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How to Recruit into your Health & Wellness Network Marketing Business

Learn how to recruit professionals — Doctors, Dentists, and other professionals —  into your health and wellness network marketing business in this blog post. After all, they have money and a target audience (customers or patients) that they can market to.

We seek to recruit professionals because they can be very profitable for our business. And, if you follow this training, it is not tough. with the

Also, below to are two bonus scripts to download to help you on your quest.

I am only speaking to those who are in the health and wellness industry of network marketing. I’m not sure about how the scripts and message in this article would work with any other network marketing niche. They might work with some adjustments but I leave that with you to do all the heavy lifting for your business. For the health and wellness field of network marketing, this is ready made for you.

We network marketers are masochistic. We like being beat up by people whom we recruit into our business and who are broke and have no desire for owning a home-based business.

We ignore recruiting doctors and career-minded people because we are afraid.

We fear talking to the very people who are in health and professional fields and like and want our health and wellness opportunity and products.

We are afraid of talking to professionals who are seeking for a way out from underneath crushing debt.

We avoid presenting our business opportunity to doctors who are searching for a way to be free from a career that stifles them from being able to spend more time with their family or enjoy the lifestyle for which they’ve sacrificed much to create.

We refuse to tell physicians and professionals about how our health and wellness products can relieve them from the strain and stress of their business and career decisions.

So, we seem to recruit DOWN from the level of people that we truly need to go after.

We end up recruiting broke people and people who are seeking after a job and have no skills or desire for owning a home-based business.

We ignore the physician recruitment techniques and professional tips which are afforded for us by network marketing.

If we want to learn about how to recruit doctors and professionals into your business, we need some clarification about who they are.

So, how to recruit doctors and professionals?

First, doctors and professional people are people just like us. They eat, sleep, and put on their clothes just like us. They have problems just like us. They seek out solutions for solving their problems just like us.

Second, don’t assume that that their careers and professions afford them with a high-level of success. They may have high-level professions, but many of them are broke at a higher level. Doctors, lawyers, realtors, and other professionals do go bankrupt. It is a common trend among many professionals in today’s world.

Third, it is okay to ask them questions about their careers, family, what they do for recreation, and money problems. “How’s your practice?” “Is business slow?” “Do you have time for enjoying a day at the beach or whatever you do for fun?” “Are your bills exceeding your income?”

Fourth, the purpose of network marketing is to solve problems. Without problems network marketing can’t exist. Doctors and professionals have problems and we have solutions for solving them with the tools of our network marketing business.

Fifth, be patient when recruiting professionals and doctors. It takes time for them to decide on a new opportunity. I can assure you that once they decide, they are all in. 

The Script for How to Recruit Doctors and Professionals

I believe in scripts. They are great ways for how to recruit doctors and professionals into network marketing.

Here are the eight-parts of the script which we will use:

  1. Two facts which are funny and two facts which are serious..
  2. An explanation for why we are calling.
  3. A break in communication.
  4. A hot-button item told in a story.
  5. A story which overcomes objections.
  6. A story which helps to show how network marketing works.
  7. A way to lead into our products if the presentation fails.
  8. Some information about the company, the cost, and the reason for joining.

First, we want to build instant rapport. The way to build rapport is by finding two facts which are funny and two facts which are serious upon which the prospect and you can agree. For example, two facts that are funny, “We all know that our time is important, and we don’t won’t to be on the phone until we are 65.” Two facts which are serious: I’m a network marketing specialist who believes choosing your own work hours is important and our careers interfere with our week, The prospect and you can agree these four facts are common with everyday experience and can build instant rapport.

Second, there should be a reason for why we are calling. Simple enough

Third, a break in communication (BIC) is where you let them know upfront that you don’t have time for explaining everything because you must go to a meeting, or have other phone calls to make. This gives you the excuse for not having to explain your whole program over the phone. “I have other calls to make before 6:00 p.m. and so, I want to make this first call brief.”

