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Posturing is effective at dealing with Objections in MLM

We all get them. At one time or another, the dreaded objection rears its ugly head and there is nothing we can do about it. We can’t run so let’s learn how to deal with them with posturing.

And we all learn how to rebut objections in our network marketing business.

“Objections are verbal challenges, questions, concerns, fears and beliefs that are causing a prospect to say NO (or delay saying YES) to your products, services or opportunity.”

For those of us in network marketing or any kind of sales, rebutting objections is part of the routine. 

Some people are afraid of starting a network marketing or MLM business because they know on some level that in order to be successful, they’ll have to engage in a conversation with a friend, relative or stranger. They feel they’ll look stupid, feel embarrassed or rejected if they meet objections and can’t handle them.

But is there a way to reduce objections from prospects or at least make them manageable to just a few? What if there’s a way to create the perfect situation where the prospect has just a few “controllable” or no objections to offer because you brought so much value to the table that it nullifies them?

The good news answer – “YES,” there is.

Handling Objections in Network Marketing through Posturing

Handling objections in network marketing is so easy when you have the proper posturing of your position and status.

Posturing is having the attitude that you’re the one bringing overwhelming value and the opportunity to the table, while your prospects bring little or none. They bring chopped liver with 50 cents in their pocket, while you bring them prime rib with lobster and a few hundred thousand dollars on the side. 

It’s the ability to walk away from your prospects without being addicted to the outcome of whether they say “YES” or “NO” to your products or opportunity and to let them know you mean it. 

You’re doing network marketing with or without them.

Most networkers don’t realize the best of the best network marketers only recruit 3 out of 10 people. If you’re recruiting 3 out of 10 people, you’re an MLM rock star. So, don’t knock yourself in the head with a hammer over the 7 that said “no”.

Let’s take a two-part scenario and walk through it to illustrate posturing. 

Joe, your best friend, has just told you over the phone that he can’t afford to send his daughter who just graduated from high school to college.

You know your network marketing business would be a great fit for him to help pay for his daughter’s college education rather quickly. You lay out in detail the value of what your company has to offer him to solve his problem and why it’s a good fit for him. You send him over a video presentation to cinch the deal, and you make an appointment to meet with him within a few minutes after watching the video. 

You meet with him and the time has come to explain the cost of your program and value of what that would mean to him. 

Either one of two scenarios will happen depending upon how you handled him prior to this meeting.

If you had built enough value into the situation that showed him you can solve his problem quickly, Joe would never think to bring up objections. The value that you instilled in him prior to the meeting makes you the credible expert which he trusts and believes can help resolve his pain and will gladly follow. 

However, if you failed to present enough value to him during your “spill” about the benefits of your business, he will throw up objection upon objection, especially about cost. He will not believe what you have to offer can actually help him, and so he is not able to justify the cost in his mind.

Handling Objections in Sale’s Examples

So, what happens when Joe does object? 

In our scenario, Joe objects to the cost. How would you handle him? You have to put yourself in a situation as a person handling objections in a sale’s call to give him a proper rebuttal.

When Joe objects to the cost, you would have to say, “How does that make you feel to say that? I get it. I’ve worked with a lot of people who felt they didn’t have the money. Are you actively doing anything right now to help you change that situation in life?”

At this point, Joe would either lie to you, or he would have to admit he has no other alternatives other than working 2 – 3 jobs.

Then you could say something like this: “Are you ready to do something about that so you never have to say ‘I don’t have the money again’?’’

You would need to follow that up by emphasizing all over again the value of what your company has to offer to help Joe resolve his problem. 

If Joe threw out the objection that he didn’t have the time or is too busy, you could say, “How does it make you feel to say that? Do you have a plan to change the situation?” And once again, you would have to explain the value of what your company has to offer to resolve his pain.

And if Joe really went to great lengths to throw you off, he could say something like this: “Is this one of those pyramid things?”

You would have to rebut him with, “Absolutely not. Why? Is that what you’re looking for? I don’t do pyramids. They’re illegal. Do you have another question?”

Handling objections in a sale’s call scenario is not as much fun as is bringing enough value and benefits to the table the first time, making it impossible for Joe to say “no.” But just know that objections can be handled no matter the situation that you make with Joe or anybody else.


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