The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Guest on MLMinar: Lawyer Clay Brewer on the legal concerns of MLM

Guest on MLMinar:Lawyer Clay Brewer on legal concerns with MLM Video Transcript: “Legal Concerns with MLM” with Special Guest Clay Brewer [00:00:02.260] – Steven Peter Burke (Smiling Steve) So welcome to the Get an unfair Advantage in Network Marketing podcast (now called the MLMinar Podcast). Here with an absolutely amazing guest this evening, Clay, and […]

The Free Cheese Secret: MLM prospecting ads that make money

This featured image contains a 3D image of the book, The Free Cheese Secret, and a caption that reveals that the secret is contained within the free download

The Free Cheese Secret™ reveals a few secrets about MLM Prospecting ads that make money without selling a course and even before you recruit a single new person! This is smart stuff, and it was written for people in Network Marketing, but the concepts work for any B2C business. At any time, you can scroll […]

Find your why—or pursue your why—to succeed in Life & MLM

This graphic image shows a man's hand reaching out to push a button marked with the question WHY?

What is meant by your why and why you should focus on an effort to find your why. Your why is what motivates you to have purpose or your reason for doing what you must do to be happy in your life. When you find your why, it unlocks more than just success in your […]

I am just curious: would you like more money or less money?

This image shows a chat bubble made of lots of people icons,, which containst the words "Would you like toi have more money or less money?

Does it take a psychologist to realize that most people will respond with a “yes” to being asked if they want “more money?” I don’t think so, and there is a severe need. On average, Canadian household debt represented 177% of disposable income in 2019, up from 168% in 2018 (Statistics Canada, 2019), and the […]

How to Recruit Negative People into Network Marketing

How to Recruit Negative People into Network Marketing Where do you find negative people with poor attitudes? You don’t have to look far, just look at your family! Where do you find negative people to recruit into MLM? You can start with your family nd then some of the people you know. Yet if you […]

Making It Big In Direct Sales with Steven Peter Burke

Making it Big in Direct Selling with Steven Burke on the The Two Dads podcast

Making It Big In Direct Sales with Steven Peter Burke WARNING: Advice on SMS Texting I mention SMS texting in the “Making it Big in Direct Sale with Steve Peter Burke” interview. However, the laws have been further tightened, so you can get into even more trouble if you send SMS Messages the wrong way. […]

Building your MLM business with Appreciation & Gratitude

This image is a thank you card with the words Gratitude and Appreciation

Building your MLM business with Appreciation and Gratitude Appreciation Marketing is the process of ensuring that we show appreciation and gratitude to our Network Marketing customers. What is at the heart of this? In a word, loyalty. Our gratitude shows we CARE and goes a long way to earning that loyalty!  What makes you loyal to […]

Better Words that use Pain and Pleasure create MLM Prospects

Rgis image shows a main stressing at work and images of donuts all around him, which represents Pain & Pleasure

Better Words, such as using Pain & Pleasure, create MLM Prospects! When we speak better words in a better system, such as using the pain and pleasure principle, we get great results from our MLM prospecting efforts.  In addition, the pain and pleasure principle is a motivating system. Since we have all used systems from […]

A list of MLM Webinars that aren’t self-serving!

This is a screnshot of a search on Google for "MLM Webinars" with an overlay of the MLMinar logo

If you have a burning desire to succeed through  Network Marketing and got the great idea to search Google and YouTube for great training using the keyword phrase “MLM Webinars,” you are bound to end up frustrated. Why? Because the content that was SEO optimized for this keyword search is—well—unacceptable in one way or another. […]

Network Marketing in Canada, written by a Canadian MLMer

The image is a Canadian Flag that is pinned by it's corners to a wall, withy the slogan Network Marketing in Canada

Unlike in the U.S., Network Marketing in Canada has a clear advantage over many countries (including the U.S.): sections 55 and 55.1 of the Competition Act.  Yes, if you are involved in MLM in Canada, you benefit from having a law that clarifies what is and isn’t legal. In the U.S., the only clarification of […]

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