Four, the script for how to recruit doctors and professionals should contain a hot button item. You explain the hot-button item by using a story.

Five, we want to present a story which overcomes objections. If we can overcome objections before they start, we will be way ahead in the game. The best way for overcoming objections is with a story.

Six, we want to tell a story about how network marketing works. Letting them know how it works and how easy it is to do makes it easier for the prospect to decide favorable toward our health and wellness business. We tell a story about following instructions.

Seven, we want a way for getting referrals and leading into a script for pushing our wellness products if the business presentation does not do its job.

Eight, information about your company and the cost to join and why it is beneficial to join overcome certain objections which may come later during the closing. This will contain one reason why MOST people join, two reasons why SOME do not join, the cost to join that you’ll present the facts. This helps to overcome the objections about money and reasons for not joining.

With professionals and physicians, you will find most lead with busy lives. We want our script to be direct. We want it to be to the point. We want to respect their time by giving the presentation in less than 20 minutes. We want it to be easy to follow.

Our script overcomes the money objection. It stops the objection “this a pyramid scheme.” It neutralizes the “cost” and “I can’t sell” objections. It shows how easy network marketing is to do just by following simple instructions. Our script makes it easier to close doctors and professionals.

You could put this script on a video file, one for doctors and one for professionals, and upload it to a website and send the link out en masse. Or, send out the video file itself en masse.

Let’s put together the script by using the eight-parts for building it and to turn it into an effective way for recruiting doctors and professionals into our wellness MLM.

How to Recruit Doctors

Learning about how to recruit doctors can be very lucrative for your network marketing business.

Where to recruit physicians? Always recruit locally first. Then recruit elsewhere.

Physician recruitment ideas for network marketing begin with knowing something about docto

Know that most doctors are very busy. They suffer from stress with long hours and burn-out and not enjoying the quality of life they can afford. Their job is no longer fun.

Know also that busy doctors have no other place to turn for making big money. They have made long-term investments of time and large sums of money into their education and practices. They see no other way to have the lifestyle they desire without the continual investment of longer hours and more money back into their practices.

Many doctors are basically unhappy to the point of self-medicating.

There are three steps for how to recruit doctors.

  1. The voicemail or leaving a message if needed.
  2. The call-back from the doctor and the presentation.
  3. The close.

Step 1. The Voicemail or Leaving a Message if Needed

When approaching a physician about network marketing, look up a LOCAL doctor on Google Search and call his or her office,

You will most likely speak with their receptionist.

Leave this message with the receptionist or if you speak directly to the doctor skip the voicemail and go directly to the Presentation.

For the initial call to the doctor’s office, we will get their receptionist. 

We want our voicemail to be upfront and honest about who we are and why we are calling. 

Never hide the fact that you are a network marketer and that you are seeking sponsorships for your business and products.

“Hello, my name is Dale Moreau and I live here in Kerrville.”

“Is (DOCTOR’S NAME) available?”

The receptionist will most likely say, “No, he is with patients. May I help you?”

“I’m a marketing specialist who is looking for a someone with a medical background and who would be a sponsor for a new nutritional product line that specializes in weight loss and boosting energy for young adults and the elderly.”

“I don’t want to go through the details over the phone as I am heading out to a meeting.” (Break in Communication – BIC).

“Would it be okay for me to leave my number and have the doctor call me at his or her convenience?”

“The name is Dale, and my phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX.”

“Thank you.”

The receptionist will take down your number and you wait for their call.

Step 2. The Call-Back from the Doctor and the Presentation

When the doctors call back, and most likely they will with the help from the above message, you want to use all seven elements of the script for giving your presentation.

The physician recruiting process for your presentation should take no more than 20 minutes. 5 – 10 minutes for small talk and introductions and 10 – 15 minutes for the presentation.

How to recruit doctors? My physician recruitment strategic plan always allows additional time for Q&A.

