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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

The Myths about Network Marketing that Sound True but aren’t!

Myths about Network Marketing abound among us with what sounds like truth and reality but are distorted facts of the mind.

Don’t fall for them. You can’t run a Network Marketing business on myths and old wives’ tales.

They sound like fun facts but are nightmares to deal with among your team.

Your Network Marketing growth depends on dispelling the myths and embracing the truth.

What are the myths for us to reject?

  • I must find special people
  • You can’t say the wrong things to be the right person.
  • You can’t say the right thing to the wrong person.
  • Just go out and get 100 “No” answers from prospects.
  • Every “No” just gets you one step closer to a “Yes!”

For every myth, there is a story. And with every story there is fiction mixed with fact. We want to separate the fiction from the fact and work with what is true and real.

Let’s dispel the myths about network marketing and embrace the truths.

Myth: I Must Find Special People

One of the myths about Network Marketing which need to be done away with is, “I must find special people before I can be successful.” That is one of those MLM scams that keep our team from succeeding.

Let’s be done with this myth right off the bat. The truth about MLM is EVERYBODY is already PRE-SOLD. What could possibly be better than that?

Think about it. When you talk to a prospect, do they want more time, security and money in their lives….or less?


They are already pre-sold on finding an opportunity. They are just not pre-sold on the words we chose to make the introduction about what we offer.

Myth: You Can’t Say the Wrong Thing to the Right Person

Absolutely, you can say the wrong things and lose that prospect for good.

Why is it that we get more “No” answers from our prospects than “Yes?” It’s because we say the wrong things.

Enter your text here…

Myth: I Can’t Say the Right Thing to the Wrong Person

Myths about Network Marketing come in all flavors.

Network marketing industry statistics 2017 reveal the damage which these myths do. Less than 5% of those in Network Marketing make it. 95% fail.

Yet, with $178 billion dollars in sales, obviously network marketing works.

One reason for failure is the myth believed by many in our industry which says, “I can’t say the right things to the wrong people.”

If that be true, how does the prospect who fails with time, security and money change? Eventually, someone will come along and change that person’s life.

Myth: Just Go Out and get 100 “No” Answers from Prospects

This is one of those myths about network marketing which get people in trouble.

What does every “No” answer get you? It gets you a “No” answer.

If three “No” answers hurt you, what do you think 100 “No’s” will do for your ego?

Wouldn’t it make better sense to learn “Trained Words” that would get you more “Yes’s” from your prospects instead of “No?”

Myth: Every “No” Just Gets You One Step Closer to a “Yes!”

Myths about Network Marketing which tell us that “No’s” are the gateway to “Yes’ know nothing about either one.

“No” just gets you one step closer to a “No!”

When I first started Network Marketing, I did all the wrong things and it got me “No’s” every time I spoke.

When I learned about the tips, tricks, strategies and techniques for speaking with trained words, I stated getting more “Yes” answers than “No.”

Speak with trained words and myths about network marketing fade. Trained words are the keys to the kingdom with Network Marketing. Speak with untrained words and they are the gateway to failure.

Network Marketing facts 2017 are wrong words make people upset while correct words lead to positive action.

Network Marketing strategies 2017 for your team are to counteract myths about Network Marketing with trained words.

What is the Trend in these Myths?

It is not about finding the right person.

It is certainly not about saying the right thing with the right person or the wrong thing to the right person.

It is not about getting 100 “No” answers thinking it gets you closer to a “Yes.”

It is about saying the right things. It is about speaking with trained words to break the ice, follow up, and close.

You don’t believe me? So, let’s bust the myths about Network Marketing with an illustration.

Imagine that I am single and the most handsome guy around (I speak beyond my experience). I go to a party to meet some ladies in hopes of getting date. I say to the ladies that I meet:

“So, how old are you?”

“Are those your real teeth?”

“Oh, so you are pregnant?”

“How much do you weigh?”

“Is that really the color of your hair?”

How many dates would I get? None. Zip. Nada.

So, I leave the party and say, “There are no good prospects at this party. Some of those ladies look like they could kill a grizzly bear. Can someone help me find some good prospects?”

What if I said at that same party something like this?

“When I look in your eyes, time stands still.”

“Wow. You are gorgeous and that is the least interesting thing about you.”

“Your teeth are so bright. It just adds to that beautiful smile.

“You carry yourself with much more maturity than I do.”

“Your hair is so free and just adds to your beauty.”

How many dates would I get with these statements? Lots….even if I was butt-ugly, I’d get dates.

The words we choose…the way we speak them in first sentences makes all the difference in the world for dispelling myths about Network Marketing and making a success story.

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