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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

How to post on Social Media to get plenty of prospects for MLM

Social media is— social. So be social instead of posting offers (all the wrong things). You will turn people off by blasting daily business about the opportunity or how great the products are. They want us to be social so let that control how you post on social media (Facebook  & Twitter, etc.). Social media is a great tool for  building rapport. People on social media can get to know us, and they will feel like they know us, meaning we are no longer a stranger and they are no longer a cold prospect. So how do we be social to get great results for our business? — Make three new contacts a day. — Create a riddle that is challenging and viral. Make Three Contacts a Day We post on social media to build rapport and make friends. It is simple to make three new contacts a day. Over time with three new contacts a day, we would have over 1,000 new friends in just one year. That’s 5,000 new friends in the next 5 years. Surely out of 1,000 or 5,000 people, we could find some of them that are interested in our business. Now with thousands of new contacts, sponsoring is easy. For many in this list, the timing is right for them now. They will have experiences throughout the year that will motivate them to look for change. That change could be your business opportunity. Sponsor a few of these people and teach them to do the same. Create a Riddle that is Challenging and Viral We could post on social media riddles that are challenging and go viral. If you sold nutritional products you could create a test like this: Which food will kill you faster?
  1. Donuts.
  2. German chocolate cake.
  3. Pizza.
  4. Ice cream.
Comment BELOW for the answer. This gets people engaged with us. What makes this go viral is friends on social media sharing with other friends. You want a landing page that they can go to for the answer. On the landing page give them an opportunity with a link to look at your business. Your first social media post could be this: Which choice best describes your boss?
  1. Dream-sucking vampire.
  2. Selfish, egotistical jerk.
  3. Life-crusher.
  4. Pompous know it all self-absorbed narcissist.
Vote now and click HERE to see how others have voted. When they go to the landing page to see the vote tally, give them a chance to see your business. You could ask them to enter a contest by describing how bad their boss is in 200 words or less. First prize? An interview with you to show them how to leave their job. We could post on social media this: Which is the quickest way to poverty?
  1. Buying lottery tickets.
  2. Dead-end jobs.
  3. Internet surfing addiction.
  4. Watching inflation eat away at your savings account.
Click HERE for the answer. How about your Twitter first tweet? Which is the worst scenario when arrive at work?
  1. The boss says, “Oh, leave your coat on.”
  2. Your cubicle is replaced with filing cabinets.
  3. Your co-worker’s look away as you walk in.
  4. The parking lot is empty.
Click HERE for the answer. This post on social media Twitter could go viral in minutes. You could share Instagram post on Facebook with this: How much does your boss earn for working the same number of hours that you work?
  1. 10%.
  2. 25%.
  3. 50%.
  4. 300%
Click HERE for the answer. Your post on social media could be some warped sense of humor: Which animal best describes your boss?
  1. Blood-sucking leech.
  2. Vampire bat.
  3. Lazy, three-toed sloth.
  4. Pack rat.
Comment BELOW for the answer. A LinkedIn survey post could be this: Rich people pay what percentage of their income in taxes?
  1. 0%
  2. 10%
  3. 50%
  4. 75%
Comment BELOW for the answer. The best social media posts are posts that are challenging and get people engaged. Post on social media to build rapport and make at least 3 new contacts a day. And post on social media surveys and challenges that go viral.

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