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Increase Value Before You Close

Increase value before you close prospects by sharing what they get when they sign up as a new distributor. This is done easily when you explain what what they nbeed.

Many network marketing companies are good at telling the distributor a list of items they receive. They see a list of tools, training samples, brochures, website access, and so on, that comes in the distributor kit, or that they can access through the internet.

The company provides this list, but usually doesn’t increase value to it by explaining what each item will do for the distributor to increase sales, sign up reps and grow their business.

Don’t tell them they get a website.

Increase value to the website by explaining how it works. Explain to the distributor how that website is going to send them leads and reps from anywhere in the world, and provide information about their business and products, and how those people can sign up or buy something 24/7.

Don’t tell them they get training material.

Add value to it by explaining that their training is from the top earners and experts in the company and worth thousands upon thousands of dollars with no cost to them. Explain that these professionals are going to lay out step-by-step the exact way and even the right words to say to build a six-figure income.

Build value into the network marketing opportunity when first introduced by yourself through a script to the prospect.

Don’t just tell them your network marketing company is going to alleviate their pain and fulfill their needs. Increase value to your script by using its words to help explain that your company is going to help them build a residual income for life, and how this residual income is going to get them out of debt, help them walk away from their mundane job, provide enough income and bonus money to help them buy that house they wanted so bad for their family.

If you want to close more prospects, make sure you increase value in everything you offer them – the tools, the training, the products, the opportunity, the support – and how all of this will help them be successful in their business.

Increase value to all that you do for your prospect. Learn how to build value in a product that your company sells. Learn how to build value in your company. Even learn how to build value in sales.

Most importantly, learn how to build value in yourself. It is you to whom the prospect looks to the most for guidance and counsel, and considers you their leader whether you like it or not, and hopefully you do.

Increase value to yourself by clearly stating how you personally are going to train and guide them along each step of the way.

Make sure the prospect understands what it means to have your support. Explain that when they have someone who asks questions, they can get you on the phone to help them. Tell them that this means they can start doing business immediately, signing up people and making money right from day one. This is what it means to increase value in yourself.

Increase Value to “Build Value Questions”

Build Value Questions is an uncommon phrase among network marketers summarizing the kinds of questions you ask a prospect to engage them in seeing how great your opportunity is to solve their problems and fulfill their dreams. Basically, you increase value to your opportunity and products through the art of asking questions.

You want to make the opportunity fun, involve your prospect to be engaged, and leave them wanting more. You want to ask them great questions!

Increase value to your questions by asking those kinds of questions to the prospect which engage them to reveal their secrets, dream big and desire something bigger than themselves. Once they have revealed their secrets and desires, you increase value to your opportunity by engaging the prospect to see how it can help meet their needs.

Here are some engaging questions you can ask your prospect and increase value to your opportunity:

… Questions about the Prospect’s Job –

  • What do you like most about your job?
  • What do you like least about it?
  • Do you see yourself doing the same thing (job) over the next 3 years, 6 years, 10 years?

… Questions about the Prospect’s Goals –

  • Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?
  • If you don’t do this business, where else do you go to accomplish your goals and desires?

… Questions about a Home Based Business –

  • Just curious, would you be open to a side project which doesn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing?
  • What makes you open to a side project at this time?
  • Have you ever tried or are you currently trying a home based business at this time?
  • What would the perfect home based business look like to you?
  • What would you like your home based business to do for you?

… Questions about Benefits Prospect Sees in Your Opportunity or Products –

  • What kind of income would want to get out of your home based business?
  • What is the best benefit you see to help you with that problem (name the problem)?
  • Are you with me so far?

Here some energizing phrases to increase value to your presentation about the opportunity or products and get the prospect wanting more.

  • Just curious…
  • I know how you feel, I (my team, others) felt the same way…
  • Can I ask you a couple of questions just to see…
  • Do you mind
  • Can I get your opinion on something…
  • Do you mind if I share a little story with you…

With these phrases you are asking the prospect permission to proceed with the presentation and conversation. Rarely will you get turned down by the prospect, and these phrases increase value to the conversation by keeping the prospect engaged to the questions.

