, company and services are the best they have been thanks to excellent training. Now, you want to put to practice what you have learned. You arrive at work and find Jim, your perfect prospect (Who are you?)

YOU: Hey Jim, I woke up this morning thinking that we can’t get rich working a job. We have to have our own business. What do you think? (Can I trust you?)

JIM: I’ve never thought about it, but you are right. We can’t get rich working at this job.

YOU: I just found out how to make more money part-time than our boss makes full-time. (Am I interested in what you say?)

JIM: Really. How?

YOU: Would it be okay if you could make more money part-time than our boss makes full-time and never had to show up for work again? (Do I want it or not?)

JIM: Yes, of course, but how?

YOU: Here is the short story: Well, you know how you worry about not having enough money if your job were to be terminated? Well, what will your wife do? What happens to your kids? First, you would have to live on unemployment at a 60% cut of what you can’t live on. Then there is finding a job and at your age that would be tough as driving a nail through a diamond. Work with my business of healthy coffees, teas, shakes and energy drinks and in 30-days you’ll see your first raise of $500 a month. Work another 12 months and you can fire our boss and walk away making more money part-time than our boss makes full-time. Work at it another 4 years and you can retire at full pay. (If I want it, give me the details.)

JIM: Okay, that sounds great. Give me more information.

YOU: What would you like to know first?

JIM: Is this Network Marketing?

YOU: Yes. What would you like to know next?

JIM: What is the cost?

YOU: Maximum is $1,100. Minimum is $400. What would you like to do next?

JIM: Let’s get started.

Pre-suasion maximizes persuasion when you follow the five-steps in sequence.

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