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How to do an effective 3-Way Call in Network Marketing

A word about how to do an effective 3-way call in Network Marketing without being intrusive or offensive with prospects.

To do 3-way calling with a team member’s prospects, that team member needs to learn how to edify your — their upline or how to edify your mentor or how to edify a speaker…and frankly takes up too much time with a prospect.

We must keep in mind that most prospects lives are busy. They do not live to center their lives around us and what we say or the fact that we want to reach them.

Speaking to a prospect edifying your upline, downline, or anybody in line is wasting the prospect’s time.

We want our presentations with a three-way call to be one-minute (that is 60 seconds in real time).

We don’t need edification scripts.

What we do need is a three-way call script that is short and sweet and says this:

“Hi John. I have Judy, one of my team members who got me into this business and is kicking it. I would like to get her with you for ONE MINUTE so she could tell you what she told me. You can then decide just like I did, if that’s okay? But anyway, here is Judy.”

Judy gets on the line. At this point you tell Judy or your sponsor, they have 60-seconds to give a presentation and no more.

If you or your sponsor don’t know how to give 60-second presentation, read Dale’ article on it. But I will give a couple of examples here.

If you sell health and wellness…

“Number one: Don’t change. Continue to talk about what you are passionate about.

“Number two: We are in the health and wellness business, which means we help people make sure that people can live longer. We all want to see our great-grandchildren get married. How do we do that? Most people love a chance to ensure that they could live longer.”

“Number three: All you have to do is share these products with one person a day. Over the next two years, you will accumulate enough customers and people who want to share these products that you will create a full-time income.”

“Number four: Then you will have to decide if you want to keep your job, or share our products instead.”

“So, what do you think?”

Discount travel…

“If you want to earn an extra $2,000.00 a month, you would have to do these three things.”

“Number one: Don’t change. Continue to recommend things you like, such as your favorite things to do on weekends, or your favorite place to go on holiday.”

“Number two: We are in the discount travel business, which means we help families take five-star holidays for the price of a good hotel room. They have to take holidays anyway, so they might as well get better value for their money.”

“Number three: All you have to do is ask two people a day, “Would you like a great holiday this year without spending more?” at the end of two months, you will have enough regular family customers to earn an extra $400.00 a month.’

“And that is it! The rest is up to you.”

Here is the advantage for how to do a three-way call using the 60-second method.

One, it is not hard to get someone to listen if we promise that our side of the conversation will only be a minute. That makes three-way call appointments easy

Two, how long will it take you to train a new distributor to use their one-minute presentation?

Three, you can go through five people on your distributors list with a one-minute presentation in less than 10 minutes with 20-minutes left for Q&A time with prospect. We start at 6:30 p.m. and end at 7:00 p.m.

How to do a three-way call effectively with a 60-second presentation makes it fun, easy, and gets more prospects to buy or join.


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