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How to Find People on Social Media to talk to about MLM

Want to know how to find people on social media to talk to about Network Marketing? About your product? About your services?

You must ask yourself, “Who is my target audience on social media?” Who is interested in my products and Network Marketing opportunity on social networks?

Most amateurs will answer, “Everyone is.”

No, I am afraid not.

Everyone may need Network Marketing. But everyone might not want Network Marketing.

The way on how to find people on social media who are interested in your stuff is simple.

Only some people are good customers and make good reps. We need to identify those groups.

Target a small group of highly-qualified candidates. These people will want to become customers and new reps because they want what we have to offer.

So, let’s start with the social media search engines and do a social media people search. They are the best places to prospect for network marketing.

For example,

If I want new reps in my Network Marketing business. Where do I find them on social networks?

Think about all the problems Network Marketing can solve.

— It solves the problem of student loan debt.

— It solves the problem of low social security retirement funds.

— It solves the problem of a mundane, boring, and unbearable job.

The first thing I would do is start listing all the problems Network Marketing can solve. Then would I go to the social media search engines and type in the groups that fit the problem.

Since Network Marketing can solve the student loan debt problem, let’s target people in that category.

On Facebook, I find the following groups:

— Student Loan Debt & Credit Card Advice, Credit Score.

— Student Debt Loans.

— Student Loan Hackers (Grit vs Debt).

— Student Debt Crisis.

How about some examples for social security retirement? There is:

— Social Security Retirement Support.

— Social Security Thieves.

— Social Security Retirees.

Do you think you could gear your Network Marketing presentation to fit the needs and problems of these groups? I think most of you can.

Let’s look at some other examples on how to find people on social media for buyiing products and services.

The best Network Marketing leads on social networks come from groups where you can solve their problems.

Let’s take air filters.

Think about what problems air filters solve?

— People with asthma.

— People who have allergies and hay fever.

— People who can’t sleep at night because of their allergies.

— People who work with smokers.

— People with pets.

For energy products:

— Computer programmers who sit all day.

— Taxi drivers.

— People working the night shift.

— Truck drivers.

— Parents with full time jobs.

— Joggers.

— College students.

So, what are the best places to prospect for network marketing on social media? With groups where your products, services and business opportunity solve everyday problems.

Want some more examples?

Here are some for diet products:

— Donuts.

— Large and tall men’s clothing groups.

— Candy stores.

— Health clubs.

— Buffets.

— Brides to be (they want to lose weight).

— Fashion-conscious people.

Yes, you can find all those groups on social media sites.

How to find people on social media is easy. It just takes a little bit of understanding about the everyday little problems that you can solve with your stuff.

Answer the question which problems do our products and opportunity solve. You have the groups to which we should join on social media.

How can we sweeten the deal with people in our target groups?

Exclusive offers attract highly-qualified people who are eager to join and buy.

Think of it this way: Which offer appeals better to the dieter?

— Offer #1. Diet products that will help you lose weight.

— Offer #2. Diet products for people who need to lose 20+ pounds.

Offer #2 sounds better. It sounds attractive to people who have 20+ pounds to lose.

The bad news… those who are less than 20 pounds will feel the diet products are not made for them.

The good news… since 68% of most Americans are 30 lbs. overweight, this is appealing.

So, let’s learn how to find people on social media with attractive offers. Let’s be creative.

— Homeowners only. Special plan to pay off your mortgage in 5 years for those who own a home.

— Skincare for women over 55.

— Affordable legal services for small business owners only.

— Natural cleaners for people with sensitive dry skin and allergies.

— Coffee for people with sensitive stomachs.

— Antioxidants for senior citizens.

— Natural whitening toothpaste for coffee drinkers.

Our new reps and customers are everywhere. When we promote our products and business opportunity to a special group, qualified customers and new reps will raise their hand… and say, “I want to buy”… I want to join.

How to find people on social media to talk to about Network Marketing? Target groups which your stuff solves their problems.


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