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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Learning at Network Marketing Events

If you are involved in any Network Marketing company, you are encouraged to go to their events, like regionals and the annual convention. But is that a good use of time?

Well, they are fun and can be exciting. 

If you attend. you can observe others and you can ask them what they are doing, which may help you. It is always good to hear things from another point of view.

Of course, most people are excited. You can feel the ‘buzz’ every where you go!

There are hugs and kisses s people who have worked together meet up. And, of course,  the normal exchange of business cards.

You find groups taking pictures and the conversation is positive.

Many have traveled long distances in the hope to learn some new tips that will help them become successful. And, there are those who make up the existing leadership, which is inspirational too.

Others attend not knowing what to expect.

This past weekend I was at a great Network Marketing event in Dallas, Texas. It was the best I have been to, to date and it was put on by my company.

It ended up being a wealth of learning!

I personally came to learn about marketing, and what makes Network Marketing company unique. I wanted to learn about prospecting tools plus where to find prospects and how to approach them. I was not disappointed.

I came to be inspired, and was. It met all my expectations and more.

Network Marketing Events Are Seats of Learning

Network marketing events are about network marketing, specifically about marketing and networking for your particular company. It’s marketing success in network marketing. It’s learning the secrets to networking.

Network marketing events are seats of learning which are found nowhere else.

What did I learn about network marketing success?

I learned:

  • Call people to take a look at your company and not to join
  • Be interested and not interesting
  • Find solutions to people’s problems
  • Don’t be a master at handling objections
  • Learn to say I don’t know
  • Model the behavior of others
  • Don’t be yourself but be the improved version of yourself

Call people to take a look at your company and not to join

When you are asked by someone to do an MLM review of their network marketing company, you are usually introduced to it through some MLM tools. It may be a video presentation, an audio file or even a PDF file.

What most network marketers attempt to do is get you to join. Why not be different, making you stand out above the crowd? Why not say something like this: “I just joined ABC company. Would you do me a favor and take a look at this 5:22 second video presentation?”

That’s it. Nothing more difficult than those 21 words. They are duplicable and anyone in your team can learn it.

In other words, you ask them only to look at what you have joined. You do not ask them to join. Leave the convincing to join your company with the tools that your company has available.

Be interested and not interesting

Leaders of professional network marketing never make network marketing about themselves. They make it about others. They are centered in the prospect, his or her needs, his or her desires, and never about ME, ME, ME.

Of all the network marketing events which I’ve ever attended, this one had the best teachings. This one lesson will forever be embedded in my mind. Be interested in others and not interesting where it’s all about me. I knew this and was reminded of its importance. I will not forget it.

What can I do for you? What are the things which are important to you, your family, your job? I will seek these out in order to be of service to you.

Find solutions to people’s problems

Network marketing events are centered in those who attend. They try to meet the attendees’ needs, dig out their problems and offer solutions.

Within all network marketing events are network marketing conferences. This is where people gather in small groups and reveal their problems with building the business or having a proper mindset. The leadership offers solutions.

The conference that I attended did more than that. It validated something I believe in deeply. It validated that my job is to help you dig out those problems, hidden deep within us all. My job is to offer solutions from the arsenal of tools from my company to help you solve those problems.

I am to help you solve the problem of your weight gain, debt, income disparity, and a whole host of other problems too many to name. I have the tools and solutions to help everyone of you be your very best.

Don’t be a master at handling objections

When someone throws an objection at you over the business, don’t try to be cute and smart where you end up being the wrong end of a biblical donkey.

Understand most objections are knee jerk reactions by those who have nowhere else to turn in order to escape the network marketer. Ninety-nine percent of all objections are usually illogical and come from false premises.

Unless you are an expert, don’t try to answer the guy who says your company is pyramid. Don’t try to neutralize the objection that this is a scam. Don’t attempt to overcome the objection of those who can’t see the value of what they get but only see what they spend.

It’s futile to answer these types of people, because they speak from pure ignorance, and it’s hard to overcome ignorance.

Let them live in their ignorance and move on.

Learn to say “I don’t know”

Network marketers think they are to know the entire ins and outs of their business before they can go out and conquer the world with their great opportunity and products. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s okay when someone comes up and asks you a question that you don’t know. Just say, “I don’t know, but I will find you the answer.” That is more honest and a better way of answering a question than trying to reach inside your tools, stumbling along the way for a proper answer.

Network marketing events teach you that you don’t have all the answers. You learn something new each time you attend one.

You can come to the point where you think you know it all. Then when you go to one of these network marketing events, you learn just how little you know which humbles you.

Model the behavior of others

Network marketing events are a host for different personalities and behavior. What you’ll always find at these events are modeled behavior of successful people.

Successful people act differently. They think differently. They speak differently. They are different.

We are to emulate the behavior of the successful, and not the behavior of the one who can’t see the beauty of what network marketing will do for them.

We are to model ourselves after the greats in success. Randy Gage. Billy Looper. Alvaro Zuniga Benavides. These are some of the greats to follow.

When Alvaro Benavides speaks he speaks of a newness of life which can happen to your body, finances and life.

When Randy Gage speaks, he inspires you to get out there and do it, stop complaining and just do it.

When Billy Looper speaks he commands your respect by speaking of the practical things which make success in network marketing. He speaks from authority because he is success written large.

I emulate and follow in their behavior and seek more of what they have to offer, and leave behind my friends who complain and see nothing but negativity.

I am a much better person because of it.

Don’t be yourself but be the improved version of yourself

All network marketing events speak of being yourself. Not all network marketing events speak of being the improved version of yourself. This one did.

Do you know what it means to have posture? Posture both attracts and repeals. Posture that attracts is knowing the opportunity which you have in your hand without seeking the approval of anybody else.

When you can hang your head up high because you know the opportunity you have in network marketing is the key to getting you out of your dilemma; getting you out of crushing debt; sending your kids to the best schools; instead of table scraps putting a banquet on the table for your family; firing your unbearable boss – when you know that network marketing is your only hope and you persevere in face of mounting negativity, you have come to the place of an improved self.

What do network marketing events teach us?

Call people to look and not join. Find what is interesting in others and leave yourself behind. Be a problem solver for others. Don’t think of yourself as an expert at overcoming objections. It’s okay to say I don’t know. Model your behavior after successful people, and be an improved self.

These are signs of health. These are signs of success.

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