The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

How someone making a modest Network Marketing income can become a success story!

So, let’s say you are earning a modest Network Marketing income, that does not mean you cannot turn that into a success story in a short period of time. How? Simple.

Invest your side hustle income from network marketing into other things will bring you big additional returns.

In other words, take your passive income and put it to work for you to make even more income!!

Don’t you love a success story? Want to become one? Make a plan to earn an extra $500 a month in your side hustle and invest it for 10 years.

What if A lot of people think you must have hundreds of thousands of people in your organization and make hundreds of thousands of dollars before you can become successful with network marketing.

The reality is that it only takes a little bit of money to be successful, because your regular job takes care of all your expenses while the money that you earn from network marketing is extra income for your discretionary spending.

It is the modest amounts of money that are earned from network marketing that help with making you to be successful.

What does modest mean? Let me illustrate a modest sum meaning.

You are a modest person. You earn a $300.00 a month bonus check with network marketing. That is a modest amount meaning.

Your house is worth $,100.000 with a mortgage payment of a $1,000.00 a month. Your monthly take-home-pay from your regular job after paying the mortgage and all the other bills is $1,000.00.

You decide to take the modest amount of money with network marketing from your $300.00 a month bonus check and add it to the $1,000.00 a month mortgage payment. Instead of paying off your mortgage in fifteen years, you pay it off in six years with the help from the extra money that you earned with network marketing.  

At the end of six years after paying off your mortgage, you now have $1,300.00 extra money to spend.

Instead of spending the extra $1,300.00 money on yourself, you buy another house down the street that is valued at $100,000.00 with a $1,000.00 monthly mortgage payment.

You know you have an extra $1,000.00 a month to spare from your regular job to put into a monthly mortgage payment for the second house. You also have the modest amount of money with network marketing of $300.00 to add into the mix. You decide to rent the house out at $800.00 a month and add that to the monthly mortgage payment.

This adds up to $2,100.00 month that you can pay on the monthly mortgage for the second home. You pay off the house in four years instead of six like you did with your first home.

At the end of four years after paying off the mortgage on the second home, the net profits for you are $2,100.00 a month. The value of the two homes combined is $200,000.00 without counting the appreciation value.

Take the $2,100.00 a month from the second home and invest in a third home that is valued at $100,000.00 and rent it out at $800.00 a month, and you pay it off in four years.

At the end of four years with the third home, the market value of the three homes is $300,000.00 without taking appreciation into account.

You are putting in your pocket $1,000.00 from your job plus $800.00 rent from the second house plus $800.00 rent from the third home plus the modest amount of money of $300.00 from network marketing. That amounts to $2,900.00 a month.

Do this over and over again with another house followed by yet another for the next fifteen years, and you are worth several million dollars all due to help from a modest amount of money with network marketing. 

The Power to Change People’s Lives

You learn how to make money fast in network marketing with this example. Investing small amounts with money that is earned from network marketing will bring you a greater return in value.

People can change their entire life just by having a $300.00 monthly bonus check from network marketing. You have the power to change people’s lives with your network marketing business. You ought to own it and carry it with you proudly.

If you made a $300.00 monthly bonus check from network marketing, would you spend it on having fun with parting and vacations and nothing left to show for it at the end? Or, would you invest it wisely where you can retire comfortable within just a few short years?

If you would ask me those questions with the two choices, I would tell you, “I would earn $600.00 a month and do both.”

Other Examples

The above example is how to earn money with small investment amounts from network marketing and accumulate wealth fast with the help of money from your regular job.

Let’s take a smaller example of modest management.

With $200.00 a month that you earn with network marketing and without any money from your job, you invest that money into something with appreciable value.

Don’t invest in the stock market. That has ups and downs and swing variables with the market that are risky.

Stay with investing in what appreciates over time.

It could be a modest amount of money with network marketing in real estate property partnerships where all that is required is $200.00 a month investment to receive an 8% return on your money. Talk to your local real estate agent for help with this.

With $200.00 a month from bonus checks with network marketing, you may be cash-poor. Being cash poor means you may have extra time on your hands. If you are time-rich and cash-poor, team up with someone who is cash-rich and time-poor and makes investments.

Entrepreneurs who are successful need more time and have little to spare. If you have time, you can team up with a busy entrepreneur and invest your time along with your modest amount of money with network marketing to build a cash-rich income with decent returns.

You could team up with an entrepreneur with no time and lots of money to invest in network marketing on your team where your time is spent with helping to build their MLM business. You could break out your best mlm compensation plan and show it to them and it might impress them enough to partner with you. A partnership between your time and their money could benefit both of you.

Home business network marketing is more than just dealing with everything that must be done in network marketing. It is learning how to make investments with little money in things that are outside network marketing to bring you big returns and turn you into a success.

With this technique, network marketing is shown to have value. Money created in small amounts with network marketing can go a long way with making you a fortune. 

How do you make a modest amount of money with network marketing and turn it into a success? Think outside the box. Learn to take a modest amount of money with network marketing and invest it in appreciable items.


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