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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

How to Generate Leads for your Network Marketing Business

Have you ever wanted to know how the top earners in your company seem to sign up tons of people, while you linger? What is their secret to generating more leads online and converting more people than you do to the same MLM company which you belong to? 

It’s not because they have super powers, or because they have they hypnotize the masses into being team members. Instead, they understand the power of posturing and conversion.

The top earners in your company are getting more conversions and generating more leads online for their MLM, because they understand the simple principle of creating high converting videos

To build your MLM business you must realize it’s absolutely necessary that you get your opportunity, products or services in front of as many people as possible. What better way to leverage yourself, your time, and your efforts to masses of people than through video marketing? 

It’s simple and it’s fun.

Types of Video Marketing

What are the many ways to do video for MLM? 

It’s only limited by your imagination.

Let me give you some of my favorites:

  • Network marketing video cartoons
  • Network marketing videos training
  • Network marketing videos YouTube
  • Network marketing inspirational videos
  • Network marketing motivational videos
  • Network marketing movies

Network Marketing Video Cartoons. Videos that effectively break down complex ideas can be made using network marketing video cartoons. Cartoon animations refine your message into the most compelling form. What better way to state a complex compensation plan with multiple ways of getting paid than through network marketing video cartoons. They keep your entertained and engaged.

Network Marketing Video Trainings. These types of video deliver content to what people want from your MLM opportunity, both when and where they want it. Video training is a great way to maintain control of your brand and the best way to attract leads for people in your field who want MLM training.

You could make a video on how to generate leads, how to close, how to create solo ads, how to create a blog, and a whole gamut of other things by which all MLM and network marketers seek to educate and grow.

Network marketing videos YouTube. Reach more leads anytime anywhere using network marketing videos through YouTube. With Google now owning YouTube, it is the largest place on the planet where you can reach the most people using video trainings you give away for free, cartoons on your MLM products, opportunity and services. YouTube is the best of the best on how to generate leads online.

Network marketing inspirational videos. MLM marketers love inspiration. It’s built into their DNA’s. One such video you could create to generate leads is inspirational quotes. Just do a video with inspirational quotes from some of the top earners in MLM and the network marketing industry. These types of videos are one of the top 3 sought after by most in network marketing.

Network Marketing Motivational Videos. Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins are great fodder from which to glean and use to create inspirational videos. Network marketers want every morning to be inspired to start their day on a positive note after being bombarded by so much negativity throughout the previous day. 

Give a 3-minute video on an interpretation of what Jim Rohn says about network marketing and what that means to you, and it’ll take you far with generating leads online.

Network Marketing Movies. The story telling and lessons that are so much a part of movies can be translated into movies about network marketing. Imagine doing a skit on video with props and lines to explain satirically or with seriousness a lesson to learn about MLM. This captures the attention of people and you’ll generate lots of leads from it.

Lead Generation Techniques through Videos

There are four lead generation techniques through videos for MLM. 

First, introduce yourself. Tell them who you are. It could be something as simple as, “Hi, my name is Dale Moreau.” Or, it could be expanded to, “Hi my name is Dale Moreau, and I’m a bestselling author and trainer for MLM. You need to let your audience know why they should listen to you. Just identifying yourself with a face and NAME helps your audience to connect with you on a personal level.

Second, ask a question that targets your audience’s problems and desires. One of the most important concepts to remember about the world wide web is people want to know what’s in it for me. What is it that have to offer which can help solve MY PROBLEMS, fulfill MY DESIRES AND DREAMS, can help resolve MY PAIN.

You could say something like, “Have you ever wondered how the top earners in your company make the most money without really trying? Do you want to know how they generate the most leads and create the best team members?” 

Third, answer the question with so much value in your content that they are blown away by it. Show them in simplified but blow-your-mind ways you can help resolve their pain and get their desires.

For instance, if your audience is seeking a way to generate leads through video marketing, you could give the 4 techniques like I am giving you to create that video so that it attracts the leads from the desired target they seek. That helps them solve the problem of the steps needed to create a video.

Fourth, is the Call to Action (CTA). This is where you end the video telling your viewers what they need to do next. Yes, you must tell your viewers what to do, because most don’t know and others need direction with how to proceed next.

Tell them to click this link, email you, sign up with this form, go to the website. This is a call to action.

Fifth, leave them with your signature. A signature can be something like mine, “I hope to see you on the other side of success.” Or, it could be “empowering people to prosper.”

Be consistent throughout the web with your signature so that people recognize it when they see or hear it. It reminds them of you.

You asked how to generate leads online for free through video. Here it is in all its glory. This is also great on how to generate leads on Facebook. Facebook crowds love video and they love information on free training and free inspirational quotes.

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