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How to Create a Pre-Sold List of your best prospects

Have you ever wanted to know the secret of creating a presold top prospect list from scratch for your network marketing business? Finding prospects is easy. Finding prospects who are presold on your products, services and opportunity in network marketing is easier.

What are prospects? Prospects are people who are interested in a particular product, service or opportunity. Anyone can be a prospect. 

If Jane has an interest in my energy and weight loss products or business opportunity, then she is a prospect. 

If Jane wishes to share my energy and weight loss products or my business opportunity with other people, she has moved from my top prospect list to team mate. She has joined the ranks of network marketing. It is the key to creating an empire. 

Creating a Presold Top Prospect List with One Step

Learning how to find people interested in network marketing would be great if you didn’t have to convince anyone about the products or business. 

Imagine you have a qualified person on your top prospect list. His name is Jerry. Jerry comes up to you and says:

“Hi! Dale, I want to join your network marketing company. Here are the things I value most and my hot buttons. How about meeting me tomorrow at my office to sign me up in your program?”

Wouldn’t that be awesome? No convincing. No begging. No high pressure. No having to overcome objections or defending your company and products. Just a ready-made person from your top prospect list coming to you and ready to join. We all agree Jerry is a great prospect.

People looking for network marketing opportunities such as Jerry are not easily available. They are easy to create.

How to get prospects in network marketing is easy as creating a laid-back survey that allows people from your top prospect list to check off their items of interest. If you want 100 top prospects presold to your business or products, you will create a survey.

When you create a survey, a person from your top prospect list checks off his or her areas of interest and says to you:

“I am giving you permission to tell me more about your business opportunity and products. I want to know if your products and services will help me buy a new house, get money for my kid’s college education, lose thirty pounds. I’d really like to know more about your energy and weight loss drink. I want to know more on how I can make money with your opportunity.”

Here is a person from your top prospect list who is presold. He or she is telling you what they value most. They value buying a new house, getting their kid’s college education paid for, and losing thirty pounds. They want to know about the program and the energy and weight loss products. “Tell me more about these great features and benefits and you’ll convince me to buy your products or join your business.” 

He or she is what is called a hot prospect.

It is not that hard to arrange. You can attract presold prospects, and they will give you the keys to the kingdom by telling you what to say to them to sell or convince them. And you will have an endless top list of prospects.

Prospecting has never been more easy than in creating a survey.

Here’s an easy technique to follow in creating a survey:

Write down all the features and benefits about your program, products and services. Put these features and benefits into a headline. Let’s say you were a team member of the awesome company, you’d write the following (For a good way of doing a survey for network marketing, read Instant Marketing Ideas to Build Your Network Marketing Business by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter:

  • How to drive a new bonus car year after year with no monthly payments.
  • Where to save $250 a month on coffees, teas and sodas.
  • How to add an additional $500 a month part-time income.
  • How to double your monthly retirement income.
  • The three warning signs that your family is in serious financial jeopardy.
  • How to get paid for recommending things you like.
  • How to lose 23 pounds in 23 days without dieting.
  • Where to find an extra $500 a month bonus money.
  • Where to find $2500 tax deduction every year.
  • The three biggest ways to get rich in 2016.
  • How to make your business give you the free time to be with your family.
  • The best way to have a luxury vacation six times a year with all expenses paid.
  • Why a highly-desired repeat product can be the key to financial security.
  • The one business you can start part-time, without jeopardizing your present job.
  • How to have a career that’s fun – where you’ll never have to go to work.
  • The insider’s secret to having your own business.

If you need to add more headlines, then by all means do so. Now that you’ve written down the hot points, the next job is getting the person from your top prospect list excited.

How will we find out? You ask. 

You’ll ask which features and benefits excite a new prospect or an existing one. Put these benefits and features in a survey and place it out on the web or to send to your existing top prospect list. 

After prospects check off the areas of their interest, it gets really simpler. You now know what your prospects are interested in. Otherwise, they would have never filled out the survey. You also know the hot buttons of exactly what your prospects want to know. Zero in on their hot buttons and desires. 

Where do you find and create online surveys to send out? SurveyMonkey ( works.  

With SurveyMonkey and others, you can create online surveys in minutes and have a link you can embed into any webpage or send out through any email. It allows the prospect to easily fill out the survey without intimidation and without feeling pressured. Once they fill out the form, they click submit and you instantly receive a copy via email.

Remember, a top prospect list contains those people who are interested in your products, services or opportunity. Prospects who share these products and services with other people are team mates and network marketers. 

Find prospects through creating a survey. It’s non-offensive, passive and non-threating and helps qualify your prospects. It creates presold prospects. It puts them on your top prospect list and can be used to build a successful network marketing business.

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