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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Poison Phrases versus Power Phrases

Poison phrases weaken our words. Power phrases strengthen our words. Poison phrases rob us of respect. Power phrases give us respect.

Power is the ability to get results. Your words have power when they work for you.

A phrase is a short expression where less is more. Make your point and stop talking.

Poison phrases are qualifiers, hedges and softer phrases that weaken our message.

Everyday conversation is filled with poison phrases and power phrases.

Poison phrases?

— I should…

— I’ll try…

— I might be able to…

— I sort of think…

— It’s just my opinion…

— I would tend to think…

— You might want to consider…

Power phrases can replace poison phrases.

— Replace “I should…” with “I will…”

— Replace “I’ll try…” with “I will…”

— Replace “I might be able to…” with “What I can commit to is…”

— Replace “I sort of think…” with “I know…”

— Replace “It’s just my opinion…” with “I believe…”

— Instead of “I would tend to think…” with “I think.”

— Instead of “You might want to consider…” with “I recommend.”

How does this work for Network Marketing?

— “I will” start our training on time whether you are here or not.

— “I will” sell two products a month.”

— “What I can commit to is” purchasing three products a month for my autoship.

—- “I know” this might not be a good time for you to look at my opportunity. But “I know” I would feel uncomfortable if I didn’t present it to you.”

— “I believe” you are correct. Our products are expensive. We treat our products like a luxury. Would you rather go first class or second class?

— “I think” this way is a better way to build rapport than the other way that just builds acquaintances without rapport.

— “I recommend” getting the weight loss breakfast drink and the herbal fat-burning tea.

Speak what you know with confidence. Speak what you know with power phrases. Speak without poison phrases.

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