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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

How to promote Facebook Live events & build your MLM team!

Going live on Facebook, often called “a Facebook Live,” is a powerful way to promote your products or service(s), and Network Marketing opportunity. It is also a strong way to help build your audience or following.

The best part? You don’t need special technology to do a Facebook Live, even a phone is enough.

This featured image contains two pictures of a mobule phone with comments coming in during a facebook Live

You may want to promote everything from a travel Network Marketing opportunity to health and wellness products to any type of business opportunity or tips on being successful or saving tax. All of these can be streamed through a Facebook page.

A Facebook Live will reach people. It doesn’t require a sales funnel, a landing page, or a blog. You can find prospects and build your audience without any additional technology.

Facebook live feed only requires a phone and the Facebook app for your personal page or Pages Manager for Facebook app for your fan and business page. Open the app and tap the “LIVE” icon, and that’s it. In an instant, your Facebook Live is popping into the feed of people who know you and don’t know you!

Five Tips for Promoting Facebook Live Events

Facebook had 1.79 billion monthly active users in the third quarter of 2016 (2.085 billion in 2023). That makes Facebook number one in active users of all social media sites. It’s why Facebook live is so important with getting your message out.

51.48% of the U.S. population are Facebook users, but with Facebook ad reach going down (for several reasons—see image below), Facebook Live events are making sense again in 2024.

This infographic shows the potential reach of Facebook ads going down, which is a good argument for doing Facebook Live events

Five tips on promoting live events on Facebook:

  1. Build rapport.
  2. Find your audience.
  3. Give away value.
  4. Post your link.
  5. Stream live on your Facebook Group, Personal, Fan, or Business page.
  6. Using a Streaming service to stream into other Social Media accounts, like YouTube.

Let’s learn how to get our ideas and information inside Facebook fans’ minds and save everyone a lot of time.

(1) Build Rapport

People build walls around themselves. They build walls of disbelief and skepticism to people who don’t think like they do.

All people have internal programs which have “heart.” The heart affirms, “I trust people who are like me, who think like the same way, who see the world from the same viewpoint.” building-rapport

We trust and feel rapport with other people from the same religion, the same ethnic background, the same political party, who drink the same drinks, who enjoy the same activities, etc.

Anyone different from ourselves is suspect. We are skeptical of them.

How do you bypass the skepticism in live events on Facebook? Tell your audience something they already believe. Tell your audience TWO facts that they already believe. Two facts tell the audience that we both see the world from the same viewpoint. We have similar beliefs.

Tell the audience of live events on Facebook two facts they believe and you put them at ease, and they will believe your sale’s presentation.

Let’s pace your audience with two facts that are easy to accept. Then the rest of your presentation will be accepted easily. MAKE THESE TWO FACTS the Top Headline of your Facebook live presentation and opening of your Facebook page stream.


If you are presenting a business opportunity:

  • Buying a business is a big decision. And we don’t want to pay too much.
  • People judge you buy your clothes. It’s not fair, but true.
  • Owning your own business makes you feel good. We deserve a little joy every day.
  • The economy is in the toilet. No one is going to get a pay raise this year.
  • You can’t get rich working a job. You must own your own business.
  • Jobs don’t pay much. Having a job guarantees that we will be broke.
  • Begging for a 2% pay raise is humiliating. We want to be able to give ourselves our own pay raises.
  • Jobs interfere with our week. We can’t get ahead by working on our boss’ dream.
  • We either work on our dream or on someone else’s dream. Isn’t it time we start working on our own dream?
  • We don’t want to work until we are 65. Then we are too old to enjoy our free time.
  • Sure, we can retire when we are 65. But we will retire on only 40% of what we can’t even live on now.
  • We want to have our own business. If not, we are sentenced to a lifetime of labor.

If you sell diet products:

  • Dieting is difficult and we just don’t have time to exercise.
  • Starving ourselves won’t work. We all need to eat.
  • Strict dieting is impossible. We all must attend social events.
  • Diet food tastes like cardboard. We all want to eat real food.
  • We must eat real food. Sucking our meal through a straw is ridiculous.
  • We all love delicious shakes. And what if they help us burn fat?
  • We are too busy to diet. But a once-a-day magic packet powder makes sense.

 If you sell vitamins:

  • We all want to live longer, and dying quickly is inconvenient.
  • Growing old is inevitable, but we can feel as young as we want.
  • Eating healthy sounds good, but is very, very difficult in real life.
  • Grandchildren are little house-wreckers, so we need an energy boost before they arrive.
  • Having more energy is important but coffee gives us a big crash.
  • We all love the taste of coffee. And wouldn’t it be great if our coffee made us healthier.
  • We know natural food is better than synthetic food. And we want our vitamins to be natural also.
  • Our health is our best possession. We want to keep it if we can.
  • Growing old is painful. We all want to feel younger.

If you sell skin care and cosmetics:

  • Your face is your first impression. You want to “wow” people with your look.
  • Growing old happens. And we all want to keep wrinkles away as long as possible.
  • Taking care of our skin is important, and we never want our face to look older than we are.
  • The local climate dries our skin. We must protect our skin from wrinkles.
  • Night creams are expensive, so we want to make sure we get one that works.
  • Non-run mascara is a necessity. We don’t want to look like a vampire when it rains.

