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Make an Offer on Black Friday that Your Prospects Cannot Refuse

I’ll make an offer on Black Friday that you cannot refuse. Sounds like a line from “The Godfather,” right? That is exactly what we’re going to do for our prospects on Black Friday.
Taking a cue from Ray Higdon and his blog post this week on how you should handle Black Friday, it inspired me to write this article.
Black Friday USA is the day after Thanksgiving, which always falls every year on the third Friday of the month of November. It is the busiest time of the year shopping for Christmas gifts where you can find bargain basement discounted prices.
Most retail owners look at how much discount do you get on Black Friday. As Network Marketers we think differently. Let’s not look at the Black Friday discount percent which we can take off our products and services.
Instead of offering a discount, let’s break down our offer into smaller bites and pieces that our prospects can digest.
Let’s take a look at some common offers. Many of these offers can be modified for your personal use. Allow your creative imagination to go to work. Make an offer on Black Friday that they cannot refuse.

Water Filters

Make an offer on Black Friday like this:
Buy a new water filter for $39 down and $15 a week.
This offer takes away the price objection and minimizes the cost to the prospect. Prospects like to buy on terms. How many people pay for their home with cash? Most people make monthly payments on a mortgage. How many people purchase new cars for cash? Many people will lease or make car payments for four or five years.
Convenience and small monthly cash outlays make decisions easy to make. It is easier to make a $39 down payment decision than a $199 full price decision.

Health and Energy

So, let’s make an offer on Black Friday with our health and energy products and services:
The best things to buy on black Friday 2017. Get super health and energy for only 50 cents a day.
Gee, that is less than a few cigarettes or soda pop. This sounds like a bargain.
The principle used here is called “reduction to the ridiculous.” Your offer breaks the total cost of your product (health food, vitamins or energy products) or the total cost of your service (health club membership) into a small – almost ridiculous amount – to make the decision easier.
Let’s say that your health club membership costs $180 a year. Now, that will demand a big decision from the prospect. To make it easy for your prospect to decide, you divide the membership by the 365 days a year. That makes the daily cost only 50 cents, a much easier decision for your prospect.
Want to reduce that cost even more?  Take 50 cents a day cost and divide it by the 24 hours in day. Total cost per hour? Only 2 cents. How could your prospect refuse super health and energy for only 2 cents per hour? Only two copper pennies? Hey, your prospect probably doesn’t even pick up the loose pennies he sees on the sidewalk while walking to work.
How can you use “reducing to the ridiculous” for your product or service?
Well, if you sell a $60-a-month diet or energy product, make an offer on Black Friday like this: It only costs a measly $2 a day to be thin and beautiful or to have more energy.
If you sell a three-month supply of skin care for $135, it only costs your prospects just $45 a month. Or, your prospect can have young, healthy, great looking skin for only 15 cents a day. Who wouldn’t trade 15 cents a day to change their looks, turn back the aging process 20 years, or to rid themselves of acne?
If you sell a consumer buying service for $180 a year, it only costs your prospect $15 a month! Or, to put it another way, for only 50 cents a day, your prospect can be guaranteed the lowest wholesale prices on any purchase. Just two quarters buys peace of mind and guaranteed savings.
Make an offer on Black Friday that they cannot refuse. That is the idea.

20% Off all Products is Boring

Thinking about how to sell my stuff online on Black Friday?
Don’t offer boring, unmotivated offers like 20% off.
Have you ever walked down the aisles in Walmart and seen the Walmart Black Friday deals? What do you see in the aisles? Signs pronouncing terrific sales.
Some signs offer two-for-one offers or even three-for-one offers. You’ll see signs of 50% off all inventory, 75% off everything in stock, or 80% off all Christmas wear. A 20% offer is a non-event – it won’t get anyone’s adrenaline pumping, no heart palpitations – only a yawn.
You might as well keep the 20% in your pocket as long as you are going to bore your prospects when you make an offer on Black Friday on your products and services.

Make an Offer on Black Friday about Your Business Opportunity

A great offer that especially appeals to overweight food connoisseurs. A good filling meal helps the prospect relax (or sleep) during the opportunity meeting. At least this offer is better than the normal invitation which implies: Come along to this evenings opportunity meeting and I’ll waste 2-3 hours of your time. Then, I’ll high-pressure you into giving me money before I will give you a ride home.
Would you invest $1250 in our program if we invested $26,000 in you?
How? You, your upline, and your company will invest $26,000 in a box of all your great tasting products or services, training seminars, courses, three-way calling, and person-to-person help sessions if your prospect is willing to invest $1250 in a package and products. This certainly is an improvement from the normal offer: Give me $1250 for a kit and product and I’ll be very happy.

Make an Offer on Black Friday about Weight Loss

This offer really promises benefits.
You can lose 20 lbs. this month – without dieting or going to the gym.
If your product was a diet coffee or tea, you could enhance your major benefit by showing a picture of a satisfied user eating at a pizzeria after losing 20 lbs. You could show a before picture at the pizzeria and an after picture at the same pizzeria. This offer goes directly to the prospect’s heart with the promise of a 20 lbs. weight loss. Compare the above offer with a vague promise such as: Use our diet teas and coffees to help you burn calories.
See the difference? Specific promises or benefits go straight through your prospect’s mind clutter and gets his attention. Don’t get lost in the fog of the 10,000 Black Friday ads and images exposed to your prospect. Stand out from the crowd with a SPECIFIC benefit.

Immune Support Products

Make an offer on Black Friday about your immunity products.
Shield yourself against germs and viruses at work or play 24/7 – only 15 cents a day!
Again we are “reducing to the ridiculous” to take away the prospect’s fear of  the cost. Plus, we grab our prospect’s attention with the major benefit – “Shield yourself against germs and viruses at work or play 24/7.”
The prospect doesn’t just want any immunity product. The prospect wants an immunity product that shields against viruses and germs at work and play 24/7.
This simple offer tripled one new distributors sales in just three days.

Free 24-Page Booklet

The word “free” does get attention and results for your offer.
Free 24-page booklet when you answer our post.
Using a premium such as a 24-page information booklet will increase your response.
How could we have made this offer better? By describing the benefits or romancing the information contained in the 24-page booklet.
Our prospects really don’t need an extra 24-page booklet at their house. Our prospects don’t suffer from a 24-page booklet deficiency. However, they may want and desire to know what’s in the booklet.
So, lets reword it and make the offer on Black Friday more appealing.

  • Free 24-page booklet describing how you can travel free to our exoctic convention locations.
  • Free 24-page booklet describing the many wonders of vitamins that energize your life.
  • Free 24-page information listing of the top health spas in the United States.
  • Free 24-page report on how you can cash in on the booming Network Marketing phenomena.
  • Free 24-page step-by-step guide to retiring by age 50.
  • Free 24-page eBook instruction manual on how to use our power diet products to lose weight.
  • Free 24-page calorie guide when you order our 30-day diet program.
  • Free 24-page tax strategy eBook when you ask for our financial opportunity package.
  • Free 24-page recipe book with your “Trim Fat Easily” diet package.
  • Free 24-page mini-booklet showing the benefits of Network Marketing.

Get Loads of Prospects

Make an offer on Black Friday.
Get loads of prospects, customers, and new distributors by using specific benefit offers.
The above offer is for you.
You will need to create your own money-making offer that will fill your savings account. Make sure you isolate a great benefit for your prospect. Then make an offer on Black Friday that is very specific.
And finally, if your product is perceived to be expensive by your prospect, reduce the price to the a ridiculously minute sum by showing the actual cost per day – or per hour.
So here’s your chance to make an offer on Black Friday by writing your own great money-making offer.

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