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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Overcoming the Fear of Joining Network Marketing

Overcoming the fear of joining Network Marketing isn’t easy for many people nor is it easy to help them as their sponsor. That is, not unless we remove the risk!

Conquering fear is simply the removal of risk, and that applies to overcoming the fear of joining Network Marketing. The removal of risk opens the door to motivation.

We give our best presentation. Powerful benefits. Motivating examples and stories. When we have finished our masterpiece on the prospect, our prospect looks at us with a blank stare. The prospect does not get it.

What went wrong? Our company is great.  Our products are great. Our compensation plan offers financial and time freedom. So what’s missing?

We forgot what the prospect wants. The prospect looks at our opportunity from a completely different viewpoint. The prospect thinks small.

We think big and the prospect thinks small.

Imagine our prospect has worked at the same job for 10 years with no savings in his bank account. If the prospect for 10 years could not put away enough money in savings, what makes you think he could put money into Network Marketing?

The prospect is thinking about that car payment which he has missed. The mortgage is due. The children need clothes. Momma is pregnant with doctor bills mounting, and the prospect cannot afford the children that he has.

Overcoming the fear to join Network Marketing when the prospect sees our opportunity as another cost that he could lose risking is too much for the prospect to handle.

The Answer

How do you overcome fear? Remove risk.

Overcoming the fear to join Network Marketing is remove all risk.

We want to motivate prospects to move forward, to move prospects to the next step.

The prospect is thinking,

“Everything I’ve done in my life has led me to being broke. If I join this opportunity, I will put money into something that I will fail, because I have failed time and time again with money. My spouse will hate me, and we will fight again and again. Yes, the opportunity works from some people, but not me.”

Will this approach work for overcoming the fear?

“Hey listen. I feel for you. It is not such big step. I will walk you through it and be right by your side. We can grow and learn on our way to our success. I will motivate you and wish you well since I am already successful. So you will walk in my shoes and we will do this together.”

Will this approach work? Will this be a big enough motivation to the prospect to take that step of getting started, overcoming the fear to join? Probably not.

Remember, we can’t look at things from our prospective. We already believe in Network Marketing.

If we want to get through to the prospect, we must remove all risk.

Say this:

“Joe, there is no guarantee in life, but there is a guarantee if you try our opportunity. We want you to try our business for 30 days, with no risk to you. At the end of 30 days, you will have a pretty good idea if this business is for you or not. Hey, maybe you’ll have won the lottery or your boss will have given you a raise. Anyway, at the end of 30 days, you and I will sit down. If you don’t want to continue with our business for any reason, that is okay. We only want you to continue if you feel that this business is for you. We want you to be committed to building your own empire, okay?”

“So, if you don’t want to continue past the 30 days, you send the unused products and material back to the company. They will refund your money, and there will be no hard feelings. Don’t feel bad if this opportunity is not for you. My mom, dad, and brothers don’t feel it is for them too, and we still love each other. And I will still consider you a friend.”

Put ourselves in our prospect’s shoes. They are afraid of loss. Overcoming the fear of loss is removing all risk with a money-back guarantee.

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