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How to Follow-Up and Close Effectively in Network Marketing

Most Network marketers don’t know how to follow up. They make follow up too complicated. They make the close too difficult.

How to follow up and close are really very simple.

I have seen one network marketing follow up system after another with most showing complicated steps and formulas leading to missteps and no follow up formula at all.

One MLM follow up script has sixteen complicated steps to follow up and close with what would take me with three steps.

How to follow up with your network marketing prospects? Effective follow up in network marketing is saying the simple sentences which can be remembered and duplicated by your team and spoken in four-steps.

Steps for The Follow Up

Follow up after an interview with the prospect is always made at the time that they see the information.

How to follow up is found in four-steps with three simple questions.

Here is a real conversation with someone whom I followed up and closed recently on Facebook.

ME: “Hi Jacqueline…I saw the video about the Mastery Program of MLSP. That is awesome.”

JACQUELINE: “Ok i saw the info.  It has my interest.”

ME: “What did you like best about what you saw and hear?”

JACEQUELINE: “It looked like they make it easy.”

ME: “It is easy and is one of the reasons for people signing up with greater numbers.”

ME: “What else did you like about it?”

JACQUELINE: “That it could help getting more people into my business plus they can use it for their own.

ME: “Yes, that was the main reason for me getting involved with MLSP some 18 months ago.”

ME: “Anything else?”

JACQUELINE: “A lot of it has been laid out for you, plus you can use it with your team mates.”

ME: “”Bingo…that is why many my own team mates joined. Your points are right on.

ME: “What else?”

JACQUELINE: “That’s all I can think of.”

ME: “Any other questions for me?”

JACQUELINE: “No, that is all I can think of.”

ME: “Sounds to me like you’re ready to join?”

JACQUELINE: “”I’m ready to join. So what I really need help with is how to get people to buy my product from Vasayo and perhaps become a brand partner.”

ME: “We’ll work on that together.”


To follow up on the prospect, immediately after they see the information whether it be a website, video, PDF file, or audio file, I ask this one simple question even if they speak first.

What did you like best about what you saw and heard?

Whatever good things that they say about what they saw and heard, AGREE with them. Tell a short but TRUE story of why you agree with them.

“Yes, that is why my team got involved with XYZ company because it was so easy to do.”

Keep pressing the question repeatedly until you have exhausted all the things which they say they like about the information.

STEP 2  

For follow up, this is where you ask them about any questions which they have

How to follow-up must include the question,

Do you have any other questions for me?

At this point, answer the questions to the best of your ability.

If needed, repeat the question after each response from the prospect and your answer: “Do you have any more questions?”

The Close

Step 3 is the close. After steps one and two have been exhausted, you only ask this one question,

Sounds to me like you are ready to join?

If they RESIST and ask for MORE INFORMATION, follow up on this for your response,

What additional information will make a difference for you tomorrow that won’t make a difference for you today? You have all the information today for a decision now.”

How to follow up and close in four simple steps. No more and no less. How to follow up and close is not complicated and so, so easy.

How to follow up and close in four simple steps. No more and no less. How to follow up and close is not complicated and so, so easy.

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