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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Positive Thinking & Skills together is what makes us unstoppable

It is possible to fly without a motor, but not without positive thinking and skills.” I never forgot those words from my sponsor on the day that I joined network marketing in 2008.

Later I learned my sponsor reworded a quote by Wilbur Wright who, along with his brother Orville Wright, are credited with inventing and building the first airplane. Nevertheless, the quote stuck.

We hear a lot about the art of positive thinking and the role it plays in network marketing. What we don’t hear enough of is the exercise in frustration of those who try to make it with great attitudes without skill.

Five things we are told to do if we want to improve our business:

  1. Improve your attitude.
  2. Build belief in your business.
  3. Set some goals.
  4. Get motivated.
  5. Be positive.

How many of you have done all five of these things with zero results? They all sound good. They all end in pain UNLESS you have the skill to make it work.

Don’t believe me?

Try this test.

  • When you first started in network marketing, did you have a “yea I can do this” good attitude?
  • How about a strong belief in your business?
  • What about some goals…did you get a bonus, some extra paychecks, a new car, quit your job?
  • Were you motivated where you walked into your boss’s office and said, “you’re fired”?
  • Did you have a positive attitude which said “I see money and I’m going to get it”?

How fast did you get started? Did positive thinking help with converting any prospect?

Being honest you have to admit you had all positive five things in your mind but failed in bringing them to fruition.

What you were missing was a list of key skills in what to say and what to do when talking to a prospect. Without skill, positive thinking won’t get us anywhere.

Positive Thinking and Skill

Positive thinking requires your skills. It requires top skills.

A developing positive attitude is never created in a vacuum. It is always created in the practical. Honing skills creates the positive.

Let me give an example.

Hearing a motivational speech, you walk out with positive thoughts and attitudes and you’re ready to take on the first prospect you meet. You’ve got all this good feeling flowing through you. You can’t wait to test it. You walk up to a good friend and all you do is smile, nod in agreement with what she says and send her mental hugs.

Do you think your friend is going to say, “Hey, I love your attitude…you think positive thoughts and it’s rubbing off on me…show me the paperwork to join your business”?

Nothing is going to happen if you don’t say something and don’t do something. What you say and what you do count.

It is the practical and communication skills which need development. Develop them and positive thinking and confidence result.

Skills in doing and saying motivate prospects toward action. Positive thinking alone won’t.

Assess your skills and those for your team and do them.

Skills to Positive Thinking which Every Network Marketer Needs to Know

There are three skills every network marketer needs to know. Learn them and you will develop a positive thinking attitude and confident self-assurance.

  1. Open with a good benefit statement.
  2. Close before you start.
  3. Make it easy to join.

Open with a Good Benefit Statement –

What makes something appealing and wanting people to know more? Benefits! Those things which answer the question in every prospect’s mind – “what’s in it for me?”

The first sentence out of your mouth to a new prospect: “The thing that you do”. Follow with the benefits for the prospect in the thing you do.

You want your prospect asking questions. The more questions, the more interested they get.

  • “Wow! That’s interesting. How does the part-time income thing work?”
  • What kind of diet products? Will it really help me lose weight?
  • Really, a part-time business which won’t interfere with what I’m currently doing?
  • Gifts with Health? Great! I am always looking for good gifts for my family which has nutritional value.
  • Do you need an education or special business background to what you’re doing?

You want them wanting more.

How to get the prospect wanting more?

One of the most recurring questions all new prospects ask is, “What do you do for a living?” Build curiosity with your answer by adding benefits.

  • I show people how to get bottled water for only 3 cents a day.
  • I show people how to lose weight without changing their eating habits.
  • I show people how to have a high-vitamin, non-dairy, high protein delicious drink for only $3.97 a day.
  • I always love skin care products and show people how to reverse aging and look 15 years younger.
  • I put people on the fast-track to retirement. I save them money and help them retire 15 years early.
  • I tutor and help create tomorrow’s entrepreneur college student TODAY.
  • I help retired people rejuvenate their bank accounts with extra income.
  • I teach and help network marketers get more leads, recruit more reps and duplicate their team through social media.
  • I help real estate professionals get a Plan B for extra income.
  • I befriend and help people who are overweight and run down melt body fat and refresh their energy levels.

Answer clearly with a benefit appealing to your prospect and you have a strong benefit opening statement.

Close Before You Start –

I’ll just add this: Most network marketer’s have a hard time with prospects. They have a hard time getting prospects to listen and take action toward buying or joining. The solution is tell the prospect four things BEFORE you make the presentation.

  1. Most people buy your products.
  2. The total cost of the products.
  3. “Reasons why he shouldn’t buy.
  4. You present only the facts and leave it to them to decide.

I already covered this subject more thoroughly in another blog article (“The Four Step Technique to Higher Closing Ratios of Prospects in Network Marketing”).

Make It Easy to Join –

Positive thinking increases when people join your business.

The million-dollar tip: People won’t join what they don’t understand.

Muddling the waters with detailed facts such as the comp plan or complicated paper work kills business.

When you hear the statement, “I’ve got to think it over…I’ll get back to you,” the prospect is thinking over the 100 different facts you presented. It confuses them.

Make it simple. Tell stories over facts. You’ll be the winner.

Let’s teach new distributors the skills necessary to get the prospects to say, “Yes, tell me more.” Let’s teach our distributors exactly what to say and exactly what to do to get prospects leaning forward and asking us for a presentation.

Developing our skills builds positive thinking.


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