The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Earners are Learners!

The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

MLM Events or MLMinars

This website will change events will change to serve the audience, meaning you. If you need certain skills or want to talk about anything to do with Network Marketing, and you tell us you do, we will do our best to oblige.

We believe that we should provide 3 types or categories of MLM Events (MLMinars): one-time (like interviewing a leader as an MLMinar guest), occasional (this category includes once-a-year events, often called a Summit Showcase or Mastermind), and recurring, which happen every week most weeks of the year. You can recommend anything else you think we should do through our Contact form.

These MLM Events are happening soon or weekly:

How to set realistic goals you can achieve in your MLM business!

This network marketing training will be far more valuable if it is real, meaning it must track a few people and show what they are going through. This way, you can see that the MLM business is not all wine & roses!

Frustration can and is real, and you can overcome it. Success will be yours if you have the skills, attitude, and perseverance.

If you don’t have the skills, expect frustration to be followed by failure eventually (even if you are “too stubborn to quit!“).

Our plan is to run this every year and highlight about 15 people in network marketing, showing their goals and the obstacles that get in the way. 

The key is to see what those who succeed do differently. So that, ultimately, you can take some of those things and do them yourself!

FREQUENCY:  6 times a year every two months.

Playback Type: Alamgamated from all 6 MLMinars plus private interviews.

BONUS: Those who let us see what is happening in their lives and MLM businesses will receive one year of free LEADERS membership with MLMinar for participating!

Super Skills Saturdays

If you finally want to master recruiting—especially recruiting those you meet—this event is the one for you. 

Even if you intend to do most of your recruiting online, these are skills you need so you can teach them to your team.

We will share skills and discuss the brain science that makes them work. We will also discuss what doesn’t work and include why not.

The image shows a cartoon character of a man watering a tree where the leaves are dollar signs and the roots area has the word skills -- the slogan is Super Skills Saturday

This very positive webinar will get you on track to becoming a master recruiter and a solid mentor who can train these skills to others.

FREQUENCY: Weekly, 35 times per year.

BONUS: Attendance will help you learn valuable skills, so that should be your main reason for making this a must on your schedule.  In addition, if you attend 10 of these live MLM trainings in a row, you will receive a free LEADERS membership for a whole year ($60 cost, priceless value)

Book Club for MLM Leaders (and future leaders!)

The Book Club for MLM Leaders (and future leaders) will review network marketing and personal development books by holding five limited-attendance, one-hour-long webinars from January to April and five more from Sept. to Dec.

This image is of an oversized groupd of books with people sitting on them, readign their own book, and the title Book Club for Winners

In the two seasons per year (winter-spring and fall-winter), we will read and discuss two books in each season or 4 books per year.

The Book Club for MLM Leaders (and future leaders) will hold one event in April and one in December, with 2 sessions per month in all other months. This is to accommodate farmers, summer vacations, and the fact that everyone is busy at Christmas time.

The Book Club for MLM Leaders (and future leaders) will only accept 20 people per year to allow everyone to participate.

Each book covered will enhance the attendees’ network marketing skills and personal development. In other words, this is a fun way for Earners to be Learners, which can increase the income of all who attend!

FREQUENCY: 10 MLMinars per year.

Playbacks?  No. This is a safe learning zone.

BONUS: Anyone attending all 10 sessions in a calendar year will receive a free LEADERS membership for a whole year ($60 cost, priceless value)!

Annual MLM Training Cruise

MLMinar, in conjunction with other MLM Trainers, will hold an annual event for free. All you do is pay for your cruise, and the training is not cost.

This image has the word Webinar in it and people with devices persumably watching one of our webinar events

MLMinar Event Calendar & Membership

Most of what we offer, such as attendance at MLMinars, is free. The MLM  Cruise isn’t, in that you need to pay for your cruise, but the training is free. 

There are two membership types: free (LEARNERS) and paid (LEADERS). Both types of membership get you access to all playbacks, whereas non-members will see a message on the playback pages that says:

“I am sorry, but you need to be a member to watch a playback. Both types of members get access to the playbacks, and one type of membership is free; click here to sign up!”

We offer membership mainly to get your email address, which we use to notify you of changes with MLMinars (MLM Events), to send MLM Training Cruise details, and about special MLMinar events, like interviews with top network marketing trainers.

The LEADERS membership is $9/month. It gets you some stuff, such as free books and other valuable privileges, which you can read about here.

This section explains how to attend all the webinars and contains the MLMinar Events Calendar below, which is interactive.

A hint on how to use the calendar: you can click monthly or weekly to see events. Then, you can click on an event to open an interactive pop-up window. You may find it easier to click AGENDA to have a list of all upcoming events and click on any event for details —either way, you can grab the MLMinar login link, etc.

Event Calendar

Click on WEEK, MONTH, or AGENDA in the interactive calendar above to see details of the timing and length of upcoming events.

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