Here is where the script shines. You will use funny and serious elements of facts for building instant rapport. You will make the proper introduction for why you are calling. You’ll use the techniques BIC and hot-buttons to entice them. You will overcome objections and show how network marketing is easy to do with stories. You will present the name of the company, the cost, and the reason for joining.

When the physician calls you back,

Thank you for calling me back. We all know that our time is important (Funny Fact) and we don’t won’t to be on the phone until we are 65 (Funny Fact). And so, I will make this first call very brief.

“I’m a network marketing specialist who believes choosing your own work hours is important (Serious Fact) and our careers interfere with our week (Serious Fact), and is currently working with natural health products in the main stream market to help with overcoming those two problems, and there could be a place for someone like you or (DR.’s NAME) who has a medical background, in a passive or active way, to be part of our promotional campaign.” (Reason for the Call)

“I don’t want to go through the details over the phone as I am heading out to a meeting.” (Break in Communication – BIC).

“However, if you are open in diversifying your income working one-quarter less hours at 4 X more income than with what you and the doctor are earning and working now, you will find this program fits you.” (Another Reason for the Call)

Would it be okay if I told you a little bit about myself?

They will answer “yes.”

 (Hot Button Items and Overcoming Objections with a Story) –  “In 2008, I began looking for a way out of an unbearable job with medical coding and to fire my horrible boss.”

“I began looking at the two ways of making money like the big boys do.”

“What I found was two impractical ways – inheritance –or, to earn it over a long period – and they weren’t satisfactory for me. One, my parents weren’t rich and I wasn’t going to inherit anything. Two, I would work 45 years and will earn half of what I make full-time. So, I began looking for something else to help me to retire in ½ the time with more money than the time and money it took my mom and dad to earn and retire in 45 years.

“I discovered a way of retiring in 5 years, and I learned the inside secret of owning my own business making 4 x’s the income and doing it part-time without interfering with my current career and without the 50 – 60 work hours and having a lot of fun doing it.”

“Would it be okay if I showed you how to do it?”

They will most likely answer YES.

(Story about How Network Marketing Works) – “Most people, do they like to sell, or do they not like to sell?”

They will answer with, “They hate to sell.”

“I think it is important to be able to have the skills for building an organization, don’t you?”

“Yes,” the physician will tell you.

“I also think that one of the things is, if we had a way for doing network marketing by following simple instructions instead of selling, that would be easier, wouldn’t it?”

The physician will answer “yes.”

“Think, for example, about how you prepare your patients for a simple procedure which is scheduled to be done in your office.”

“You tell the patient not to eat after midnight if their procedure is scheduled in the morning or nothing to eat or drink after 7:00 a.m. if the procedure is between noon and 4 p.m.”

“You instruct them to take their medicines as directed with small sips of water.”

You give them the time for the procedure and instruct them to show up at least 15 minutes before the procedure.

You tell them that if they follow these simple instructions, the procedure should go off without a hitch.

That is the same for making network marketing work for you by doing simple easy-to-follow instructions.

“So, all of us can follow instructions. All of us can do network marketing, and it’s a lot easier than trying to sell something.”

(Name of the Company, the Cost ,and Reason for Joining) – “The name of the company is _________. MOST people join _______ because they like the residual income for life they receive from it (Reason for Joining). The cost is $1000 plus shipping and tax – which is $2.90 a day—the price of a good cup of coffee when you think about it (Cost). SOME people don’t join because they don’t understand it (Reason for Not Joining) or times being what they are they can’t afford the $2.90 a day (Reason for Not Joining). They’d rather spend it on that cup of coffee.What I want to do is lay out the basic facts (Present the Facts). If you agree, that’s fine, we’ll get started. If you
don’t agree, that is okay too. Fair enough?”

