The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

How to create a Networking Group to refer you qualified prospects!

Building your own networking group that qualifies leads for you is not tough, as you will see.

Think of the final outcome of creating your own personal networking group where the prospects are pre-sold on your opportunity and products. One good pre-sold prospect is worth a hundred purchased low quality leads from a lead generation company.

A personal networking group is where you have people who want to establish relationships with other people in order to do business with them. Their customers buy things, not just what the business sells. So by building a personal network group, you can recommend their customers do business not only with you but with other members of the group.

Sorting through hundreds of leads from a lead generation company takes time. Sometimes referrals are low-quality and don’t produce relationships.

Having a pre-sold prospect from your own personal network group makes you feel great. No more rejection, no scary prospecting, and now you are in business with people who want to do business with you.

One of the best resources to read is by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter – “Start Supernetworking”.

Five Steps to Build Your Own Personal Network Group

Creating network contacts won’t happen on the first day you create your own personal network group. You have to build and train the group. But following these five steps will create a warm market and possibly a virtual personal network over the internet. It does take an investment of time.

Online business networking is a different market. But right now, let’s concentrate on the building a warm market for your personal network group.

Step 1: Find a Place to Meet –

One of the best places to meet is a restaurant. People connect better when there is food in front of them. Food is like a bonding magnet. Everyone has to eat and why not eat with people who want to build your business. Most restaurants have a private area where you can meet and not disturb other patrons.

Step 2: Invite Members –

Invite everyone and anyone when you first start. After it gets going, you can be more selective, and I would if I were you. But don’t be selective in the beginning.

I would invite small business owners, lawyers, real estate professionals, accountants, doctors and therapists, nurses and any professional who wants more business. What business professional would want to turn down an offer for more business?

Don’t worry about members who won’t contribute or help. They will sort themselves out quickly. You just want the numbers in the beginning to form the base of your personal network group. Later you will find people you want and need.

Step 3: Train the Members –

You’ll have to teach the members how to describe their businesses clearly. Teach them to do this through testimonials and stories. You can’t help them unless you know what they do, and what they sell.

Teach the members of your personal network group what to say to their current and new members – what to say to people in their community – to sell those customers and contacts for the other members.

Step 4: Set the Pace –

The fastest and easiest way to show the benefits of your personal network group is for you to set the pace and recommend your contacts to their businesses. When they see how you pre-sell your contacts to do business with them, they now have the template to duplicate you and pre-sell their contacts for you.

Step 5: Duplicate –

As your personal network group grows and you advance in the skillset of personal network management, you can duplicate this method on different days of the week and in different towns surrounding you.

You can get help from the members of your personal network group to help run these additional groups.

​Five simple steps with an investment of time to build a personal network group will reap you a reward of warm market prospects which you won’t find from buying leads. Build your group, sow the seeds, reap the harvest and enjoy its benefits when the time is right.

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