If you sell discount travel/travel clubs:

  • A holiday with our mother-in-law isn’t what we want. We want a five-star holiday at an affordable price.
  • Travel is expensive. But traveling wholesale makes it a lot easier.
  • We all deserve a vacation. And that means not staying at home.
  • We all must work for a living. But a travel career is a lot more fun.

Simply choose two facts that your audience of live events on Facebook can jointly believe, and everything changes. Instant rapport is built. You have the communication pathway to deliver your good ideas and information.

(For a great resource on building rapport and where I got these awesome ideas, read “How to Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence, and Rapport” by Tom Schreiter).

(2) Find Your Audience

Who is your audience? Attracting everyone is attracting no one.

Network marketing is unique. Everyone is invited. Not everyone will succeed.

Promoting live events on Facebook is marketing. Marketing requires attracting a certain kind of audience while excluding others.  A live presentation is finding the right kind of audience that wants what you offer.

Here are guidelines for picking the right audience:

  1. Who thinks like me, finds common ground with me in my industry, and wants what I offer?
  2. Do I want job hunters or professionals? (personally, I go for professionals).
  3. What pains, hurts and struggles do these people have?
  4. Do I find like-minded
    people attracted to me or opposite of what I like?
  5. What in my arsenal of products, services and opportunity do I have offering solutions?

If you’re in the health and wellness industry as I am, find healthcare professionals:

  • Doctors
  • Health administrators and counselors
  • Psychiatrists and psychologists
  • Massage therapists
  • Medical Rehab therapists
  • Medical coders
  • Medical lab technicians
  • Professionals in the healthcare insurance industry and healthcare systems
  • Corporate wellness administrators
  • Directors of fitness centers
  • Health educators
  • Community health and wellness directors
  • Life enrichment coaches and coordinators
  • Students pursuing studies in the health and wellness industry
  • Health and productivity analysts
  • Health improvement managers
  • Health management consultants
  • Pharmacists and pharmacist assistants
  • Pharmacy and medical equipment salespeople

Other network marketing companies with a different niche can use Google Search to find professionals that are centered around their industry. If you’re in travel, search for “professions centered around travel.” Diet pills — “professions centered around dieting,” etc.

PRIOR to any live events on Facebook, reach out to these professionals. Uncover their pain. Invite them to your FANPAGE and have them join by building rapport, belief and trust. Build rapport with the Formula “F O R M D” to find their struggles with Family, Occupation, Recreation, Money and Dreams.

Provide value by solving their pains and struggles. Once you have an audience of at least thirty-five professionals, invite them to your live event presenting TWO FACTS that they all believe.

(3) Give Away Value

People won’t attend any live events on Facebook if there is no interest. Interests to a professional is different than interests to lazy people and job seekers. Job seekers need a job and an opportunity is the last thing they seek. Professionals seek opportunities from those who speak with authority.

Professionals like people who can evaluate a problem and find worthy solutions. They seek experts with the skills and tools necessary to do the job. They want people performing with their best abilities. They like knowledgeable people who are authorities in their arena.

Be the authority by offering solutions to solve their struggles and pain. Become the authority by investing in the resources it takes to be a skilled expert.

An outline for creating a professional live event is simple:

  1. Name a problem that you’ve found among professionals.
  2. Offer the solution by solving the problem (this is giving away value).
  3. Call for action at the end (buy this product, tap this link, fill out this form, etc.).

Perform for professionals in the way a professional relates and believes.

For a FREE PDF File on the steps of creating live events on Facebook, click HERE.

(4) Post Your Link

Share your recording by posting your link on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and different Facebook groups.

Right click on Facebook Live on a COMPUTER…the third button down…it’ll show the VIDEO URL Copy the link and share.

The phone? Click SHARE…click COPY LINK.

Maximize your work by posting the link. Your work deserves attention from others. Share it without hesitancy.

Share and post the link in the forums and groups on Facebook which have the same belief system as yourself. If you are in health and wellness, you would not share the link in a group interested in travel. If you are talking about solving someone’s weight problem, you wouldn’t share the link with those who sell items in garage sales.

(5) Stream Live on Your Personal, Fan or Business Page

Do you stream live on your Personal, Fan or Business page? Streaming live events on Facebook works best through your Fan or Business page. Your personal page is for friends. Fan and Business pages are automatically setup for a targeted audience. Expectations of the kind of material presented is self-advertised on your Fan or Business page. People know what they’re getting into. No need to defend your industry.

Access your Fan or Business Page on your phone with Pages Manager for Facebook app. Accessing your Fan or Business Page on your computer is more difficult. There are services out there helping solve this problem, but they either cost or conflict with most computer Operating Systems.

Hopefully Facebook will remedy the problem quickly.

Streaming live events on Facebook is marketing. Marketing requires an audience…a professional audience is easier and financially rewarding. It requires building rapport with two common beliefs. Give away value offering solutions to problems. Always post your link on other social media sites and groups on Facebook. Stream live on your Fan or Business Page. You’ll learn how quickly your prospects will say “YES” to your offers.

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