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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

How to End a Network Marketing Presentation like a real Pro

Want to learn the secret of how to end a presentation in Network Marketing with professionalism and confidence and the assurance our prospects will buy or join? We can by knowing the secret of closing.

It is a matter between logic versus emotion. For some people, logic works. For other people, emotion works.

Want some of examples of how to end a presentation?

Emotional: Buy this wonder product today and it will remove wrinkles forever!

Logical: Our doctors have confirmed that this product stimulates the skin to look younger after just three drinks of it in our healthy coffees and teas. The 200 independent studies should be proof enough that you can start getting results now.

Emotional: Join my business tonight and you can send postcards to those skeptics who said you would never be successful in life.

Logical: With his strategy, you could duplicate the success of others currently in the same field. All this confidence comes from the proven results of 23 other people. I encourage you to join.

Effective presentations skills require both logic and emotion.

Emotional statements can sometimes appear unbelievable. Sometimes they don’t match our personalities. And sometimes how to end a presentation requires the emotional touch when you have an emotional prospect. We want the emotional prospect to believe us, so using the right words that matches their emotional style is important. This is called emotional selling.

How to end a presentation with logic is also required when we have a room full of green personalities. Logic is the preferred choice and most effective for some people.

When we close with our preferential style, we get better results.

Imagine you are in a room full of professionals. Would you choose emotions to close? Or would you choose logic? You choose logic. Logical, professional endings work well to “wrap things up” with professionals that deal daily at work in facts and figures.

How to end a presentation when you have a room full of millennials? You use emotion. Most young people to the age of 35 use emotion. Appeals to emotions “wrap things up” with millennials.

Don’t know what to say at the end of a presentation with a mixed group of professionals and millennials? Who says you can’t have both an emotional and logical ending?

Logical and Emotional: You know two paychecks are better than one (Logic), especially when you are traveling to Hawaii, laying in the sun, sipping your favorite tropical drink, eating Hawaiian seafood (Emotional), and all expenses paid first class, earning you a full-time income (Logical)?

Logical and Emotional: With Cinnamon Bark, Green Tea, Apple and Lemon Pectin combined in a healthy tea extracted from plants grown by indigenous farmers in the Amazon Rainforest (Logical), you can lose 10 pounds in 8 days without going to the gym or eating funny tasting foods (Emotional).

The best presentation closing is the closing that appeals to your audience. Emotional audiences require an emotional close. Logical audiences require a logical close. And when it is mixed, use a bit of both.

How do you end a presentation in Network Marketing with professionalism and confidence? It is merely a matter of emotions or logic. The presentation maker makes the final decision.

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