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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

I am just curious: would you like more money or less money?

Does it take a psychologist to realize that most people will respond with a “yes” to being asked if they want “more money?” I don’t think so, and there is a severe need.

On average, Canadian household debt represented 177% of disposable income in 2019, up from 168% in 2018 (Statistics Canada, 2019), and the U.S. would show similar critical debt levels. People need more money or, more specifically, more income, which is a problem that Network Marketing solves.

This image shows a chat bubble made of lots of people icons,, which containst the words "Would you like toi have more money or less money?

As long as we ask them correctly, using non-sales-y, non-pushy, normal conversation, at the very least, they will agree to the need for “More money,” making our approach rejection-free.

Approaching prospects with the right words and correct intent may cause them to ask us something like this, “Why? Do you know a way to earn more?”

Indeed, almost everyone asked replies in a rejection-free way that confirms their need, and I should know; I’ve tested this—a lot.

Being asked right correctly is critical. If you sound like you are starting a sales pitch, this question will repel many prospects, and they won’t object to your Network Marketing business but to you or (more accurately) what you said.

Prospecting for Network Marketing

Direct Marketing and in-person prospecting can generate prospects, followers, subscribers, sales, and profits if done right, but the similarities between the two end with a glaring exception—the difference between brute force and a subtle approach.

There are several examples of brute force when prospecting, which comes down to an aggressive approach that almost instantly triggers the subconscious to become defensive. A subtle approach is a typical social conversation that naturally switches up a switch to a commercial discussion, and let’s elaborate on that later, after some examples.

Imagine meeting a stranger in public. You’re talking, and you like them. You naturally wonder if they would be interested in your Network Marketing business, so you ask them, “I am just curious: would you like to have more money or less money?” 

You could also walk up to someone who locked eyes with you in public, having said nothing to them previously, then say, “Hi, my name is Steve. I am just curious: would you like to have more or less money?

Which scenario is better? Is it more effective to establish rapport with a suspected prospect asking the prospecting question, known as an icebreaker, or just hit them with business immediately?

To state the obvious: when conversing with people in public, we only start with a business question if we buy something. So, by skipping the rapport-building step, an independent representative in Network Marketing is employing brute force tactics rather than being subtle.

In other words, the awkward, blurted-out one-liner is a classic example of brute force. 

However, before you learn the subtleties of Network Marketing prospecting, try a survey to prove that this icebreaker works. Ask a few people you have not built rapport with: “Do you want more or less money in your life?” You will learn quickly that almost everyone agrees with the need for more money. 

There are many icebreakers that work with the phrase MORE MONEY, as you can see from the screenshot below.

This screenshot shows a more money quote by Tom Big Al Schreiter, which appears on Goodreads.

This author believes that the example in this post is a simple icebreaker: “I am just curious: would you like to have more or less money?”

Anyway, a survey approach proves that a simple question can be an effective Network Marketing prospecting technique. All you need to do once you decide to start using this one is learn how to support the benefit and ask if it is okay if you share how it works. Of course, this technique works far better if you learn some rapport-building skills that you apply before the icebreaker. With both, you will become a solid prospecting ability.

Rapport Building helps people have More Money!

The risk of not engaging a suspect who you think may be in the 90% who agree to a need for more money is not just that you do not end up qualifying them. If you don’t act, they may never be presented with an option to have more money in their lives!

You hold your prospect’s fate in your hands. Act correctly (subtly), and they could live a much better life.

So, rapport-building is as important or even more important than the “more money” icebreaker, meaning we need to commit to learning solid rapport-building skills, for they are critical.

If building rapport is done naturally, you must park your agenda. Forget about the outcome. Just apply your skills the best you can and give the prospect an option. This way, we are not aggressive and still feel satisfied when the reaction isn’t one of interest. We gave them the choice; they just didn’t want it, which is okay.

After you understand how to approach the commercial conversation sans intent, there are two distinct types of rapport building:

  1. Instant Rapport prior to sharing how a prospect can have more money

     This is sometimes referred to as the instant blood-brother, blood-sister technique.

  2. The Slow Play approach

    The slow play techniques might occur over a meal or as piecemeal over multiple occasions.

If you regularly leave work to buy lunch at the same restaurant, you may see the same employee repeatedly. In this case, you can slowly build rapport before employing an icebreaker (beginning the commercial conversation).

If you grab a coffee or food to go (takeout), you might talk to someone doing the same. In this case, because the prospect is about to leave your life forever, you may only have a few moments to establish instant rapport and use the icebreaker.

Since there are many prospecting scenarios, it is impossible to mention them all or even categorize them to any degree. 

What we will do at MLMinar is include in our MLM Events as many approach scenarios as possible over time so you can add a depth of understanding of building rapport and using the icebreaker technique in Network MarKeting prospecting.

In direct marketing, we are not talking face-to-face, so we are disadvantaged. However, we can still create the feeling for our readers or watchers that they can trust us, can’t we? Sure.

Using a blog or YouTube videos to establish rapport & share how to make more money

Establishing instant rapport with a blog or YouTube series is impossible. It is just not the same.

This image shows three intersecting circles, each containing a seperate words, Know, Like, and Trust. These three things must be present, meanign you must establish rapport with prospects to make money money

However, you can establish the illusion of Know, Like, and Trust with a blog or videos uploaded to a social media platform. Your followers won’t know you, but they will feel you are trustworthy and like you (or the opposite).

It is far superior to meet people face-to-face or over the phone than to do so as a talking head in a video or through the written word (a blog). 

More importantly, blogging and vlogging (making videos) are not for everyone, which means even if you excel at either (or both), you must master in-person skills enough to mentor those in your downline who, for instance, prefer being in public than pounding away at a keyboard.

A deep dive into Blogging and Creating Videos for prospects will follow in our MLMinars (MLM webinars), and we will upload them to the site as playbacks.

Living a Better Life

In the 2013 documentary Inequality for All (here is that movie’s trailer), Robert Reich shows what has happened and why most people will never own a home today or save up emergency funds. And the film is why we do what we do in Network Marketing.

We can give them an option that will change that. We can also help people avoid bankruptcy.

In 1992, in Toronto, a mortgage crisis brought on by the housing bubble drove prices too high, and then interest rates increased. The culmination of these events caused more personal bankruptcies per capita, resulting in the loss of the family home than ever in Canadian history (bankruptcy rates were higher during the subprime mortgage dilemma in 2008 in the U.S.), and I always remembered something I read back then.

In the Globe and Mail, a national newspaper in Canada, which is similar in distribution to the New York Times, there was an article about the ’92 crisis that said something like, “90% of the bankruptcies that resulted in the loss of the family home was avoidable for want of a $500 a month of additional income!”

Earning $500 a month with a part-time side hustle was relatively easy for most people, if you know how. If they don’t, it may be impossible.

The essence of what we sell in Network Marketing is a better life, but people must know about it, which is up to us.

Today, the amount is no longer $500 a month, as it was in ’92, but between $1,000 and $2,000 per month, and that additional income is life-changing for most people.

Asking someone if they “want more money or less money” is a question of; “Would you like a better life or do you want things to stay as they are now?”

It doesn’t seem like much of a decision, does it?

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