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Making Telephone Appointments with Prospects for Network Marketing Presentations

Don’t use Technology in place of learning skills!

Over the years, the skill of making telephone appointments has diminished greatly as people hide behind emails, direct mail, and the website promotional video.

So let’s learn how to set appointments over the phone.

It seems people have phone anxiety and are afraid of using the phone.

The highest level of rapport is meeting a person face-to-face over food. From experience, people will always have a meal with people they feel comfortable about.

However, the best way to arrange a face-to-face meeting is to make an appointment with a phone call.

But once we have our prospect on the phone, what do we say? We use a script.

Our script must be non-intrusive, polite and respect our prospects’ time.

The script will consist of:

  1. Greeting the prospects with an opening of 7 words.
  2. Getting a “yes” commitment from prospects with 9 words.
  3. Building rapport with prospects with 4 words.
  4. Freezing the prospects’ brains with 4 words.
  5. Letting the prospects close themselves with 5 words.

The Telephone Script

The most successful script I know to book appointments is the 7-9-4-4-5 script. This script can be shortened to 4-4-5.

Making telephone appointments is easy with this script.

What is the 7-9-4-4-5 script? It is the exact words for us to use and how to deliver them, so it is crystal clear what to say.

Making an appointment by telephone with this script will guarantee you a belly-to-belly, face-to-face meeting for giving presentations.

7 Words: Greeting the Prospects with an Opening.

So let’s start with the 7 words once you have completed the opening, which is introducing each other. Then we say,

Is this a good time for you?

If the answer is “no,” a simple response is, “When would be a good time to speak. It is important.” At this stage, the inquisitive mind will say, “Well, what is it?” And you will have a chance to speak the next part of the script.

It gets easier making telephone appointments.

9 Words: Getting a YES Commitment from Prospects.

The next 9 words are:

(First Name), you are probably wondering why I am calling?

And their response will always be, “Yes.”

4 Words: Building Rapport.

The next 4 words are used for gaining rapport. Rapport is instantly built when two people can agree upon one or two facts. So we are going to say,

“Well, you know how…” followed by a fact that both of you and the prospect agree with.

For example, “Well you know how you hate your job?” Or “Well, you know how we don’t make enough money at our jobs to pay our bills?” Or maybe, “Well, you know how getting up at dawn to commute two hours to our jobs and two hours in the evening from our job to home is a pain?”

Our job is to remind our prospects of the pain they experience in everyday life. What happens when we use the phrase “well, you know how…,” followed by a fact? It causes the prospects’ minds to say, “Yes! I remember.” When they remember the pain, you now have their attention.

Here are some other examples;

“Well, you know how we want that vacation for our family but cannot afford it?”

“Well, you know how hard it is for us to lose weight with those fad diets we’ve been on where our weight keeps coming back?”

“Well, you know how those memories are fading year after year with every passing day we grow old?”

“Well, you know how your skin wrinkles and dries out every time we go to sleep?”

“Well, you know how we pay ridiculous prices for sports drinks full of harmful salts, sugars and caffeine?”

“Well, you know how our children get sick from germs and viruses playing with other kids?”

Well, you know how making telephone appointments is easy fun with the 7-9-4-4-5 script? Now you do.

4 Words: Freezing the Prospects’ Brains.

The next four words,

“I’ve just found out…” cause a brain freeze.

These four words trigger a positive reaction in the subconscious mind of our prospects. The subconscious mind says, “I’d better listen, because this could be important.”

You follow up this statement with a solution to the problem stated in the last 4 words of building rapport.

“I just found out how we can fire our boss and work from home at full-pay.”

“I just found out how we can get an extra paycheck each month to pay all our bills.”

“I just found out how we never have to commute back and forth to work again.”

“I just found out how we can take six vacations a year all expenses paid.”

“I just found out how we can drink these special teas and coffees and lose weight once and never gain it back.”

“I just found out how we can keep our brains rejuvenated year after year just by drinking coffees, teas and sodas, keeping our memories intact.”

“I just found out how we can stop our skin from wrinkling and drying out, making us look 20 years younger.”

“I just found out how we can save $1.50 a bottle with our sport drinks without all that over-saturated salts, sugars and caffeine.”

“I just found out how we can protect our children all year around from harmful germs and viruses with special teas and sodas, even when they play with other sick kids.”

5 Words: Letting the Prospects Close Themselves.

The 5 words are,

“Would it be okay if…”

Whenever these 5 words are used in this order, it sets off a program in the subconscious minds of our prospects. Their subconscious minds say, “YES,” every time. It closes them.

 “Would it be okay if I sat down with you at lunch to discuss this?”

“Would it be okay if we met to discuss this in more detail?”

“Would it be okay if I gave you a presentation over the telephone.”

“Would it be okay if I showed you how you can save money at your office/home?”

Setting appointments over the phone scripts can be complex or easy. I prefer easy. Phone call appointments with the 7-9-4-4-5 script make it easy.

Let’s Put It Together.

The body of making telephone appointments is the same every time. The only slight variation will be the beginning, depending on your relationships with the prospects.

Ring. Ring.

You: “Hi, is this Mr. Prospect?”

Mr. Prospect: “Yes.”

You: ‘This is Billy from San Antonio, Texas. Is this a good time for you?” – 7 words.

Mr. Prospect: “Yes.”


“Mr. Prospect, you are probably wondering why I am calling?” – 9 words.

“Well, you know how we don’t make enough money at our jobs to pay our bills?” (State a fact you and the prospect agree with to build trust) – 4 words.

“I just found out how we can get an extra paycheck each month to pay all our bills without interfering with our jobs.” (Statement that offers a solution and gets their attention) – 4 words.

“Would it be okay if we met to discuss this in more detail?” – 5 words.

Mr. Prospect: “I can meet today.”

Now, that wasn’t too bad, was it? No. By knowing the right words to say, we learn how to sell an appointment on phone for meeting. 

Remember the formula for the script is: Is this a good time for you? + (First Name), you are probably wondering why I am calling? + “Well, you know how…” followed by a fact you and the prospect agree with + “I’ve just found out…” followed by the solution + “Would it be okay if…” followed by a call to action to meet.

We can know meet with our prospects and give our presentation face-to-face. Or we can give a one-minute presentation over the telephone using my one-minute scripts.

Making telephone appointments is not only easy but down-right fun when you know the exact words to say using the 7-9-4-4-5 script.


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    1. How about calling up someone and say this: ”
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