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I Don’t Want to Talk to My Family and Friends

“I don’t want to talk to my family and friends about network marketing” – we’ve all heard this from one or more of our distributors or even from hot prospects.

Their excuses – “My family and friends don’t look at me as being capable of running a successful business. What makes you think they’ll support me when I tell them about network marketing?”

I’ve heard this excuse from people about their parents — “Already my parents don’t support my dreams. So, why would they support me in this when I tell them.”

Or, one of the classics is, “I’d be embarrassed if I told my family and friends about network marketing.”

I know of some network marketing companies that teach their distributors not to talk to family and friends, because they think online marketing is more noble.

When you really think about, we’ve all been guilty of thinking this way.

Honestly, you can build a network marketing business without ever talking to your family and friends, but let me ask you a question. Why wouldn’t you tell your family and friends?

If you find a product and service you really trust and believe in, that you say, “These are the products and services I’m going to purchase myself, use daily, and I love these products and services,” why wouldn’t you talk about them to your family and friends?

Let me give you an example. I start a traditional business. I sell pizza, the best pizza on planet earth. Why wouldn’t I want to share what I sell to family and friends? I would be a fool not doing it.

Why would I go out to my family and friends? Because they love pizza and my pizza is the best in town.

Now, you might say, I have friends, and if I tell them I sell pizzas, they might turn me down and say “no,” because they don’t love pizza, and they’re going to think of me as being creepy for asking them to buy pizza from me.

I do own a business … it’s network marketing but nevertheless it’s a business. I ask my friends and family to buy from me all the time and some have turned me down. They are still my friends and my family. They’ve not rejected me.

Let me give you another example.

If you have family and friends whom you know are struggling with burdening debt, an overbearing boss, the lack of money to pay for their family vacation or their child’s college education, or even the inability to buy a more accommodating home for their family, why would you be so selfish and hold back sharing with family and friends the very thing that you have which can help relieve their pain?

That would be like a doctor holding back the cure to cancer to friends and family who have the disease, because they fear their peers might think them to be out of their mind. That would be creepy and inhumane.

How to Approach Your Family and Friends about Network Marketing

You have family and friends whom you know would be awesome in your network marketing business, but you have no idea on how to start a conversation with them. Or, when your family doesn’t support you in any of your business endeavors, how do you approach just them?

You approach them in the same way a doctor discovers the disease that is causing their patient pain and offers them the cure.

You must find out what it is in their life that is causing them discomfort and so much hurt. This is done through the art of asking questions to find out their pain and their dreams.

Once you discover their pain, then use it to their advantage.

My family and friends are the most important people in the world to me So, why would I hold back the cure to so much struggle and pain of my family and friends if I truly cared for their well-being? To withhold it would be cruel and go against all logic.

So, how do you approach them?

For example, if you have family and friends who are trapped in a corporate job, working sixty to eighty hours a week, you can say to them, “Jim, you may not be aware, but I have a great business that helps people trapped in the corporate world and working long hours make a great living while staying at home working fifteen to twenty hours a week.”

Or, if you have family and friends who are under the burden of crushing debt and from their viewpoint with no way out of their dilemma, you say, “Virginia, If I could show you a business where it would pay off all your debt within thirty to sixty days and give you a lifetime income working only a few hours a week, would you be open to it?”

For those people whose family and friends do not support them in any of their business ventures, approach them like this: “I know my new business is not a good fit for you, but would you support me by buying some of the products to test them out?”

Or, if you know family and friends who lack energy or have a weight problem and you have a drink product to boost their energy and cause them to lose weight, you can say, “I’ve been trying this energy boost and weight loss drink which has given me more vigor than anything I’ve ever tried and where I’ve lost five pounds in the first week. Would you be open to buying it?”

Not everyone likes to get into a business, but most like to buy things. Your family and friends are no exception to this rule.

Deep within us is the psychological compulsion to buy things in order to make us feel better about ourselves.

If Jim down the street owns a new computer, I want to own one too. If my sister Julie has a new dining room set, I’ve got to get one too. It scratches the itch of keeping up with the Jones.

Once you help your family and friends relieve their pain through network marketing, they too will find friends and family of other people who suffer and share the cure. This will build yourself an empire.

Approach your family and friends as a doctor who has a cure to their pains and ills. Offer network marketing in a such a way that shows them how it can relieve their pain, cure their ills and offer them hope out of a hopeless situation. This will create an empire.

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