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Negative sayings Motivate Prospects to making Yes Decisions!

To be successful in Network Marketing we need to be positive and to say things that motivate prospects to join and get started. If you upline or coach is not teaching you about how this is done, you will want o read this post.

Shocking, one way to motivate prospects to take action that leads to a positive results, like life change, is by mentioning the negative. If you want more yes decisions, this is very effective.

Fear of loss and avoiding pain are powerful motivators. Take away someone’s stuff and you will quickly motivate them to act toward getting it back.

Negative things to say help prospects act.

There are negative things to say about yourself that motivate prospects.

Groveling and begging for a pay raise was demeaning for me. So, I decided to do something about it. How about you?

— For me it was a stupid plan. I called it the 50/50 plan. Fifty weeks for the boss and two weeks for me. What do you think?

— Prison cells are bigger than the cubicles I get at work. Do you feel the same?

— Every time that the alarm clock goes off, I say to myself: “I hate my job.

— At least rats get cheese at the end of the maze.

There are negative sayings about bad attitudes.

— We didn’t go to school to become a professional commuter wasting hours every day fighting traffic.

— Every day don’t you feel like taking a nap at 2 PM because we end up doing the same boring stuff day after day after day?

— You know we are going to die as a worker bee unless we do something about it.

— We know how our current profession will leave us: old and broke.

There are negative things to say about a person.

— Tired of building the boss’ dream. How about we build our own?

— Unless there is reincarnation, we are doomed to work for our tyrant boss unless we do something different now.

— What do you think will happen next year if you decide not to make any changes this year from working around negative people?

Other negative quotes and sayings (negative things to say).

— Are you okay with never taking a long holiday until you are 65 years old and too old to enjoy it?

— How does it feel on Sunday night knowing that we have five days ahead of waking up early and commuting?

— Imagine what it would be like to keep working five and six days a week for the rest of our lives.

— Don’t you also get stressed to see our lives slowly slip away while we work for someone else?

— You know, if we work really hard, then our boss will have a big house for his retirement.

— How many more days of our remaining lives do we want to work on a job that we have no passion for?

Negative things to say motivate prospects to make YES decisions. They remind people of loss and they remind people of pain. Prospects will avoid loss and pain at all cost.

Sprinkle enough negative things to say in our everyday conversations with prospects, and it plants the seeds for easy acceptance of Network Marketing.

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