The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Earners are Leaners!

The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Persuade tough prospects to Join Your Business with 4 Words!

Prospects need to see the benefits of what you offer them before they will buy or join, and if they see them, you can persuade the unpersuadable!

How? Just four words!

Why not make the vision of the benefit powerful in their minds?

We persuade the unpersuadable to mentally sell themselves and see the benefit of our offer with this one simple question:

“What would happen if…”

Want some examples?

“What would happen if you did not have to wake up to an alarm clock and go to work?”

“What would happen if you worked on your own dreams and not the dreams of your boss?”

“What would happen if you lose weight once and never have to worry about it gaining back again?”

“What would happen if you could take unlimited vacations a year all expenses paid first class?”

“What would happen if you had a bigger paycheck for your family?”

“What would happen if you could retire next year?”

“What would happen if you could earn a full-time income working 12-15 hours a week at home?”

Not hard, right?

Imagine you are prospecting on social media. You want to find his problem so that you can match the benefits of your goods, services and opportunities to fix the problem. You ask the prospect, “What is the biggest problem they have?”, and they give some vague answer. If you don’t know the problem to fix, you cannot help them to fix it.

So what do we do to persuade the unpersuadable in this case? We get them to imagine with our simple formula, “What would happen if..?”

“What would happen if you had more time to work on your dreams?”

“What would happen if you could help your children go to college without borrowing any money or rely on scholarships?”

“What would happen if you could keep wrinkles away an extra 20 years?”

“What would happen if you could work from your home and didn’t have to send your baby to daycare?”

Persuade the unpersuadable is not so hard when you have the formula. Four simple words turns a mind into unimaginable possibilities.

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