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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Are you Feeling Overwhelmed by Network Marketing? Here’s why!

Want to know how to deal with feeling overwhelmed about all the things you make think you need to make Network Marketing work for you? Read on.

This feeling — being overwhelmed or experiencing anxiety — comes from trying to do it all at once. You may see a long list of skills to learn and tools that others use to make it work for them, thinking you need it all and wonder how you are going to handle it.

If you feel it is too much, it might be, at least for now.

The solution is simple. Remind yourself and your team  to go at their own pace.

Take one step at a time. Master step one before proceeding to step two. For example, learn the skills of breaking the ice with the right words before mastering the art of recruiting.

Perhaps an illustration will help with how to deal with feeling overwhelmed about this business.

Let’s say you inherit a restaurant that has not been opened for a year. You know nothing about the restaurant business but you inherit it.

You decide that to learn the restaurant business, you will start out slow. Instead of feeding 1000 people on opening night, you will start out by feeding only two people your first month.

Opening night starts with how to deal with being overwhelmed by learning what it takes to feed only two people. The method of feeding two people is minimum. You buy and cook the meal for two people and cleanup is a breeze.

Most people in network marketing start out with only two people and can handle that. A little bit at a time is easy to do.

The second month of business, you decide to add a couple of tables and feed four people. Feeding four people requires a bit more preparation. The mechanics of buying food, cooking it and serving it are the same for two people. The time it takes to serve four people is a few minutes longer than serving two.

Since you have learned what it takes to feed four people, you feel the confidence in learning a little bit more about what it takes to feed six people on the third month

On the fourth month, you decide six people is easy to feed and so let’s go for double or nothing and feed twelve people. At this point, you are not feeling overwhelmed all the time about the restaurant business and what it takes to make it successful.

By the end of the first year in business and doubling the crowds each month, you find you can feed a thousand people a day without a problem.

When you feel overwhelmed remember the story of the restaurant and start at your own pace and learn a little bit at a time.

Start Off Easy with Network Marketing

Network marketing is about mastering step one and getting confidence about taking on step two. It’s about the courage to take on bigger tasks and recruit more people when your self-assurance grows.

The way of mastering step one is to start right away with step one. You don’t want to wait until you learn all the steps. Jump right in and start right away by doing it. Don’t delay by putting it off down the road with what is right in front you.

You learn by doing the work.

It’s like learning to bowl. You can’t sit at home and read all about bowling and think that learning all the knowledge about bowling will make you a good bowler. You must drive your car to the bowling alley and pick up the ball and bowl it it at the pins.

How to deal with feeling overwhelmed by network marketing is about taking on one task at a time and at your own pace but jumping right in and getting your feet wet.

You can start off with talking to two friends at work or family members during a luncheon.

It is easy for an ordinary person to learn 25 words for breaking the ice with two family members and friends and inviting them to look at the business opportunity. That is easy for anybody to do.

It is easy for people to deal with objections by telling a story.

It is easy for anybody in network marketing to talk to the stranger on the street with only thirteen words.

When you expand your social contacts, you can learn a little bit more about what it takes to reach more people.

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed about this business is easy to overcome by relaxing in the truth that you can learn one thing at a time in your own time-table. There is no hurry. There is no pressure.

So, what to do when overwhelmed by all the details of network marketing? Relax and remember the story about inheriting the restaurant business without knowing the first clue on how to make it work.

Network marketing is taking one step followed by the second step after learning the skills and mastering step one followed by two. Start doing the action and you will master the skill. It is the only way with how to deal with feeling overwhelmed about network marketing.


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