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How to Turn MLM Prospects into Productive Recruiters

How do you turn every prospect into a prospecting machine? Do what salespeople do all the time. Salespeople create incentives which make it impossible for any prospect to say “no.”

We all love to have an endless parade of leads and prospects. We all like to think every prospect will jump at our opportunity and products. The reality is the opposite.

Think of how many of my prospects turn me down because they have no desire to build a group or even use my products.

What do you do with them? Most network marketers would let them go rather than turn every prospect who turns them down into helping them build their business.

Follow the lead of many a salesman and turn every prospect into bird dog. What does a bird dog do? They find the birds where the hunter cannot.

Turn every prospect who turns you down into a bird dog for your business.

Here is how one network marketer became a wealthy entrepreneur. He watched what car salesmen do all the time. Car salesmen use business cards with incentives written on them.

Prospect to the top by using methods which will reward prospects to do the work for you.

On the back of the card, he had this offer for his “bird dog”:

$100 For Every New Car You Help Me To Sell!

Dear Bill, please take care of my friend _____________ right!

And if you make the sale, don’t forget to treat me right!

Name: __________________

Phone: __________________

What he did was turn every prospect into selling his cars even if they never purchased a car from him.

When you walked away with a bunch of his cards, you thought to yourself, “Maybe I should buy my car from someone who is willing to pay me money.” Or you thought “Wow. I can get $100 if I find someone who is thinking of buying a car. I bet I have a couple of friends who might qualify right now.”

Turn Every Prospect to Work for You

Can you adapt the car salesman method for your network marketing company? Absolutely! Prospect to the top by using methods which will reward prospects to do the work for you.

How many of those same people wouldn’t mind making some extra money referring hot prospects to you. Converting prospects into clients, customers and business builders is as easy and simple as creating the right kind of incentive using money.

Offer value to the prospect beginning in the first meeting. What better way of turning prospects into customers and business builders for you than making it worth their while. A hot prospect is always one who sees value in what you offer.

These “bird dogs” think of you when someone mentions your product line or starting a new business, and they tell their contacts to give you a call. It won’t happen every day. But sooner or later, someone in your pack of “bird dogs” will hear something to “jog” his memory. Have enough “bird dogs’ out there hunting because you gave them something of value and you will get business every week.

The best way to prospect those who do not want to build a team or sell your products is to offer them a bonus on the first sale. On the back of your business card, remind people about the reward of referring people to your business.

Make this incentive the last thing you tell people when you finish an “unsuccessful” prospecting meeting. It’s the best way of how to turn cold leads into hot prospects and your warm market that turns you down into “prospecting machines.”

What to Offer to Turn Every Prospect into a Prospecting Machine

Here are some incentives you can offer:

  • $25 cash for each new business builder someone refers. I would add some minimum criteria to this offer – the new team builder must purchase the distributor kit and a minimum order of $250.00
  • For your present customers you could offer a 10% discount off next month’s order for referring a new customer to you.
  • Buy dinner for anyone who refers you to a prospect who joins your business.

Remember, your “bird dog’ incentive doesn’t always have to be cash.

The average person knows about 200 people. Think of how many cards could you pass out to help you reach hundreds of people of whom you would never reach otherwise. You only need a pack of five or ten “bird dogs” to help you to hunt. They will point you just the right people at the right time.

The next step after every unsuccessful prospect meeting is to turn every prospect into a “bird dog’ hunting and prospecting machine. Build enough incentive and value for the prospect to hunt for you. Offer rewards, pay on time when needed and you will turn every prospect into a cash flowing machine for your business.


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