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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

How to Qualify Prospects for MLM with a Free Survey

Finding and qualifying Network Marketing prospects with a free survey is not difficult but requires some skill. And it works.

This is worthy for your attention.

It will help you to turn your cold calls into hot prospects.

If you want to know about how to qualify a sales lead or how to qualify a prospect for network marketing, a free survey with a lead qualification checklist is the answer.

A free survey will supercharge your bonus checks and explode your business with new distributors and buyers.

If you cannot recruit or sponsor directly with the people, you can take a survey to get new distributors and new buyers. Taking a survey from the general public will get you a lot of pre-qualified prospects to recruit and sponsor.

People love to give you their opinions on everything and anything. If you don’t believe me, just ask anyone about what their opinions might be on the presidential race and listen. They will gladly spill their guts to you. You will quickly know which side of the bread by their political views that they butter.

A free survey centers around getting people’s opinions about a subject matter.

In another article, I spoke about how the use of surveys can be beneficial for qualifying a prospect for network marketing and how to create one that is different from the one which is explained here. This article adds to it.

Sales strategies and recruiting techniques for network marketing center around finding the opinions of people with the help from a series of questions.

It helps us with how to qualify a prospect. If we don’t know how to qualify a prospect, we won’t know how to speak to them or how to close them.

For network marketing, a free survey helps us with qualifying a prospect by offering a series of choices to the prospect.

The choices that they check off will help us to find the core issues of people.

Once we know the core issues of a person, we learn what motivates them. We learn why they will do this while not doing that.

We learn if getting out of debt motivates them or having enough money for a travel vacation springs them into action.

Knowing about the core issues of a person helps us with speaking the right words directly at their needs.

A Free Survey for Network Marketing

 What questionnaire maker for network marketing can we create in a survey?

We want our free survey to take only one minute for a prospect to complete.

We want it to draw the prospect’s attention toward us and reveal something about themselves that will help us to meet their needs.

We want it to be something for qualifying prospects questions about network marketing when it comes up during the conversation.

What we want is to offer people six simple choices with a “yes” or “no” answer. That makes it easy on the prospect by not taking up too much of his time.

The six choices help to reveal something about the prospect’s general interests and tells us about what moves him toward action.

Our goal is to help with how to qualify a customer in sales and how to qualify a prospect for the network marketing opportunity.

I approach a person at a breakfast club or networking club or even at the mall or event and say,

“I am taking a free survey. Can you spare just one minute of your time? We’ll send you a free business report as a ‘thank you’ for your help.”

If the person agrees, you hand them a survey and at the top of the survey, it reads

“We are testing the popularity of six of our business reports. Here are the six reports we offer. Please make your choice for one of the six titles by circling it with the pencil.”

The six titles are listed as follows (I call it the prospect qualification checklist):

  1. How to Build a Part-Time Business While Keeping Your Present Job
  2. The Insecurity of Corporate America and What You Can Do about It
  3. How to Get Rich Using Sweat-Equity instead of Risking Large Amounts of Cash
  4. The Truth about Owning a Business: The Problems and the Benefits
  5. Single Income Job Strategy: Why it Fails. What Can Be Done
  6. Leveraging Your Efforts: A Unique Method for Residual Income

At the bottom of the survey is written,

“Please check the report that you feel is most popular and list your occupation. We’ll mail you the report that you have chosen as a ‘thank you’ for you time. Please write your name and mailing address at the bottom of this form. Your email address and phone number are optional.”

Then have the following form for them to fill out at the very bottom of the survey.

Occupation: ______________________

Name and Mailing Address: __________________________________

Email Address and phone number (optional): ____________________________________

The reason for mailing the report vs. emailing it is emails tend to go into the trash bin straight from the inbox.

Reports sent by the US mail service and addressed with hand-written writing on the envelope find their way more readily into the hands of the prospect without going into the trash can.

Stating that by giving their email address and phone numbers to you is optional, they are more inclined for offering them to you. It is a psychological ploy which works.

The free survey is one of the best methods for how to qualify a prospect for network marketing. It is quick and the answers that the prospects give will reveal a lot to you about themselves.

Where Do You Get the Six Reports?

Want to know how to succeed in network marketing fast with a survey? You simply write a 4-5-page report which emphasizes the benefits of your business and put on it the six different titles from the survey..

The six titles all refer to the same thing. There is no need for writing six different reports unless you want to. Write it once and make six copies with the six different titles from the survey in the heading of each copy.

If you don’t know how to write a report, get some network marketing books on headlines and writing good copy and reports from Amazon.


Get a professional to write it for you. You can hire such services like or or to write the report for you. 

Take online survey. There are survey companies and survey tools to help you with creating online surveys if that is how you wish to go. and are two of the best online sources for helping you for

What Do You Do with the Survey Answers? 

Let me show you how to qualify a prospect for network marketing from the survey answers?

What do you get from the survey?

You get their name, occupation, what motivates them from the report that they chose, and maybe their phone number and email address. That is a boat-load of information for you to use for turning the prospect into a new distributor or buyer.

Following up with a phone call or letter, you have the information about their motivation for what moves them toward action to use for your advantage.

Mail the 4-5-page report and include a link in a letter to an article or an audio or video file which speak to their motivation.

If a prospect wants to know about how sweat-equity gets you rich faster than using large amounts of cash, you can make a video that talks directly to them about how this works with your company benefits and products.

Don’t you think if you did fifty surveys a day and the fifty people who filled out the survey each received a report that you would sponso
r at least four or five of them a day?

Why is getting their occupation important?

You might discover, for example, that most real estate agents prefer the report “How to Get Rich Using Sweat-Equity instead of Risking Large Amounts of Cash.


That most stay-at-home moms might prefer “Single Income Job Strategy: Why it Fails. What Can Be Done.”

When speaking to people who are in those groups, you know what motivates them and headline to use for getting their attention.

The possibilities are endless. 

How to qualify a prospect for network marketing? create a free survey. Make a report to cover all bases for the survey. And you will be signing up new reps and buyers soon.

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