{DR’S NAME}, why don’t I do this? To be respectful of your time and mine, I’d be happy to either drop some information off to you in the mail or send you an email, with the link to my website where you can watch a 11-minute video, which outlines my company in detail.  Which would be better for you?  (BIC)

If the doctor continues to ask what it is, say,

{DOCTOR’S NAME}, to be honest with you, due to the magnitude of what I am doing, I would be doing a complete injustice to my company and to you if I had to give you a 30 second pitch on it…much like it would be very ineffective for you to give an open house tour over the telephone.  If you are open to taking a look, I would be happy to send you some information via email with a link to a website and brief video presentation. (BIC).

This video will take about 11-minutes. When can I follow up with you after you’ve had a chance to review it. I have a 6:00 p.m. or a 7:00 p.m. today or tomorrow. Which works better for you?

If they say, NO, they are not open to your business, and so move right into the REFERRAL AND PRODUCT SCRIPT;

I completely understand {DOCTOR’S NAME}, it’s a good thing to focus on growing your current business, and in fact, thousands of other (DOCTORS) really appreciate the great service my company provides. Specifically, I am referring with helping people to lose weight without a lot of exercise and boost energy with people who have fatigue and Low-T. It’s perfect for young adults with weight and energy problems and senior adults with sedentary lives and need energy. I can send over the product information if you like.

Wrap up your call with a scheduled time for you to get back with the physician after having seen the information that you are going to send them..

Step 3. The Close

The last way for how to recruit doctors is the close. The close is simple and brief. The close happens after the video, audio, PDF, website or sizzle-call is seen or heard by the doctor.

The easiest way for how to recruit doctors into your health and wellness business is to ask them one simple question, “What best about what you saw and heard did you like best?”

As soon as they see the information, make the call and the first words from your mouth should be, “What best about what you saw and heard did you like the most?”

Whatever positive answer which comes out their mouth, you agree with them immediately say, “Sounds to me like you are ready to join,” and then shut up and wait for the answer.

Don’t say a word but listen.

If there are not positive and have objections, answer their objections.

If you don’t know how to answer objections and overcome them, then learn.

Recruiting physicians today takes some time but the rewards are great.

How to Recruit Other Professionals

I’ve shown you with a way of how to recruit doctors. Now, let me show you a way for recruiting other professionals.

Always call the professional by phone. Never walk into their offices.

Start off by simply leaving a message with their secretary or voicemail if they cannot be reached directly.

Most likely you will get a receptionist or the professional’s secretary before speaking with the person.  So, here is a message or voicemail to leave.

“Hi My name is Dale Moreau from Kerrville, Texas, and I’m looking for (NAME OF PERSON).

If you speak to the secretary or receptionist or if you leave a voicemail, here is what to say.

“I was conducting a search on the internet for REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS (name whatever profession that relates) in the Kerrville area (PROSPECT’S CITY) and located (NAME OF THE PERSON). When I expand my business in a new area, I look for top-notch talent in REAL ESTATE.

 “I don’t want to go through all the details over the phone as I am heading out to a meeting.” (BIC).

“Would it be okay for me to leave my phone number and have (NAME OF PERSON) call me back at their earliest convenience?

“The name is Dale, and my phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX.”

“Thank you.”

When the professional calls you back and the time comes for telling them the story about following instructions, substitute the story about the patient following the instructions from the doctor with the story about working at the burger joint.

“Think, for example, about the guy that works at the burger joint.”

“The boss says, ‘I’ll give you minimum wage and all you have to do is take these French fries, these frozen French fries, put them in the grease.”

“And when the bell rings, take them out and put them over here. And if you can do that, I’ll give you minimum wage.” And the young man, or the young girl, says “Hey, I can do that.”

“So, all of us can follow instructions. All of us don’t like change. So, if we can do that, it’s a lot easier than trying to teach somebody how to sell.”

Use the rest of the script that is used for the doctors and change it to meet the professional’s career and needs.

For the close, use the same script and method that is used for how to recruit doctors.

How to recruit doctors and professionals into your health and wellness network marketing business takes patience and takes some skill. The best way to recruit physicians and professionals is with honesty.

Learn about how to recruit doctors and professionals, and your bonus check will excel explode.

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