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Network Marketing Scripts for Cold Calling

Great! Another cold marketing prospecting script. Just what I need. Aren’t there enough of network marketing scripts on the internet already?

Well, yes, there are. But the quality of those scripts may be in question. Most cold calling recruiting uses scripts that seem to make statements that give bragging rights about the company but do not allow for questions to find out what a prospect wants and needs.

They think of it as selling a kit to someone, when the true essence of network marketing is finding likeminded people who are interested in getting something bigger out of life.

These kind of scripts do a great job of explaining what their products, services and opportunity are, but they do not explain well what these can do for a person.
And the one question in the back of every cold and warm market prospect’s mind when approached by an MLM recruiter is “what’s in it for me?”

And unless you give them what they want you will lose them. So, how do you go about finding out what they want? It’s simple when you understand the true meaning and purpose of network marketing scripts.

Network marketing scripts are “questions to empower sponsoring for MLM companies.” They’re not statements about a thing. They are designed to ask questions to find out what it is that the prospect wants and does not want.

Questions are what empowers the one doing the asking and not the one answering.

Questions empower the network marketing recruiter by helping to discover on a deeper level what it is that people need, want and desire. When you find out through questions what it is that makes a prospect tick, you can see if your products, services and opportunity are a fit for him or her.

Only then can you claim true bragging rights, because your products, services and opportunity are a fit to empower prospects with a vision of hope and fulfilling dreams, a glimpse that their problems can be solved, and a resolve to their pain.

There are two kinds of scripts…one for your warm market and one for your cold.

Your warm market are those people with whom you have a history, experienced things together and who know you by name.

Your cold market are strangers you meet on the phone or on the street in the crossing together of your paths, who do not know you personally by name, and with whom you’ve had no prior history or experiences together.

Today, we’re concentrating on cold market prospecting scripts without forgetting about your warm market.

A Cold Market Prospecting Script that Empowers

Since a network marketing or MLM script is built on questions, it is the types of questions that are important in its creation.
What kinds of questions must a cold market prospecting script include? They must be questions that discover the inner workings of the prospect but are asked with the kind of finesse that doesn’t make the prospect feel like their space is being invaded? They must be simple and not complex and allow the prospect to answer without giving vague responses. And most importantly, these are questions that must help the network marketer to recruit and close more people than other queries.
The heart of MLM recruiting is about finding positive minded people who desire more than what they are getting out of life. Would you like to know the secret to recruiting in network marketing? You ask them the right questions.
Here’s a list of network marketing recruiting questions that you can use to build a cold and warm market script.

  • Would you be open to a side project that didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?
  • Would you be open to exploring another avenue of making income part time?
  • What has recently changed in your life that has you open to a home business?
  • Ever wonder if there was a way to make money on Facebook?
  • Ever get the feeling you were meant to do something great?
  • If you had the money, would you jump at this opportunity?
  • I know you don’t know but if you did know, what would you really like to have in life?
  • How long will you have to continue working that many hours?
  • Ever wish you could travel more?
  • Ever think about how you would like to spend more time with your family?
  • If someone were willing to show you how to make money from home, would you be coachable?
  • Did you know there are ways to create income that flow into your bank account whether you roll out of bed of over in bed?
  • If you had a magic wand, what would your perfect job be?
  • If you had a magic wand, what would your perfect life be like?
  • When you said you wanted to spend more time with your family, were you serious about that?
  • Do you keep your options open when it comes to making extra money?
  • Know anyone that has been affected by the economy that might be open to making some extra money?
  • I am looking for a good financial planner/realtor/whatever to work with in the home business I am doing part time, do you know any?
  • Do you like helping other people and would you be interested in getting paid to do so?
  • Do you see yourself doing what you are doing 20 years from now?
  • Have you found what you are looking for that will provide ultimate freedom for you and your family?
  • If money was not an issue, what would you do for fun?
  • If money was not an issue, how would you help people?
  • What is it you would like to see in a home business?
  • What do you like about what you are currently doing?
  • What would you like to change about your current situation?
  • What challenges have you faced in the past?
  • What are your goals for this year? Why?
  • What made you join a home business in the past?
  • What did you hope to get out of your last home biz that you didn’t get?

