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Network Marketing on Facebook; How to Start the Conversation

Ever wonder why some can do Network Marketing on Facebook and some cannot? Want to know what they do differently?

It all boils down to how winners start conversations about their business without ever being aggressive or pushy! 

Let’s up your game. Ready?

There are two ways of conducting yourself while building a Network Marketing business on Facebook. I refer to them as farming and hunting.

— Farming is the process of planting seeds, watering them and waiting for the crops to grow. 

— Hunting is where you grab your coat, head into the woods, and find your next meal.

Hunting is what it suggests and is nothing but hard prospecting.

When you decide the farming method is more for you, you still do some of the things hunters do but begin with differently. And you find that you are better received, which I will get back to.

The hunter reaches out to prospects and tries to force-start a conversation about Network Marketing.


What do we say to plant and nurture seeds? Let’s begin with looking at how to start with a non-pushy approach (then show you a more sophisticated approach). Here is a sequence to begin to learn how to do this:

1. Hello.

2. What do you do?

3. How long have you been doing it for?

4. You must love it, right?

5. Have you considered doing something else?

Can you see how that is easier for would-b prospects to chat with you? 

Now let’s slowly evolve this into something more professional.

Part 1:  Here are three simple options:

Hey Rob.

Hi Rob.

Hello Rob.

There is a better way to begin than just HELLO + their name. Because, even if we don’t appear to be salesy, people will suspect it is coming. So . . . let’s disarm them up front, like this:

Hey Rob, I almost didn’t reach out to you. I was reluctant only because I didn’t want to seem spammy, which I hate.

Hello Rob. I see you like to make money. We have that in common.

Part 2: The next phase, once they are disarmed, is to start a conversation:

Amateur; What do you do?

Pro; What do you do in the real world?

Master; I assume you don’t hang out on social media to make a living . . so, what do you do in the real world?

Whatever the prospects’ answers, if they are respectable, they come back with asking you what do you do for a living. Now we answer with an ice-breaker that introduces our business into the social conversation.

I show people how to retire in 5 years at full pay.

I show people how to fire their boss and work at home.

I show people how to make more money part-time than their boss makes-full-time.

I show people how to made money from a side hustle.

I show people how to give themselves their own pay raise every month.

NOTE – we will get to the master version of this later.

Part 3: We break our prospect’s thinking about what we do for a living by refocusing this thinking, like this:

“Enough about me, how long have you been doing your job?”

Since prospects love talking about themselves, this last statement works perfectly. They also love what other people do.

Now that we have refocused our prospect’s thinking using a question that starts with ENOUGH ABOUT ME and got our prospect back on thinking about themselves, what do we do next?

If prospects find what we do interesting enough (in part 2), they will ask us for more information. And that is key.

Prospects that don’t find what we mentioned interesting enough to ask, they weren’t good prospects now but, if you turn them into a friend, some come back later.

Knowing how to get the conversation to them asking you is huge. Now for part 4.

Part 4: we need to find out if the prospect enjoys their job.

You must love your job.

You must work great hours.

Your job must be exciting.

This part is important and we know that80% of people hate their jobs. The answers to this question will amaze you – they tell you they hate their job!

Part 5: Time to refocus our prospects on an alternative way of making money.

Look, I hear you and I am sorry about that . . just a thought . . .  do you want to do something about that?

If the prospect says YES, we now have permission to give a presentation.

So what kind of presentation should we give? After all, we are sending text messages trying to do Network Marketing on Facebook, so its not an ideal for of communication. But don’t worry, these chats do work out.

A short presentation is all we need. Don’t  send these prospects to a website or video and hope they will take time out of their busy lives to see it, give it to them now.

If our prospects hear our message right away they know exactly what we are all about, which they appreciate and they wont have a chance to forget about the link!

How do we start our short presentation?

I’ve got a good story. It will only take a minute and it might make you money, it might not. Want me to share it?

Then send an audio message through Facebook messenger. If you don’t know how to give a short  presentation, check out my post “Overcoming the Poor Attention Span of a Gnat in Our Prospects’ Minds”.

Putting Together the Conversation Pieces

How to do Network Marketing on Facebook is knowing how all the pieces are put together.

YOU: Hey Rob, I almost didn’t reach out to you. I was reluctant only because I didn’t want to seem spammy, which I hate.

ROB: No problemo. I am a teacher. What do you do?

YOU: Funny enough, I show teachers how to walk away from their jobs with zero loss of pay. But enough about me, it is awesome that you get to teach kids, how long have you been doing it?

ROB: 12 years.

YOU: Wow. You must love it.

ROB: Well, to be honest, I cant stand my boss.

YOU: Oh, I am sorry about that Rob. Just a thought . . .  do you want to do something about that?

ROB: Depends on what it is. Tell me more about what you do?

YOU: I got a good story. Takes about a minute and it might make you a lot of money, it might not. Would it be okay if I shared it?

ROB: Sure.

At his point you can record a one minute overview or you could send messages to do it, like this:

YOU: Would it be okay if you could stop teaching with zero loss of pay and never had to go to work again? 

ROB: Yea.

YOU: So how much money would you need a month, just to cover the basic bills, so that you would never have to show up at work again?

ROB: $6,000 a month.

YOU: Well, you know how most people drink coffees, teas, shakes and energy drinks every day? 

ROB: Yes.

YOU: Well, there is a great company called ________. They make cool versions of healthy coffees, teas, shakes and an all-natural, super organic energy drink people love. 

Here are 3 short presentation id

— Now, if you never wanted to go to work again, all you would have to do is between you, and everybody you know, and everybody they talk to, forever and ever and ever, eventually accumulate 150 people drinking our healthy products every day on a regular basis, and then you would earn an extra $6,000 a month

— Now you don’t know how to get 150 people to drink our products every day, but you can learn. You learned to drive a car, you learned how to use your smartphone, and you certainly can learn a system to get 150 people to drink our healthy products every day. 

— So, what is going to be easier for you? To continue working a job that you have no passion for, or to learn a system with getting 150 people to drink our healthy products every day and have a career with zero loss of pay after walking away from teaching instead?

After that you might hear this:

ROB: I’d like more information.

YOU: What would you like to know first?

ROB: Where are you located?

YOU: We have two offices. The USA office is Dallas, Texas. Our South American office is Lima, Peru. So what would you like to know next?

ROB: How do I get paid?

YOU: Well, if you have a lot of people using the products, you make a lot of money. If we have fewer people using the products, you make less money. Anything else?

ROB: No.

YOU: So what would you like to do next?

ROB: Let’s get started.

How to start a conversation on Facebook leads off with five parts and ends with a great short presentation. It is how to start a Facebook conversation on Network Marketing.

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