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My Journey – My Story – A Tale to Tell

Dale Moreau – Podcast #7

The following are the notes from Dale Moreau’s Podcast #7; “My Journey, My Story – a tale to tell.” Enjoy.

Welcome, welcome once again everyone. Thank you for joining me today.

Dale Moreau here, your friendly host with the most in tips, tricks, strategies and techniques making network marketing work for you.

This is Podcast 7: “My Journey – My Story – A Tale to Tell.”

I’m going to get into my story and journey into network marketing in a minute. 

… But I want to bring up this point.

The old cliché stands: Facts tell. Stories sell. You sell the facts with the story.

The truth about Network Marketing is we must influence people to believe us. Network Marketing is not about campaigning. Not about lecturing. Not about educating prospects on the spot.

It’s about getting past the prospect’s negativity, their bad programming to mispresented facts and truths, their resistance to our message, their skepticism about what Network Marketing can do for them.

All easily done with a life story.

Stories get people emotionally involved and to act. Stories are easily remembered. People are programmed to listen to stories because they are fun to listen to and speak to prospect’s where they are.

Stories have a point to make, and nothing makes more of a point than true life stories telling a tale to tell. So, share your story.

This is my story… my journey… my journey is different from yours but we can all relate.

Picture yourself –

Making a six-figure income with champagne taste but living on a beer bottle budget.

Imagine being up to your eyeballs in debt with credit cards maxed out and interest mounting month after month.

On top of all that, put yourself in the place of having a mortgage you can’t afford, rent on items that you can’t pay for, and a family that you are ready to hock at the nearest pawn shop.

 Picture having a job with a lifeless, blood-sucking boss who yells at you every day during the 15 years you have been with the company. Yet you’re making the company hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Picture yourself coming from a small town to a big city to work, where the commute to the job is 80 miles one way.

Put yourself in the place of being overweight but malnourished, stressed out with your energy levels drained daily by the verbal beatings that you take from your boss, from working 12 to 15 hours a day, and from the financial mess you have placed yourself in.

This picture shows life is not easy though you make enough money to cause many people in your community to be jealous with envy.

I don’t have to picture it. I lived it, because that was my scattered life before 2008.

Maybe you aren’t making a six-figure income but you certainly know about debt and feel the financial crunch from the meager salary you make from a boss you’d like to fire. You know what it’s like of not being able to take a vacation because finances forbid it.

You might have a mortgage that is draining your bank account or a rent that you can’t afford.

You certainly can understand the grind of commuting to work, turning you into a lifeless drone day in and day out.

And many of you live lives of stress, weight gain from overcompensation with your energy drained each day from the meager existence you drum out. You come home from work without the energy to cook a meal, see your kids to bed, too tired to help them with their homework, and wishing life could be more than merely existing.

There is a better way …

a revolutionary new way for you to take back control of your life …

to get out of debt,

go on vacations with your family and all expenses paid …

a way to fire your boss and never worry about money again.

There’s a new movement where you can gain back your health, take control of your time and finances and live the life that you dreamed. It is a movement of mind, body and finances.

It’s called network marketing.

It is a new concept blending the ancient ways with modern technology to create a unique opportunity. 

It helps you take back your freedom by creating a less stressful means to earn income right from the comfort of your home working only 10 to 15 hours a week.

It doesn’t matter if you are a person working for minimum wages or a professional earning a six or seven-figure income, my business could be right for you.

It frees your time to be with your family and go on dream vacations and be at your kids’ games and activities that you would otherwise miss.

It can get you out of debt and potentially keep you out for good.

How would you feel if you had no credit card debt?

How would you feel if your mortgage was paid off?

How about no car payment?

Get back your younger days? Network Marketing hands them back to you.

You are your own boss earning what you are truly worth with a full-time income on a part-time basis.


It’s a party.

No more boss, no more debt, no more mortgage or car payments…no more commute to work, no more traffic jams, no worry or stress…I’m living the dream.

MORE IMPORTANTLY…I can show you how too.

It is as easy to achieve as the amount of time and effort you put into it. You are your own boss.

That is my journey and my story…

What is yours?

I hope it helps you into your journey with network marketing.

I want to thank you once again for listening. 

This is Dale Moreau, your host offering food for thought and insights into Network Marketing and making it work for you.

Until next time, Dale Moreau signing off hoping to see you on the better side of success.


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