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Tap into Basic Human Desires to trigger Positive Buying Decisions

If you tap into basic human desires, you’ll get positive, emotional responses and buying decisions. Isn’t that what we really want in network marketing? To get positive results from prospects?

Abraham Maslow (April 1, 1908 – June 8, 1970) discovered by focusing on the positive qualities in people rather than treating them as a “bag of symptoms,” you get positive results.

There are five basic human needs which are the most common and basic human desires in people.

  1. Companionship and love
  2. Money
  3. Desire to accomplish or to be famous
  4. Sex
  5. Respect and admiration of others

There are other basic human desires, but these are the top five. All network marketing success stories begin with learning how to market these five basic needs of man and woman.

How to Use These Basic Human Desires to Market Our Products and Opportunity

To use these basic human desires effectively to market our products and opportunity, we need to understand the real reason why people buy or join our opportunity.

Let’s say you sell an energy product and you’ve created a story and an awesome “first sentence” introduction with something like this:

“With this all natural energy drink, say bye-bye tiredness and hello to a fired-up metabolism.”

You think to yourself I have everything the prospect wants in my product. I’m going to win them over with this killer product and slogan.


What your prospect really is thinking:

“I want to get stay alert at work. If I stop eating that big lunch with my co-workers, maybe that will help me stay alert and give me more energy to do my job. I want to get that promotion and I need my boss to see me with energy to spare. My co-workers will then give me respect and I’ll be invited to the parties where the cool people go. My wife will probably desire me more with the things I can get from that promotion.”

Getting more energy and boosting his metabolism is not what your prospect wants.

Your prospect wants to be the center of attention in that new position he will get from a promotion. He wants to accomplish something great to be admired among his peers. He wants to be respected and invited to all the cool parties that are exclusive to the popular people. He wants more passion from his wife.

He’s not thinking, “Wow, this energy drink is going to help me with being tired all the time and make me more alert.”

Making him more alert and less tired are not part of his basic human desires.

So, what should I say?

Now that we know our prospect wants to be admired and respected among his peers from a promotion, and to have passion brought back between him and his wife, our presentation should be something like this:

“This all natural drink will revitalize your cells while you work at your desk. You’ll feel better within a week; your boss will admire your vitality and energy to get things done without being tired. Your boss will ask, ‘Hey, there’s something different about you and a cut above the average in this office. You’re really a go-getter. I like that about you.’ Your wife will see you are more passionate about your home life and marriage. She’ll desire you more.”

Cha-Ching! The shot lands dead center.

The prospect doesn’t have to think about it or consult with his wife or seek approval from his friends and peers. This fits all his basic human desires. These are the growth needs which will spark him to make a positive decision to buy your products and perhaps join your opportunity.

This is how to succeed in network marketing fast.

This is why successful networking leaders instantly build rapport and touch prospect’s lives.

They make it simple for the prospect from knowing the basic human needs and wants of all people and using them effectively. They make it easy for the prospect to understand and how the product or opportunity will fulfill their basic human desires, needs, and goals. They understand why do we do what we do.

It’s not difficult to instantly communicate and touch prospect’s lives. All you need is to know and apply your understanding of basic human desires, the basic human necessities which give us the WHY of why we buy and join anything.

Join the ranks of successful network marketers who know how to communicate, how to touch prospects lives. Join those who know how to reach inside and find a prospect’s basic human desires, needs and goals and use their products and opportunity to touch their lives with fresh possibilities.


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