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Independence Day, Freedom and Network Marketing

When I wrote this (2016), it was 240 years after (1776) we declared our independence from the British Crown. It was the day we rang out freedom in the land.

Another kind of independence and freedom was born eighty-four years after our declaration of independence from Britain. What later in the 1950’s became known as “network marketing” was born in the 1860’s from traveling salesmen who were known as canvassers, peddlers, hawkers and drummers…derogatory terms used by many both then and now.

It was “peddlers and hawkers” like J.R. Watkins Medical Company in 1868 and David McConnel, founder of California Perfume Company in 1890 and Alfred C. Fuller of 1905, founder of Fuller Brush Company…followed by the most famous men of them all, Amway founders Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos (1959) – these were the infamous true pioneers of declaring for the common man an independence of time and financial freedom founded upon the independence and freedom declared for our country in 1776.

It was August 22, 2008, I declared my own independence day and found freedom. I found freedom with time, money and independence from a horrible boss and JOB that were sucking the life out of me.

It was my independence to go where I wanted to go without hindrances, without shackles to my time and without limits to the amount of money I make. To fight for a life that I wanted…it is a network marketing success story.

This is why network marketing is important.

It’s important because it keeps up the entrepreneurial spirit that was part of the DNA in the birth this great nation.

It declares to every man, woman and child that something does exist that can get them out of poverty, declares their independence from an abusive spouse, unburdens them from debt, cures them from the need of stimulants and drugs, and provides plenty and without need of want for their family.

Today is your independence day, the day of your freedom fought for by a few and sought after by many.

Why Network Marketing is the Perfect Business for You

It was the freedom and independence fought by our forefathers that have laid the foundation for why network marketing is the perfect business for men and women of all races, religions, creeds, and income levels.

There are several reasons why network marketing is the perfect business for you.

Low start-up cost

Where else, other than in network marketing, can you find any business with the potential to make unlimited income for life from a low start-up cost between $100 to $2500, depending upon which MLM company you involve yourself with?

You can’t.

Franchises cost between $250,000 to $2,000,000…it takes five to seven years before you’ll ever see any profit.

The service industry costs between $25,000 to $75,000 with a possible income, if any, of $15,000 your first year.

Other business start-ups cost between $100,000 to $200,000 with an income every year during the first five years of only $25,000.

But not with network marketing.

With network marketing, you’ll start seeing a profit within 30 days after starting if you are willing to be coachable and follow the plan laid out for you by your MLM company and sponsors.

Within a year you’ll be making a six-figure income that will grow and grow for life ONLY IF you follow the blueprint plan to success set forth by your network marketing company.

You can only find this kind of “micro-franchise” business model in freedom loving nations where free enterprise is revered and honored by the many in spite of the few who do not.

It’s perfect for those who don’t like to sell…

You heard me.

If you don’t like to sell, then network marketing is perfect for you.

You see, network marketing is not about selling.

It’s about building champions out of individuals by making them into creative minds.

It’s the creative minds that are able bring the kinds of questions to people to help them dig up their pain and their dreams and to assist them in finding solutions with network marketing products and opportunity to relieve their pain and fulfill their dreams.

It’s about being a consultant to the problems and needs of others.

When you help those who are hurting…those that can’t even afford to buy their kid’s clothes…families that are overwhelmed by crushing debt…a mom and dad who want a new home and a new life for their family…an employee that is being weighed down each day by an overbearing boss and JOB…the products and opportunity you have to help these very people relieve the pain will sell themselves, and the lack of money no longer will be a problem.

The Crack in the Liberty Bell

Everyone’s familiar with the Liberty Bell. But are you familiar with why there is a crack in it?

There are several myths floating out there about why it was cracked. I won’t go into those.

But the true reason it was cracked was on February 20, 1846, the Philadelphia mayor had the bell rung in honor of George Washington’s birthday. The bell was rung to officiate the proclamation of liberty and freedom that Washington came to symbolize at that time.

The crack happened but the bell kept ringing for a few more years in spite of being skewed.

Bells of freedom are ringing all around through the message of network marketing but there is a crack that has occurred and skewed the message.

That message has been skewed by those who seem to make network marketing about themselves, their products and opportunities rather than about the ones who need it most.

Freedom, liberty, independence day … the marks of a great nation and the true marks equally of a great opportunity for those who embrace them.

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