The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Earners are Leaners!

The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

If you Make Good Money, Why are you Broke and Depressed?

Tired of being broke and depressed? For starters, most jobs keep us broke (and the rest leave the job holder without any time). You are supposed to be depressed. Or, our prospects are supposed to be depressed. Right? Which of these two people do you think makes the most money? — The person who works for some else? Or, — The person who is his own boss? It pays to be your own boss. There is nothing worse than a boss that takes all the mental and physical life out of us.
  • The boss robs us of time that is better spent with family.
  • The boss does not pay us at what we are truly worth.
  • The boss limits our income.
  • The boss tells us how much time we can have for ourselves.
  • The boss tells us what kind of annoying people we must work with.
  • The boss tells us that we must commute each day to work.
  • The boss tells us what hours we can work.
What fun is it working for some else? No wonder you say, I make good money why am I broke? You are broke because the boss dehydrates you with the fangs that he sinks into you every day to bleed you dry. I make good money why am I always broke? Because you don’t have your own business. It pays well to be your own boss in Network Marketing. When we have a Network Marketing business, we get excited. We wake up each day to find new people who are making us money.
  • We get to spend as much time with family as we need.
  • We are paid what we are truly worth with unlimited income.
  • We get paid at scheduling our vacations around anytime we want.
  • We choose our own team of people whom to work with.
  • Our commute to work is simply getting up out of bed and walking to our computer.
  • We work 2-days out of the week and get paid for 5-day week-ins.
  • We work at full pay 12 to 15 hours a week.
Life is more enjoyable when we do what we like. So, I make good money why am I always broke? Because you made some choices that were not your fault. They lied to you. They told you that getting a job meant security. They promised you a pension. They made it possible for you to own a house at a debt that takes 30 years to pay off. You get deeper in debt with a job that makes it harder to pay off debt. I make good money why am I always broke? The question you need to ask is, “Do I want to be my own boss with Network Marketing?”

The Interview

Here is what a job interview sounds like: “Your salary will not cover all your expenses. You will fall behind a little further every month. Job security? No chance. In fact, if we fire you, you will get a 100% pay cut. Now, you must give us 50 weeks out of your life to us, and you can have two weeks for yourself once a year. Or, if you are lucky enough to get a few more weeks for yourself. All your hard-earned cash? The government is going to take it with taxes, simply because you work for us. And just so you don’t forget, there are no guarantees here. If something goes wrong, too bad for you.” Now, here is what a Network Marketing interview sounds like. “Your salary will cover all expenses. You will never worry about bills again. Job security? Always! If you join us, each year you will get a 100% pay raise. You can’t be fired. You can’t be laid off. You must dedicate at full pay two 15-hour weeks out of the month to us, and at full pay the rest of the time is for you. You can take vacations all expenses paid with as much time as you like at any place you like. By working with us, you will get enough tax breaks that your weekly and monthly paychecks by the government will not be affected. If something goes wrong, we got your covered.” I make good money why am I always broke? With a job there are no guarantees. With Network Marketing there are 100% guarantees. We want to feel safe. We want to avoid risk. We want guarantees. Is that possible in life? Yes, but only if we have an extra paycheck with Network Marketing that can help us feel a bit better about having no guarantees. To make money be your own boss. I make good money why am I always broke? That is no longer the question with Network Marketing. You arise to be your own boss. Fill out the form to subscribe to my blog and receive your 100% FREE GIFT “Using Trained Words on Social Media.”
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