The more engaged a prospect is to the questions, the more trust is built, making the prospect feel more relaxed and at ease to your opportunity, products or services.

Here are some examples on how to use these phrases to increase value to the conversation:

“Just curious, would you consider a side project which doesn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing?”

“I’m just curious, what kind of price tag would you put on an opportunity offered to you like this?”

“Can you give me your opinion on what something like this would be worth?”

Do you mind if I ask you a couple of questions to see if what you’re looking for and what we’re looking for are a match?

“I (a team member) had the exact same experience. Can I share my story (my team member’s story) with you?”

“Can you share with me how much money you consider serious enough to do this business?”

Increase Value to the Offer by Piling on Benefits

Remember, give the prospect lots of reasons to sign up and lots of increase value for the money they are being asked to invest.

Make it an irresistible offer, an offer they can’t refuse.

Here is a script on how you might make that offer to increase value:

“When you become a team member with [your company], here’s what you’ll get…

First, you’ll get online access to training resources worth thousands of dollars to get you started in the business.

You’ll get access to your own Getting Started Videos and Accelerator and Hosting Preview Guide which will show you step-by-step on how to get your business off the ground beginning the first day.

Second, You’ll also get access to your own personal links on additional websites where you can advance your training. As you grow and come up against more comp
lex situations, you’ll have instant access through these links to help you simplify it and make it manageable.

Third, your own personal website will be created where you can send people for more information on the company, products and opportunity, and, of course, to buy products and join your business.

People from all over the world will have access to this website where you can grow an international business, making you more money than you ever dreamed possible.

Fourth, you’ll also get a phone app where you can send people access to online videos that tell about your business opportunity and products, and how great they are and to answer most questions they might have. This technology will generate $1,000 to $2,000 dollars in additional income to what you will make.

This app will send out to your people either by text or email or both to give them information through six to ten-minute video presentations that they will need to make an informed decision as to whether they’ll join your business or buy your products.

Fifth, you’ll get weekly online training from the top earners and leaders in the company thorough an online webcast. They will train you online in real time so that you can ask questions and get solid answers to help you grow and enhance your business.

Sixth, you’ll get access to special events both national and international. You can invite people you know to these events where they hear stories from other people who used to walk in their shoes and the steps they took on how they broke out of their situation to become a success.

These events are powerful ways to create increase value to your business by making people around you aware of your products, services and opportunity.

Seventh, I have personally put together for you and your people a package of scripts, form letters and text messages that have been used successfully by myself and the top earners and leaders in the network marketing industry to recruit hundreds and thousands of new distributors.

You get the exact words to speak in an easy to follow script where it engages your people in conversation about your products and opportunity and gets them excited about what you have to offer to join.

You’ll get the actual scripts, along with variations of it to fit different situations and different levels of professions.

Eighth, You’ll get tips and actual steps you can take to be successful in your business through access to my blog. You will learn things such as what to say and how to recruit professionals, How to do a lead follow-up call, how to know when your people show signs of buying signals to your opportunity and products.

Presently there are over forty articles with tips and tricks to make your business highly successful with hundreds more to follow over the next few years. You’ll always have fresh content to help you and your team mates grow a successful business.

Ninth, your support team will not only help you start your business, they’ll help you get promoted. They have a lot of experience that has helped hundreds and thousands of others to be successful. They’ll help you make calls, show you what to say and how to say it, what kind of people to approach, how to weed out tire kickers from serious buyers.

Most importantly, you don’t pay a dime for all this help. You may be in business for yourself but through our support team, you’re not in business BY yourself.

These are only suggestions based on the network marketing company to which I belong. You can change the script to fit your own company.

Now doesn’t this type of description sound better and gives the distributor a much better view of the added value they’re getting for the money they invest to get into this business than telling them they get “a starter kit, website and training?” I think it does.

Basically, what you’re doing is breaking up the various items into smaller parts and piling on benefit after benefit to increase the value of what they’re investing in.

We’re not telling them something that is untrue because all of it is true, but you increase value to it by breaking down each item into a fuller detailed explanation of what the items can do for them.

Remember, increase value to all you do … increase value to your offer and products, build value questions, and pile on benefit after benefit to close the deal.

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