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How to Sell in Network Marketing for People Who Hate to Sell!

This is a post about HOW TO SELL FOR PEOPLE WHO HATE TO SELL, after all, some of the people get involved in Network Marketing are fearful of what they thing selling is. This is mostly due to a misunderstanding.

People who fear selling need extra income and like the idea of the potential of MLM but don’t really get what we do. No wonder it’s scary for them!

Want to know the secret of how to sell things in Network Marketing with people who hate to sell? Let’s face it, most people hate to sell.

And when we come along and ask them to join Network Marketing, they immediately go into their “I hate to sell mode.”

Think about yourself. What motivates you and gets you out of bed in the morning to go out and sell stuff online for your Network Marketing business? Is it the money? Is the thrill of it all? What motivates you is probably what motivates a prospect?

Understanding the “how” and “when” of prospect’s decisions is more important than reading sales training books for the rest of our careers.

How to sell stuff in Network Marketing with people who hate to sell is easy when you know why people hate to sell.

They hate to sell because they believe in the 1960s sales model of pushing products and services on other people.

The old model for how to sell things worked like this.

Make cold calls. Then make more cold calls. Pitch anyone and everyone who will listen. When we get an appointment, dup everything that we know on the prospect until they are forced to buy. Sell, sell, sell.

Now who wants to do that? Nobody. And that is the picture which your prospect has about selling when we come along.

So, how do we take the sting of out selling for prospects? By learning what to say

What to Say to Sell a Product

What to say to sell a product or opportunity is very important. When we learn how to sell things by saying the right words, we have just opened a whole new world for ourselves.

Prospects want to know the big picture. And they want to know the big picture from the words we say in the first 10 to 15-seconds upon meeting us.

When we learn what to say, we learn how to sell things in Network Marketing by making it simple. The simpler, the better it is.

Want some examples on how to sell someone something that are simple?

“I help families get an extra paycheck. Would you like to know more?”

“I help people who work at a job to walk away from their bosses at full-time pay. Would you like to know more?”

“I show families how to get lower utility bills, so they have more money for other things. Would this be useful for you?”

“I market a breakfast protein drink that helps us lose weight one time, and keep it off forever. Is this something that sounds interesting?”

“I help retail clerks start a new career, so they never have to work weekends again. Is this something that you would like to talk about?”

“I help people get new leads, sales and distributors in their businesses daily. Is this something that you’d like to know about?”

“I help families have a five-star vacation for the price of a one-star hotel room. Would you like to know more?”

“I help people heal their bodies faster and look leaner and feel stronger. Is this something that you could use?”

See how simple and easy it is to sell? When we can teach our prospects the simple method of how to sell things in Network Marketing with the right words, we just removed that barrier from them about selling.

Next time that you have a prospect tell you they don’t like to sell, simply ask them this: “Can you say this phrase, ‘I help people work 12-15 hours a week, earning them an extra income right from home. Would you like to know how?’, or one of the other phrases listed above? If they can repeat one of the phrases without feeling embarrassed or rejected, they can sell.

Could we sell something online with this method? Absolutely. The principle works the same.

How to sell things in Network Marketing? Remove the sting from selling by keeping it simple and making it easy with the right words to say.

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