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How to Recruit Negative People into Network Marketing

Where do you find negative people with poor attitudes? You don’t have to look far, just look at your family!

Where do you find negative people to recruit into MLM? You can start with your family nd then some of the people you know.

Yet if you ever want to see whiners and complainers as to why network marketing is wrong for you, your dead aunt and the world, the family takes the ringer.

Ask yourself this question, “Are the people with whom I meet around me daily generally positive or generally negative?”

Most people, if the truth be told, live in a negative environment.

They’re basically very negative…

Life has gotten them down … they’re depressed from dreams being crushed by their dream-stealing bosses … by a family member who is more successful than they are and are reminded about it daily … that long commute in traffic to work … the debt that they’re in … and well, life has many problems.

Basically, signs of negative energy in people are all around us … so we don’t have to go far to find them … right?

We don’t have to learn how to detect negative energy from people because it’s an experience you live with each day and don’t forget.

And THIS IS GREAT for those of us in network marketing.

Our purpose is to help solve people’s problems and fulfill their dreams and needs. If people weren’t negative from having problems, there would be no reason for network marketing to exist.

If everyone’s car was perfect and never needed repair, you wouldn’t want to own an auto repair shop?

If everyone made millions upon millions of dollars each year, you wouldn’t want to be involved with a network marketing company.

You want people to have problems.

You can show them how you can fix their problems with your MLM products, services and opportunity … this gives them the reasons for needing you.

How to convince people in network marketing who are negative is the easy part.

What to say to convince these negative people into MLM is different.

There is a basic rule for determining whether a person is a prospect … if they have a problem that needs to be solved, they’re a sure-fire prospect … and you can only hope they have a slew of other problems to follow.

So, you should go out of your way to locate negative people.

Breaking the Ice with Negative People about MLM

So, how do we who are in MLM make this work for us?

First, find yourself a large group of negative people … perhaps a friend, a family member or a stranger off the street who has a problem and knows he or she has a problem … we call these people prospects.

Second, listen to all their whining, moaning, and complaining. And after you take a deep breath, you’re going to say these exact words:

“Would you like to do something about it?”

You’ve given him or her a choice, to fix the problem or not … you’re done.

What are the two possible answers?

“Yes” or “No.”

If he or she says YES, it’s money in the bank … Kaching. Take the money for their product order or opportunity, fill out the application, whatever you need.

If their answer is “NO” slink off like spit and slime on a glass door knob … don’t argue … there is no more to talk about, because they really mean NO.

There is zero chance of rejection.

This approach won’t put you in bad light with your family or friends … you’ll still be invited to your second cousin’s funeral.

Let’s put this in a real life scenario …

I’m speaking on the phone with a prospect. He has just told me that he’s divorcing his wife, in debt for thousands and thousands of dollars, that he can’t afford the alimony, has been demoted from the corporate world to a lousy job selling pictures …. the man has serious problems.

So, I asked him this simple question, “Would you like to do something about it?”

He said not only YES, but “heck” (not really the word he used but I’m in polite company) YES.

I proceeded to show him how my products, services and opportunity were going to help him resolve his problems. What do you think he did?

He didn’t’ wait to pass go to collect $200.00. His first words were, “Where do I sign?”

This is how to convince people in network marketing … it’s finding the negative people with problems (97% of the world) and asking them if they want to do something about it … how hard is that to break the ice with negative people about MLM? Not hard at all.

Just remember this one phrase: “Would you like to do something about it?”

And if you think that to be too strong, you can cushion it a little by saying this:

“Have you ever considered doing something about it?”

The question you ask is important, but the more important skill is listening to the answer to make sure they are not trying to tell you “NO.”

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