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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

9 Words that compel prospects to join Network Marketing!

Nine words is all we need to compel prospects to join us in Network Marketing. This also works for getting prospects to buy our products too.

We all like closing prospects. Closing prospects means more new distributors, more sales, more volume and more bonus checks.

Would you like nine words that you can learn – train yourself to say – that turn a doubting prospect into a new customer or sign up with greater frequency than by other closing script?

Nine words put together just right tell a short story with a compelling argument. This is known by story sequencing. Story sequencing is words put together in a telling event causing the prospect to make the correct choice for their life.

For example,

“So, what’s going to be easier for you? To give your children good nutrition with our products so they will never have to visit the doctor and protect themselves from all the virus at school? Or, for not giving them our products and you have to take off work to take your sick child into an office of other sick children and wait all day for your child to get help possibly causing you the loss of wages and putting you behind with projects at work needing your attention?

That is a story event compelling the prospect to make the right choice for his children among two possibilities. Take the nutritional product we have to offer reducing sickness among the kids with good consequences for him, or not take the product with sick kids and the inconveniences going along with it.

Teach Your Downline These Nine Words

I still believe the best close for prospects is in two-steps: “What did you like best about what you saw and heard?” – followed by, “Sounds to me like you’re ready to close. …if they respond positively to the presentation.

Sometimes prospects resists. So, we must show them what choices lay before them. Bad choices lead to wrong consequences and good choices lead to right consequences.

The nine sequence of words offers the two choices.

Here is the nine sequence of words to teach your downline – “So, what is going to be easier for you?

These nine transitions of words stated in form of a question force the prospect with making a choice. We offer a bad choice to the prospect for not joining or taking our products and a good choice for joining or taking our products.

Let me illustrate the usefulness of this word sequence…

So, what is going to be easier for you? “For you to get your children to eat 20 servings of fruits and vegetables each day to be healthy? Or, to take this one tasty nutritional supplement one time daily without the hassle of hearing your kids complain about how horrible it is to take so many fruits and vegetables tasting so badly?”

So, what’s going to be easier for you? “For you continuing to Commute to work hour-after-hour in bad traffic with all that noise only to end up at the office sometimes late and sometimes all grumpy from the long commute? Or, being your own boss working from home with no commute to work and come and go as you please with a great attitude and mood consistently for your family and yourself?”

Want other connecting words with two possible choices?

So, what’s going to be easier for you?” “For you to continue going to a hostile work environment where the boss is demanding, bullying, and demeaning to you and other employees and where you work 50 – 60 hours a week while watching your boss and other executives taking off early to play golf while you slave? Or, for you to join my organization where you fire your boss and walk away with full-pay enjoying the hours you want to work without hassles and anybody being demanding on you while you get to golf, take vacations and do the things you want anytime you want?”

So, what’s going to be easier for you?” “For you to Go to the spa, tanning beds and salons weekly spending ungodly amounts of money for making your skin and face look younger using harsh chemicals, unsafe tanning beds and unsanitary surroundings only to find it cracks and dries the skin? Or, try our products “Beauty In and Passion” for a couple of months with skin feeling and looking 10 younger naturally without chemicals, unsafe and unsatisfied conditions?”

Want another nine sequence of words?

So, what’s going to be better for you?” “For you to continue buying chap stick and lip gloss by the case because you continually kissing your boss’ behind? Or, for you to get started in the business tonight so maybe next year, you’ll be your own boss?”

So, what’s going to be easier for you?” “For you to be complaining every day by the coffee machine how miserable your job is and how underpaid you are? Or, for you to see this presentation and see how you and I change our lives together?”

So, what’s going to be easier for you?” “For to continue warehousing your children spending overpriced day care charges and having other people paid for watching them grow up? Or, for you to get started tonight and next year to help your babies training them in the way to grow under your watch?”

So, what’s going to be easier for you?” “For you to commute two hours to work in the morning and two hours to work in the evening to a job you hate and want to fire your boss? Or, for you to get started with me tonight and start the countdown of firing your boss by next year?”

So, what’s going to be easier for you?” “For you to wake up each morning hurting from aches and pains and complaining it hurts getting old? Or, for you to take our nutritional product for joint pain and aches waking up each morning like a million bucks?”

These nine sequence of words is the difference between success and failure. With nine sequence of words, you have a way of handling objections without arguing and begging.

With skills, you stop being the victim to life’s circumstances and become the problem solver and the person people follow.

How do we get the message from our head into the head of the obstinate prospect? Nine words said just right in the form of a question offering two choices. Teach your downline the skill in the art of the close and you teach your downline the key to success in network marketing.

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