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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

In MLM, Stories and Testimonials easily beat MLM presentations!

Have you ever seen real-life stories or testimonials at a network marketing meeting? They can change even a disgruntled prospect into one that is open-minded.

Some stories can even move people to tears!

Real life stories about what a product or the opportunity has done with changing lives are powerful presentations.

My first home network marketing meeting in 2008 won me over by the testimony of my sponsor. The presentation following his short testimony never had the impact on me like the true story of how  network marketing changed my sponsor’s life.

He went from making $29,000 a year to $100,000. His debt of $60,000.00 dwindled to zero. His new home and car and bank account were the proof. I was sold and never looked back.

Real life stories are powerful testimonies of the influence of network marketing. The testimony is the presentation. Not the facts about the company. Not the products. Not the compensation plan. Testimonies about the benefits after using a product or joining the company win hearts over obstinate minds.

Real Life Stories the Testimony

The testimonial presentation made simple is the testimony made believable. Simple is not pitching the company. It is pitching the benefits and features. The life before taking the products and the life after taking the products. The life before building a team and the life after building the team.

Present a story with the former or present occupational trade, a past problem, what attracted the person to the company and the benefits received after joining or buying.

“I am Tom a carpenter $60,000.00 in debt before _______ (insert business name) and have no debt after _________.”

“I am Tom a carpenter overweight and stressed out from a life-sucking boss before taking “__________” and “______” (product names). Now I’m stress-cured with a weight loss of 38 lbs. after taking the products. The boss? He’s still there but with the stress relieved and middle-age spread gone I’ve taken back control of my life.”

Simple short stories, true stories of life. People’s testimonies are the power behind network marketing. The supremacy of your testimony over facts and figures in the presentation has the muscle to move mountains over pebbles.

“My name is _________ (your name). I was a ____________ (what you do for a living) then I got involved with _______ (your business opportunity or side hustle) and I could not wait to quit the job I hated. I looked forward to being free myself from a boss who was unbearable and to get rid of $100,000.00 debt that was drowning our family! The thought of living stress free motivated me and it wasn’t long until I was able to quit. And, let me tell you, now that I fired my boss, I am never going to have a job again and my debt is gone too. The crazy thing is; now my blood pressure has gone from being high to normal and I lost 45 lbs.!”

What’s your story?

Real Life Stories the Presentation

Real life stories are the presentation. Short real stories are duplicable among team members and easily remembered.

Victoria presents a presentation at her home network marketing meeting. PowerPoint presentations about the products, compensation plan, company and distribution methods are shown. People nod not from agreement but boredom. Victoria has put her prospects to sleep before she has a chance to close.

Julie presents a different set of facts. She presents true life stories and encouraging testimonies. Each new story presents a new fact. No slide presentation required. She remembers each story beginning with herself, her husband and her children. Prospects are mesmerized and amused. The whole presentation is one story after the other.

Julie signs up nine of the sixteen people attending. Victoria signs none.

Stories are memorable. Stories are indelible. Stories penetrate the mind. Stories of people with real life cases and the problems that the products and network marketing solve are stories easily taught and recalled. They’re duplicable.

I encourage training new distributors and reps on how to present network marketing and the products by the art of storytelling. The message matures and grows with experience and by storytelling. The more real life stories the new rep can tell from his experiences and others, the more confidence he has moving on to more mature presentations.

The more you elaborate the story, the more the new rep will feel their need to elaborate. They will duplicate. Start adding other steps to the story in the presentation, and they will add steps to the presentation. A presentation duplicated and recalled is a presentation with inspirational life stories told with depth.

Want a full presentation by real life stories from the benefits of network marketing and the products after joining and buying? Tap my own real life story called on this blog, Journey from Breadcrumbs to Loaves.

Real life stories. Taken from the experiences before buying and joining network marketing and after. Duplicable and easy to recall. Experience with storytelling matures and grows by elaboration and learning.

What is your story?

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