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Motivating Your Team with Stories Instead of Facts

Do you want to motivate your team (downline) and customers? Use stories rather than facts because stories are remembered easier.

I bet you can remember stories going back to elementary school. Your first-grade teacher probably told you a great story. You might not be able to remember 90% of the facts, but the story sticks in your mind.

Motivating your team is important if you want them to attend meetings, webinars, events. And stories are a big factor in motivation.

The best part is stories engage people. When you are telling a story, people forget about you. They focus on the story.

So, if you want people to concentrate on the opportunity, tell them a story.

Motivating your team by telling them facts will bore them. Frankly, they will slip off in quiet of the night and you might not ever hear from them again.

Team motivation tips and team motivation techniques work best with stories.

Story #1

Here is the power of a story for helping a new rep make up his mind… NOW.

“Who makes more money? The person who owns the company or the employee who works for him? The owner, of course.”

“Mr. New Rep, you now have the opportunity to own your own business and decide how much money you can earn. Do you want to remain an employee and let your boss decide your earnings, or do you wish to start your own business by becoming a top earner rep with this team now?”

Story #2

Describe ways in which leaders can motivate their teams to appreciate time with their families.

“A young mother/man decides to get a full-time job to pay the many bills that come with raising a family. There are many sacrifices she/he must make:

  1. “She/He will be away from the house for 8-10 hours a day. Housework and meals will suffer.”
  2. “The children will no longer have the advantage of a full-time mother/dad at home.”
  3. “There will be less quality time with her/his family, as evenings are spent catching upon household duties.”

“But in return for those sacrifices, she/he finds a job paying $3,000 a month. After deductions, what does she/he really earn.”

  • $3,000 Salary
  •     -600 Federal Income Tax
  •       -80 State Income Tax
  •     -150 Social Security
  •     -500 Monthly Payment on Second Car
  •       -60 Monthly Insurance Payment on Second Car
  •       -80 Monthly Maintenance on Second Car
  •     -200 Gasoline to and from work
  •     -600 Babysitter
  •     -100 Beauty Salon/Haircuts
  •     -150 Increased Wardrobes for Work
  •       -80 Insurance Deductions and Office Gifts
  •     -150 Meals at work
  •    $220 Remaining to Pay Bills

“That less than $2 an hour. Is it worth 22 days a month away from the children and 176 hours of work, not counting travel time?”

“With our opportunity, you can easily earn $220 from your home in just a few hours per week. Not only is it easier, more profitable, and fun, but you can now enjoy time with your family, too!”

Wouldn’t the young mother or father rather stay home if possible after telling that story?

Motivating your team with this type of story helps them see the need to be with family and enjoy time together.

Story #3

“Do you smoke cigarettes? If you smoke cigarettes, a pack or more a day will cost you $70 a week. Do you drink coffee? Two cups a day will cost you about $40.00 a week. Yet how many new reps for your team did those cigarettes and coffee get you?””


“Why not invest $110 a week in your business. Learn new skills, go to the conventions, and get the tools you need to make your business soar.”

The payoff is huge. You are spending the money already. Just redirect your money to get a better return on your investment.”

This “Best Investment Story” offers benefits of effective leadership for organizations and lessons on how to motivate your team to perform.

Story #4

How about a story to open the conversation about Network Marketing for motivating your team?

Then let’s hear the “Two Young Men Story.”

“There are two young men who are best friends. They grow up together. They go to school together. They become young men, and they both get good paying jobs in the city.”

“One young man earns his regular salary. The other young man earns his regular salary, but once a month he gets $1000 bonus check from his part-time business.”

“Which young man gets ahead financially?”

The young man who earns a salary from his regular job and who gets $1000 bonus from his part-time business.”

This story should at least open the conversation about Network Marketing. It opens the imagination and interest of your team.

How can I motivate my team? Facts tell. Stories sell. Motivating your team with stories instead of facts is so much more effective.

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