Creating A Recruiting Script for Cold Calling

Now, that we have the questions, let’s create a recruiting script for cold calling.
Hello (Name)! This is YOUR NAME from CITY AND STATE.
I’m getting back with you because you were on one of my websites the other day and expressed an interest in working from home and generating income right away. Do you recall that?
So I wanted to give you a quick call and see if you found what you were looking for or if you’re still keeping your options open?
Great! I realize you weren’t expecting my call just now (NAME), and I have a number of people to get back to… so I’d like to make this first call pretty quick. I have just a few questions to ask to determine if what you’re looking for and what we’re looking for are a match, OK?
Great! So, can you tell me a little about yourself. What are you doing currently for work?
Really, that’s awesome. We have a person in our company who used to be a (name whatever the occupation of the prospect) and now makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and travels all around the world with all expenses paid.
So, what do you like and not like about it? Can you see yourself doing it for the next 10 years?
Have you ever tried or are you currently trying a home business?
Just curious, how much money have you set aside to start a new business?
(If they DO NOT give a negative response, move to the next question, otherwise, ask),
why do you think it didn’t work out
Just throwing it out there (Name), would you be open to a side project that doesn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing?
Just curious, why would you be open to making some extra money right now? Has there been anything in this economy or in life that has made a recent change in you to make you open? I’m just curious.
How does that feel?’
If they answer, I want to make a lot of money.
Why? What are you going to do with it?
Have you ever felt you were made for more than money. . . you were meant for greatness by helping others?
We just talked about (List the pain they just gave).

  • So, let me ask you this:

o   Based on your experiences, what if you had a magic wand handed to you and you could conjure up the perfect opportunity that fits with your routine, that fits with your time, that fits to help you accomplish all the goals that you desire, what would that perfect opportunity and all those desires and goals [feel, look, sound] like to you?

  • (Write down all desires they name).

So let me get this straight (NAME), in light of all that (list the pain once again),

  • What it [feels like, looks like, sounds like] to me is you want to create something which will allow you to (list all their desires):
    • o spend more time with kids,
    • o fire your crappy boss,
    • o have more money for your child to go to a private school,
    • o take your wife on a vacation,
    • o have a home business where you can get personal training to be successful, and
    • o have a side project making you an income and not interfere with what you’re currently doing.
  • Am I [sensing, seeing, hearing] this correctly?

So, if I personally can get you to the point of (finding, visualizing, resonating) yourself with…

  • [list how to solve the pain]
    • o spending more time with your kids,
    • o firing your boss and walking away with no worries of money,
    • o having all the income that you need and want for your child to go to that that private school
    • o taking your wife on a luxurious vacation without worrying about the amount it cost,
    • o having a personal one-on-one training with you, making you highly successful with a home business,
    • o having a side project making you lots of money with no worries to what you’d like to do with your time,
  • basically and personally, just helping you with meeting all your desires,
  • you’d be open to it, right?

Based on what you said, I think this is a good fit for you BECAUSE you’re looking…

  • To help and empower your family and friends,
  • To have the freedom to be with your kids and family,
  • To never have a boss again,
  • To get out of debt,
  • To make that money and get paid weekly rather than monthly,
  • To get month after month a lifestyle bonus check equal to your pay,
  • To participate in profit sharing
  • To participate in the millionaire’s club bonuses,
  • To take your kids, family and friends on that vacation to Disney World and have all the expenses paid for in the most luxurious hotel of your choice,
  • To have a brand new car paid for,
  • To have the mortgage of your new home or the rent for your new exquisite apartment paid for,
  • To help you lose those 30-40 lbs. of weight that you mentioned,
  • To give you the energy that you have felt drained of in the past years since your disability or retirement,
  • To get personal training by the most successful people in the world in addition to myself personally training you,
  • To be part of a community of successful people who will be personally guiding you step by step to fulfilling all your dreams and desires,
  • To have supplied to you day in and day out with the kind of people who are going to help you grow your business and income beyond your imagination,
  • To have the advantage of being at the beginning of something big.
  • To help solve people’s problems with solutions that are workable and generate a following that makes you money rather than push products.

And my company has all those things for you.
When I first saw that, I thought it priceless for my family, myself, and my friends. Just curious, what kind of value do you see in something like that?
As I originally said, I don’t have a lot of time and so, I’m going to send you some information with a 10-minute video that are going to show you how my company and myself personally are going to help you resolve rather quickly all those problems that you just told me, and put them in the past so that you can live a bright future of all your desires and goals as you were meant to be.
Does that sound good? Great (NAME)! How soon can you watch the video? Great, is it OK if I give you a call right before that time so that I can make sure you’re in front of the computer to send you a link? Ok, (NAME)
I have your email as: (verify email). And is this a cell phone I’m talking to?
Just in case take down my name and number too, it’s (YOUR PHONE NUMBER) and my name is (YOUR NAME).
Based on what you’ve shared with me, I’m sure you’ll want to put high priority on this, right?  (Then set an appointed time to call them back).
Great! I look forward to reconnecting with you on (date) at (time).
Thank you (NAME)! Bye for now!

Cold Market Recruiting Blueprint Download Scripts

Are you getting the flow of the script? Remember, get the basic concepts down and don’t’ focus so much on learning the exact wording of the script.
If you want a form to use when speaking to a cold market prospect, refer to Eric Worre’s follow up scripts. It’s a great place to start.
If you want a cold market recruiting blueprint script like the one above,

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