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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Learn to Think Outside the Box about Network Marketing

Learn to think outside box when your network marketing company won’t let you do things against their policy. Innovators rise above their personal agendas and set the course on the greatest good for all. Super-innovators learn to think outside the box.

Viewing a situation or problem from a different angle or perspective is what is thinking outside the box.

One super-innovative representative was of the millennial generation. The network marketing company of which he was a representative catered mainly to his age group, though no one age group was excluded. He wanted to reach the Baby Boomers. He knew they were a more reliable and loyal market.

If you are part of the millennial generation, you know your perspective of looking at the world is different from the way Baby Boomers see the world.

So, he found an alternative plan to attract highly motivated prospects of Gen X. He would not let obstacles get in his way. Solutions to snags in life are very obvious once we look at our challenges from a different perspective.

He posted an ad in the “Gen X” section of a website. This is what the ad said:

“People wanted over 50 years old of all races and genders to teach millennials the secrets to health, wealth and security.”

He got over 400 people who responded and ended up signing 60 of them into his network marketing business.

Innovators in network marketing lead with confidence on the power of reason by looking outside the box when difficulties are thrown in their path. To learn to think outside the box is to be a leader.

I think outside the box. I learn to think outside the box by looking at the problem from the fringes.

My company has a program which fits perfectly for both the home buyer and real estate professional. I came up with an idea and ran it by my sponsor. He agreed it would be a great idea to try.

I created a website and a script for real estate professionals with which I have had a great deal of success. So far, seven real estate agents have responded, and I’ve only been at it for a week.

The website which I created is called “The FuXion Advantage.” The script which I created and use cold calling on real estate professionals is:

Hi (First Name of Agent/Broker),

(Your Name) here, and I’m from (Name of City).

I see that you are with (Name of Real Estate Agency).

Do you get many home buyers who don’t qualify for a loan?

Have you heard of FuXion with an X?

We started as a wellness company, and we still are. And 10 years ago, we started a program for home buyers and real estate professionals like yourself.  It’s been very successful, and we call it the FuXion Advantage Program.

We are a $115-million-dollar company.

Our FuXion Advantage Program does two things for you.

It’s a program where your non-qualified home buyers do not have to borrow, use their own money or seek a co-signer, no matter their credit rating.

It’s also a program specifically designed for the real estate professional like yourself to make a team leader’s income without the overhead, liability and paperwork.

It won’t interfere with what you’re currently doing.

I know this is not for everyone, but it may be for you.

Let me send you to a website where you can access a 5:22 video to see what it’s all about.

Just take a quick look…we are looking for successful people like yourself to be IN AT THE BEGINNING to introduce it to the United States.

It is perfect for Realtors…who understand multiple streams of income.

Benefits for Home BuyersBenefits for Real Estate Professionals

No borrowing, begging, chasing, and repairing credit.

Increases their income and eliminates debt.

Helps with the down payment and monthly mortgage payments without having to borrow or the need of a co-signer.

Qualifies the credit scores of those with less than perfect or bad credit.

Boosts the metabolism and revitalizes energy from the weariness of the job.

Commissions paid on what you’re worth during downtime while waiting on the the non-qualified buyer to close.

$1000 month after month payments on a new car year after year.

$2,500.00 per year tax savings.

Men and Women Learn to Think Outside the Box Differently

It’s been said, “Men think in boxes. Women look in boxes.” I have to disagree.

Men and women are no different from each other in the department of thinking. They each have reasoning ability. They, however, see things from different perspectives.

When men and women take a step backwards and go outside familiar areas of network marketing, they will get different perspectives which lead them to convey it through different sets of eyes. This is good for us all.

For example, I read books and attend webinars every day on network marketing. I get great ideas on learning how to market. I learn to think outside the box to market network marketing to a whole range of network marketers from different companies.

Women who are in health and wellness network marketing companies may read magazines and attend webinars on “stress-free weight loss,” “boosting metabolism naturally,” and” no-surgery facelifts.” They will approach network marketing from a different point of view than myself. Both techniques are okay and needed to help people across the vast spectrum of network marketing.

How Do You Learn to Think Outside the Box?

You learn to think outside the box by going outside the box. A great way to learn is to work outside the box and see how different leaders from different network marketing companies run their opportunity meetings.

These people have a great deal of success under their belts. They got there through techniques they discovered which work. Exposure to their way of thinking will give you great ideals.

Learn to think outside the box by meeting other distributors and openly share and give value to others. One of the best ways to do that is start a blog and give away value to other network marketers to help them with their own business. They will give back in return.

Outside thinking is the mother of all invention.

Learn to think outside the box by being an innovator, investing yourself with other leaders in different network marketing companies and giving away value to other network marketers. Learn to think outside the box by seeing network marketing through different sets of eyes (Gen X, millennials, women and men). You will not only have more success but you will grow and develop.


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